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  1. Electronlyman

    Enigma State - Emotions / Needle (incl. Remixes) [Self-Release]

    Once again, I express my highest appreciation for Enigma State productions! It's not taken for granted, that in the year 2023 we have a producer creating this type of Trance. This is a style that obviously so many of us here are very fond of. It brings back the magical vibes, reminds us of...
  2. Electronlyman

    Do you like hard trance? And your favorite hard trance song/producer.

    I've become obsessed with Cosmic Gate's Rhythm & Drums album, after a classmate gifted it to because he hated it lol! It is this harder style, that got me properly hooked on Trance music. I like listening to many Wavetraxx productions as well. One of my alltime Hard Trance faves, is the...
  3. Electronlyman

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    I really enjoy this kind of melodic Psy, just the right mix of everything. Keep coming back to this track through the years.
  4. Electronlyman

    Airwave - Tears In Rain [Fables]

    I was aware of that, but now that both are on fire, it could likely be even better :)
  5. Electronlyman

    Airwave - Tears In Rain [Fables]

    After hearing a longer mix on Pure Trance Radio 376... I like it even more than I did before, based on that short sample. Normally this kind of beat annoys the hell outta me, but... it doesn't in this track :D UPDATE: I'm getting some Digital Blonde vibes from this! Man it would be really...
  6. Electronlyman

    OUT Thurlow Joyce - Lemon Citrus [NAFF]

    Varial: Holy jungle balls, that beat is SEKHXYYY !!
  7. Electronlyman

    Peter Martijn Wijnia & Nitrous Oxide - Sintra [FSOE]

    I wish those pads were a bit louder in the main part, they make a nice atmosphere!
  8. Electronlyman

    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    Proper uplifting indeed! Somehow I'm curious how would it sound, if someone remixed it in a hard Trance style. Like Flutlicht or Wavetraxx. A TrancEye remix could be good too. Not saying it would improve on the original, but it would be cool to have another mix with a more 'aggressive' drive.
  9. Electronlyman

    Airwave - Tears In Rain [Fables]

    This was made at least 4-5 years ago? So it turns out that in the past years, Laurent was 'secretly' doing quite a lot of up tempo stuff and none of that got released until this year. Makes you wonder, doesn't it ? I'm not going to say more on this topic, but... yeah... Things look pretty...
  10. Electronlyman

    Aquarius - On The Edge [Pure Trance]

    The style reminds me of Cirez D, 'neverending' build and keeping the tension. He was definitely inspired by Eric Prydz on this one and I'm not complaining! It's the epic 'dripping' beat that makes this track. Like in Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix). And this beat works very well...
  11. Electronlyman

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    The Thrillseekers Present Hydra - Altered State What a gorgeous album this is!
  12. Electronlyman

    Your opinion on the Dj's doing sets alone somewhere phenomenon

    For me it depends on the execution. I enjoy the At Home With Henry or Mirage online sets from Henry Saiz. He interacts with us on the chat and plays such a wide range of styles, always a good show to hear some rarities and hot IDs. At Home with Henry 196 MELODIC BREAKS Part 5 - FUTURISTIC BREAKS
  13. Electronlyman

    Marsh - Veil [SHÈN Recordings]

    Back a couple years ago, it was Guy J who was my go to for dreamy plucky tunes. These days Marsh that takes this space for me.
  14. Electronlyman

    Playful and authentic happy tracks.

    Unknown Source - Nadjanema Sounds even better after many years have passed! Cosmicman - Back To Unity Someone posted it recently on the Current Listening Topic. Another legendary tune that sounds more and more magical as the time passes.
  15. Electronlyman

    Playful and authentic happy tracks.

    This is what I call a melancholic happy. Man those rolling basslines and twinkling pads are so nostalgic. Actually it's so nostalgic to me, that it kinda makes me sad. Makes me remind myself how fast the time has passed since I was an innocent child. Reminds me how everything was so magical and...
  16. Electronlyman

    Playful and authentic happy tracks.

    Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space I first heard it in a school disco. The DJ on that disco and played the entire Rhythm & Drums CD. Exploration Of Space came in and kids demanded for it to be played again, the were going crazy to it haha IIRC it was played three times that night. Back in...