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  1. Addict-In-Trance

    Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten & Rank 1 & Ruben De Ronde - Destination (ASOT 2024 Anthem) [ASOT]

    You hate it or love it..... I think it is the best ASOT in years!
  2. Addict-In-Trance

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    I secretely hope that someone was able to get the full version of this bootleg remix: Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved (Markus Schulz Remix)
  3. Addict-In-Trance

    The WLT & OANA - ID

    Heard this track in Armin his UNTOLD set from Cluj, Romania. Surprised by this track and I really love this :D These vocals are Romanian, but there is also an English version available. I am really looking forward to more info on this track!
  4. Addict-In-Trance

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    I still hope that someone on here has the full version of this never released track from CapeTown! Cape Town - Apollo 13 (Ferry Tayle Neverending Story Intro Mix)
  5. Addict-In-Trance

    Music Quality in the Upcoming Releases Section

    tbh.... I am bored of TF and thinking about stopping with posting. Recently I posted a new track from John O'Callaghan and even that thread received only 1 reply. 95% of the artists posted in the UR are completely unknown to me. Even Aly&Fila or Armin releases for example recieve only a handful...
  6. Addict-In-Trance

    Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella - Anahera [2015]

    imo the best track since Ferry revived Gouryella! I am still waiting for the new one :)
  7. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT John O'Callaghan ft. Paul Skelton & Sue McLaren - Power Of Now (Subculture)

    It has been a while since I instantly fell in love with a JoC track! But this one did it :) Out now on Subculture
  8. Addict-In-Trance

    Yoji Biomehanika - A Theme From Banginglobe (System F Remix) (2002)

    Aahh yes the Ferry Corsten remix! imo one of his best remixes ever
  9. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Roger Shah ft. Yelow, Ambedo & Capri - The Greatest Gift [FSOE]

    This release will feature an Instrumental Mix and Extended Mix. The Extended mix has a longer break with a vocal sample. The melody is typical Shah, but I definitely love it in this release. It will be released on April 7 on Future Sound of Egypt
  10. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Xijaro & Pitch feat Adara - Invisible

    Heard this one for the first time in Utrecht when XiJaro & Pitch played at ASOT Reflexion and instantly fell in love with it! Imo one of their best tracks so far Forthcoming on Black Hole on April 7: Invisible from Black Hole Recordings on Beatport :D
  11. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT HALIENE - Reach Across The Sky (Ben Gold Remix)[Black Hole Recordings]

    Looks like only a radio edit.... I will wait for the extended remix
  12. Addict-In-Trance

    A.R.D.I. - Tears of Joy [AVA White]

    I love trance with a guitar riff!
  13. Addict-In-Trance

    Bryan Kearney & Bo Bruce -Shine A Light [Subculture]

    Kearney played this track last weekend in Utrecht! I loved it in his set :D Probably it was played with a higher BPM in the set
  14. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT HALIENE - Reach Across The Sky (Ben Gold Remix)[Black Hole Recordings]

    I think she got a clear voice.... Lot of female singers is it impossible for me to hear what they are singing. But tastes differ
  15. Addict-In-Trance

    Bryan Kearney - Into The Vision [FSOE]

    I was enjoying his whole set! 2 tracks before this one was also a massive track :-D Anyone who knows the tracklist already? Since 1001tracklist doesn't have it yet
  16. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Armin van Buuren Feat. Vanessa Campagna - Vulnerable

    Awesome! :D Always thought it was a tune from Armin