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    Jardin - April [Coldharbour]

    Nice spring-themed tune with a very lovely melody. A surprisingly mellow tune released on Coldharbour. Beatwork is simple but it just works, allows the melody to shine.
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    OUT Allende - Horizon Painter [Pure trance]

    Well it most certainly is an unconventional track. I dig the melodic ideas here. Very serene and dreamy. But on the whole, it lacks cohesiveness. The intro and outro don't transition very well into the main section. The beatless intro seems needlessly tacked on.
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    ATB - I Don't Wanna Stop (Kenny Hayes Sunrise Dub) [2003]

    A relatively obscure mix of a commercial vocal trance track. Vinyl only, also showcased in mixed format in ATB's DJ In The Mix compilation. Track is a fine piece of melodic mid-tempo trance with summery vibes. The vocals are utilised in just the right amount, which makes for a more subdued and...
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    House/Deep House

    Because of Art - Don't Make Me A lovely groovy record on Sasha's label. Huge melodic chords. Trancier than most trance these days!
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Would be lovely if you could share the track :D
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Looking for the Shane54 remix of Seven Days & One Week. Should be a vinyl only release from Hard On Recordings (Anjuna sublabel) in 2003. Not to be confused with the Myon & Shane 54 rework that came later in 2010...
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    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    Jonny Nash - Ditto Warm and serene ambient.
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    Lostly - That Next Place / As You Leave [Borderline]

    I liked The Next Place. Good melodies and energy in his usual style. A tad too short in length though.
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    OUT Activa - Movement: One (Mix compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Had a couple of listens over the past few weeks to let it sink in. Some thoughts on the mixes. The first mix I liked quite a lot, more so than the second one. Disc 1: Really liked the first half of this mix. Mid-tempo prog trance probably my most favoured style. Luke Terry's Muon particularly...
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    OUT Temple One - Vivid Motion (Album) [Vivid Motion]

    Despite the short length, a rather enjoyable album. I was actually more impressed by the downtempo/progressive tracks. Arrival and Tyrian Sun in particular showcasing the lush synthwork and melodies he is capable of creating. The uplifters were a tad too generic per his usual standard. The...
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    OUT Cold Blue - Dance Of The Giraffes [Cold Blue Records]

    Lovely track! Somewhat unexpected from Cold Blue. Great synthwork in the breakdown, really takes you on a journey. Love the interplay between the different melodic ideas. Sonically also less steroidy than his tracks past few years, the mixing more balanced with the melodies being put in the...
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    Sean Tyas & Julie Thompson - Cycles [Black Hole]

    Decent track with interesting musical ideas here. I think it's missing that one magical moment in the climax though. Interested to hear what a more uplifting remix would sound like.
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    OUT Proteus - Deeper Trance [Pure Trance]

    Some interesting textures and sound effects. A track I think would work well in a set but probably not memorable enough to listen to in its entirety.
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    OUT Chicane – Nevertheless [Modena Records] (Artist Album)

    It's a pleasant summery album. I enjoyed Nevertheless, All This Time Alone and 1985.
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    OUT Mac & Monday - Kara's Theme [Borderline]

    I like the main melody/climax in the Club Mix. But the rest of the track seems too basic. There's not enough variation and excitement in the percussion and bassline, making the intro/outro sound too empty.
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    Coke Beats & Ridgewalkers - Movin On [TurnItUp Muzik]

    I think this is the only Ridgewalker tune I've heard other than Find. Came across this on Pure Trance radio. The bassline definitely gives off mid 2000s Coldharbour vibes. It's a simple, catchy tune. Worth checking out.
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    VDM - No Hesitation [2000]

    Came across this track after revisiting Magik 6 recently. A proper banger it has to be said. Also discovered that there was a 2007 remake by the man himself. Musically, it stays faithful to the original. Objectively, the remake is better to my ears, as it sounds fuller/beefier and punchier...
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    Lume - Lume [Monster Force]

    A lovely uplifter from an obscure Finnish artist. Stylistically, it sounds like the mid 2000s Euphonic sound from Ronski Speed and Mirco De Govia and co. The star of the show is undoubtedly the lush chord stabs. The vocal chants add an eerie, mystical twist to it. A classic example of the...
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    Belmondo - Sunshine Dust (Jussi Polet Remix) [Electric Sauna Records]

    Lovely record from the Finn who is probably most well known for remixing Recluse's Emotional Void. The breakdown is dreamy and subdued, with the wistful string melody gracefully emerging and continuing into the climax.
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    OUT Orkidea - Fundamental [Pure Progressive]

    It's got a good groove and hook per most Orkidea tracks, but on the whole it sounds a bit too basic.