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  1. Tievb21

    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    literally everything. The guy releases hardly 1-2 tracks per year, but they are really quality ones. Check his whole Bandcamp, or his collabs with Sergey Nevone. Your Distant World (one of the best uplifters ever in trance scene) Extraterrestrials Nuummite Hypnogenesis Delusional Minds Can't...
  2. Tievb21

    OUT XiJaro & Pitch - Chasing Dreams Volume 1 [Black Hole Recordings] (Compilation)

    I really like CD1 as well. I have listened it many times the last week and I enjoy it a lot. But CD2 is not for me. For a guy who have listened trance pre 2010 era, I am kind of bored of generic uplifters as well. There are some good tracks there, but overall I haven't enjoyed CD2. Happy to...
  3. Tievb21

    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    I am addicted already! Have listened it dozens of times. Supported. One of the best uplifting trance tracks in a long time.
  4. Tievb21

    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    It has been out on Bandcamp. In 10 days on Beatport.
  5. Tievb21

    OUT Orjan Nilsen - 9910 [Armind]

    Orjan has always been making baga baga tunes, but good baga baga. I like it and it's well produced. In My Opinion and this era has been his top melodies imo, like Prison Break etc.
  6. Tievb21

    John Dopping - Words in Colour [2014]

    I listened all the album before a couple days, it's a very good one. It has some great tracks themselves, but also all the album has a very good flaw. Even almost a decade old, it still sounds fresh to my ears. Nice job by Dopping.
  7. Tievb21

    OUT Naden - Journey (incl. Breakfast Remix) [EDM Recordings]

    Both mixes are great, big fan of Naden's work in general.
  8. Tievb21

    Trancefix users at trance events

    Sadly, I haven't been to any trance event. It's not possible for me yet.
  9. Tievb21

    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    That's one of the best uplifting tracks I've heard in a long time. Simon produces only a couple tracks per year but they are superb. Instant support by me.
  10. Tievb21

    Eco - M(You)Sic (Artist Album) [2011]

    @Redrot DJ Eco - Dusk from Supercollider EP is one of the best euphoric trance tracks imo with that melody and atmosphere. Absolutely incredible hidden gem of this scene. If this has come out from a big name it would be a huge classic hit. It's perfect. Also the whole Desert Song EP is super...
  11. Tievb21

    Eco - M(You)Sic (Artist Album) [2011]

    If you ever want to sell part of your collection and it's one of them let me know.
  12. Tievb21

    Eco - M(You)Sic (Artist Album) [2011]

    Absolutely fantastic album. Huge classic! Listening it today feels so fresh after more than a decade. I own Wolves and Constellations In You//1 CDs, I really wish I had bought back then but I was so young and I didn't. Shame Armada never released CIY2 in physical. Also, dunno if M(you)Sic CD was...
  13. Tievb21

    Slam Duck - Pure Progressive Vol. 3 [Black Hole Recordings] (Compilation)

    The CD2 is such a brilliant mix!!! Fantastic stuff!!!!! I miss so much such quality trance & progressive style. The music sounds so fresh but it took me back to good times when I was having great journey with compilations. Very smooth mix, I like the flaw! Some of the tracks could be part of...
  14. Tievb21

    OUT Enlusion & Soundbreeze — Starchitects [Forescape Digital]

    Supported! Quality work!!! Driving, euphoric, like trance used to be! Btw I just found out that Beatport made two different trance categories lol. Nice idea, very fair for the underground trance to be separated from the "main-baga-festival-trance".
  15. Tievb21

    Basil O'Glue - Tell Nobody [JOOF]

    Sublime production by Basil, reminds me his old style! Definitely one of the highlights of the year for now!
  16. Tievb21

    OUT Midway - Amazon (Sean Tyas Remix) [In Trance We Trust]

    Amazon (Ferry Tayle & Stephan R. 2009 Universal Language Remix) With that released, one of the best trance remix ever made imo, so euphoric, perfect secondary melody, such a perfect trance journey from start to finish, I see not a single point for more remixes. The 2009 is a classic that is...
  17. Tievb21

    OUT Activa - Movement: One (Mix compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Fuck yeah! I just pre-ordered the CD as well! :cool: Super excited for this! In general I prefer compilations all the way, and as said above not many have left to be looking for. THe tracklist is sick, and I am super happy to see many of the guys here being included. Finally Enigma State on a...
  18. Tievb21

    Estiva - ID (Artist Album 2023) [Colorize]

    Absolutely agree, really looking for this one! :cool:
  19. Tievb21

    OUT You Are My Salvation - Remnant / Desolated [Forescape Digital]

    Wow, brilliant previews! I'll wait for their release and may support them!