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  1. Gijs

    OUT Marc van Linden & Abstract Vision - Euphoria [Vandit]

    Not for me to be honest, I've heard better from both artists. The melody is the only thing I find catchy about it, which is pretty much reused from one of Abstract Vision's (in my opinion better) older tracks:
  2. Gijs

    Airwave - Tears In Rain [Fables]

    I have nothing to say that hasn't been said already, really. Props to Airwave for trying out a new genre, but sadly not something for me. Tapped the BPM using a tool, which landed on 138. I've noticed that BP has recently been struggling to get the correct tempo info in general, it seems.
  3. Gijs

    OUT Richard Durand & D72 - Raise Yourself [2023]

    I mean, it's basically acid techno with trance elements instead of the other way around at this point. Pretty good one nonetheless. The PS5s were out of stock.
  4. Gijs

    Shocking stuff that destroys what was once our trance scene

    I just find it hard to cope with the fact that people like this are out there. Felt the same thing about the Giuseppe Ottaviani vs Adam Ellis situation I've posted before, I've listened to some of Ellis' music and he seemed to be an alright and decent producer/guy to me. I just don't get why...
  5. Gijs

    Shocking stuff that destroys what was once our trance scene

    Maybe the name of the file (wherever he got it from) didn't have their names in them? He also doesn't seem to know who made the remix himself. Very unlikely scenario, but not impossible. But then again, he could also just be lying of course. Still is mindboggling how his "team" failed to check...
  6. Gijs

    Your opinion on the Dj's doing sets alone somewhere phenomenon

    I honestly don't really have something against this concept, since I've always seen sets as just that: sets. The venue of the set doesn't really matter to me as long as the set is decent enough. Same thing works the other way around, if you can find comething creative like making the equipment...
  7. Gijs

    OUT Chicane - Saltwater (Young Marco Remix) [Armada]

    Okay, the gated vocal is fine when it's in the background, but not in the foreground. Not a fan of the abrupt ending either. Apart from that, I still stand by what I said earlier as I'm liking this a lot. Much better than the average trance song at least (can't fully comment on how this compares...
  8. Gijs

    OUT Calvin Harris feat. Sam Smith - Desire [Columbia]

    Never been a fan of Sam Smith's vocals myself either. I don't think the flute-y lead isn't that bad, but it does give me unwanted big room vibes. The rest of the song isn't that bad to be honest, the melody is pretty nice as well. I vastly prefer Miracle over this one but it's not completely...
  9. Gijs

    Grant Trowbridge - Destinations EP [Borderline]

    They're ok, but nothing too special in my opinion. - Lost in New York: the style really reminds me of Rated R, who had some decent songs in and around 2019-2020. The melody is pretty nice, though slightly forgettable. Don't know what the idea behind the rolling bass was from 3:27 onward, it...
  10. Gijs

    Lostly - That Next Place / As You Leave [Borderline]

    I guess not? 😅 Anyway, wanted to mention this in general since I've had difficulty looking for things before because of it. I'll make sure to look better if threads already exist in the future then.
  11. Gijs

    Lostly - That Next Place / As You Leave [Borderline]

    Reporting the awful search engine you have lol I tried my best to find out if this thread already existed, but that's kinda hard when most of the words in your search get fully ignored. 😅
  12. Gijs

    OUT Chicane - Saltwater (Young Marco Remix) [Armada]

    lmao I was not expecting that! Can't wait for the release 😁 @mrwright @jetflag give it a listen before you say stuff you wusses lol No but seriously, absolutely loving this approach. Fully agree with TJY on this one, Armada has released some absolutely horrendous remixes of classics lately...
  13. Gijs

    Lostly - That Next Place / As You Leave [Borderline]

    Nice EP by Lostly. Loving that gated synth in The Next Place.
  14. Gijs

    OUT Sneijder - Dawn [Pure Trance NEON]

    Out July 14th. Don't know why, but I kinda like this one. I will be honest about saying that it basically sounds like a Cold Blue remix of EnMass - CQ (Seek You), but it's not too bad nonetheless.
  15. Gijs

    The Noble Six - The Color Out Of Space [FSOE]

    FINALLY! I've been waiting a pretty long time for this one to finally be confirmed, TOTY 2023 for me without doubt. Also admin(s), please merge this with The Noble Six - ID.
  16. Gijs

    Allan Morrow - What Are We [Pure Trance NEON]

    I think this one sounds pretty good actually! Noticed that Allan was adopting some more classic sounding elements in his tracks lately and it seems that he went full classic trance this time. Excited to hear the full version 😄
  17. Gijs

    VA - A State of Trance 2023 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) [Armada]

    Gave it a good listen today and I still stand behind this: as a "trance" album (and especially an "A State of Trance" album) it's far from great. However, as an EDM album in general it's not that bad, to be completely honest. The new format kinda works for this style of music as well. I do wish...
  18. Gijs

    VA - A State of Trance 2023 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) [Armada]

    I can assure you that's not the case, the tracklist was published on the Armada website at the same time as the pre-order. Either way, I just find it very strange they failed to complete it before releasing the compilation itself.
  19. Gijs

    VA - A State of Trance 2023 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) [Armada]

    Don't know about you guys, but I do think that the tracklist on iTunes kinda slaps :ROFLMAO: This is literally how the album released, only the tracks from the third CD and two instant gratifications from the second CD have names. Is this Armada's way of encouraging people to only listen on...