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    Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (The Digital Blonde Rework)

    Better quality sample from Rich's live set a few weeks back. Starts at 1:01:00
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    OUT Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Cosmopolitan [Vandit]

    I do have to say though, this line from the promo got a big chuckle out of me "Alex M.O.R.P.H. is ready to unleash his unparalleled talent once again" - I mean, Alex is 👻produced, everyone on this forum knows it by now
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    OUT Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Cosmopolitan [Vandit]

    Thee main lead is really catchy and not your run of the mill uplifting. Reminds me a fair bit of early Kandiman dreamy melodies. The added breakbeat is also really cool, by far the best portion of the track (I'm a sucker for breaks in trance, what can I say). Baseline is without a doubt...
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    The Noble Six - The Color Out Of Space [FSOE]

    I believe the rights to this track went to Neptune Project as they were already collaborating with Melinda prior to Interstellar, but don't quote me on that
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    Tom Colontonio - 7 Years [Subculture]

    Is it me, or is the mastering/EQ all over the place in this track? Sounds like a cheap 128kpbs version or something? Other than that, it's nice to see Tom back, has it really been 7 years since his last proper release??
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    Sebastian Brandt & Daniel Kandi - ID [TBA]

    Yea, it's criminal to not hear any news on this masterpiece, especially since Brandt is one of my favorite producers ever! Not sure which part I like more I have to say - the intro is all about Brandt at his absolutely best (akin to his Overture and Repercussion) but that main lead is peak...
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    OUT Activa - Velika [VII]

    I sense a few Tell Me Why snippets in the track, 100% has that PVD-esque early 2000s sound. Throw in some extra acids, chopped vocals, some double beats, a bit of break-beat, and the patented stabs and plucks and you got yourself a PVD copy
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    OUT Sneijder - Dawn [Pure Trance NEON]

    The synth is taken from old school Bronzwaer and he also uses some Solarcoaster samples. Overall, the vibe is really nice and the kick in particular really stands out for me, reminds of VANDIT/Activa circa 2005.
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    OUT Push vs Rebel boy - Blue Shadow/RD Mode EP

    The middle part of Blue Shadow is quite good, I think it manages to capture the vibe of early Bonzai rather well with those analog sounding gated synths, snares, and acids. However! Early Bonzai was not a techno label, it was a blend of fast paced tech mixed with spacey, trancey vibes, and this...
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    OUT Above & Beyond - Tranquility Base Vol. 1 [Anjunabeats]

    I'd say both Wasp and Spin Off are quite good, knowing where A&B stand nowadays on the "trance" spectrum. Not a fan of the other tracks, they don't sound Tranquil enough to me to fit under this alias
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    OUT Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Allen Watts Remix) +1 [Free Download]

    From a trance perspective, nothing holds a candle to the Technikal remix of Enjoy the Silence.
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    OUT Definitions & Slipstream - Subterfuge / The Lie [Borderline]

    Both tracks are exactly what you can expect from a Borderline release. I do have a preference for Subterfuge as it paints a more haunting, melancholic mood and it's arrangement is also more complex given the 10 track time. That main lead in The Lie though!
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    OUT Activa - Movement: One (Mix compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Got my vinyl pre-order! the TL looks spicy as hell, really excited to hear Marcos, Factoria, and all the Movement edits - been a while since Activa used this alias. I feel this will have a similar vibe to POD, where Rob goes for an overarching sound throughout the entire compilation akin to the...
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    OUT Breakfast - Dancing In The Sunlight [EDM Recordings]

    I like that he tried to combine bits and pieces from two of his biggest tracks. What I don't like is that the mastering sounds extremely poor!!! It's as if he uploaded a 128kpbs version to soundcloud or something ...
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    OUT Activa - I Wanted You [Borderline]

    There's no official sample yet of the Activa track - the track at 5:38:24 in Solarstone's set has some Activa elements (particularly the kick and the acids), but it also sounds like a remix of a track from 2004-2005 which I can't quite put my finger on right now EDIT: The main lead is almost a...
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    OUT Breakfast - Bounce Until Dawn [EDM Recordings]

    It is indeed very simple - the base and mids remind me in places of the typical bouncy Lange tracks of the 90s. Casey has always done his thing, so I can applaud his nonconformity
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    OUT Ferry Corsten - Connect [Flashover Recordings]

    Well, the production side is quite good, but the musical side is ... meh is all I can think of. There's nothing here that would ever make me think of Ferry, and this is always the problem with such productions. One of the major reasons I love the Ferr album is because we knew Ferry would play...
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    OUT The Noble Six - Moon That Never Sets [FSOE]

    Make that 11 minutes :) TNS and The Digital Blonde giving us 10-14 minute tracks is the best thing to happen in a long time. The fundamental problem with trance is that instead of unique, complex, arrangements, it has been micro-engineered into a cookie cutter template based on 16/32 bars...
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    OUT Deestopia - Alchemy (The Digital Blonde Remix) [Pure Trance]

    Nice change of tone from Ricky, rather warm and fuzzy track compared to his darker stuff. Still has that drive that makes you go crazy at 6am in a club though :)
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    OUT The Noble Six - Moon That Never Sets [FSOE]

    Well, prior to the fallout between TNS and Dan from NP, they had enough material under the Interstellar alias for an album. Most of the material stayed with TNS so I guess it could be packaged as an album