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    (Why) are there no new ideas in trance?

    The problems less that there are no new ideas, and more that everything sounds the same and has done for 10 years. As generic as that comment sounds, it's miserably true. Every 138-140 producer really does sound the same, and the new-commers that enter the scene seem to continue the cycle...
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    Magnetix - Sleep Little Angel [1998]

    How many bangers does this guy have????
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    Miro - Paradise (inc. Remixes) [1998]

    Top class from the HOOJ tunes crew, who have to have been the best we got for trance and prog.
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    Art of Trance - Madagasga (1998)

    Cyngnus X remix is classy, Ferry is the anthemic hands in air clubbers tune to get the smiles going. For home listening it’s Cygnus every day of the week, unless it’s wind down time and then switch to Woods. Has their been a better chill trance producer than Woods. There are literally zero...
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    Miro - Paradise (inc. Remixes) [1998]

    Class track, always had preference to the Red Jerry version the most.
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    World Clique - Ease The Pressure/Different Signs (2001)

    That’s a name I haven’t seen in time. Had to look through the collection to remember the track I had, it’s called Don’t Do It, which is pure class. Never grabbed these two, which now I’m hearing them are probably better.
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    OUT Activa - Movement: One (Mix compilation) [Black Hole Recordings]

    This compilation was class. As modern compilations go it’s one of the best we had in ages. Coredata tracks are the clear winners in my view. Wish I could have gone to the event, but too expensive to travel up from London on the train.
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    Second Sun - Empire (2002)

    Original and PvD top top work
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    Miro - By Your Side [1999]

    Fucking class through and through. That Sonoros remix is mint as well.
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    OUT Eivind Vullum & Telephones - Ohms Love Variations [VIBRAJSON]

    Classy feel to it, wish more music had it today. Like an old Japanese techno track.
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    What on good earth are you waffling about? You may in your own small little world have decided that rational and objective reality be "bundled" alongside some tabloid partisan nonsense, but the rest of the sensible thinkers, involving large portions of the scientific and investigative community...
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    This is old news. On January 15th of this year the US State Department put out a statement on their website saying the lab leak theory was likely the cause leak. FBI and UK towing the same line. It was so fucking obvious from the start to anyone with a brain. Disheartening to see such a large...
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    Armin - Communication [1999]

    Class track, just simple Trance without complications.
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    Sunday Club - Etana's Flight [1997]

    Class track, keeps on going and going
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    New major change on Beatport: The Trance Genre is divided in two

    Does anyone still use beatport? Jokes aside, Trance should be split, but Mainstage, Raw, Deep and Hypnotic were never sub-genres so I find it odd they go there first. The irony is that listening to a recent JOOF there is very little I would put in the new Trance area anyway.
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    Another wild 'conspiracy', seemingly moving closer and closer into fact @Hot Tuna FBI chief Christopher Wray says China lab leak most likely Astonishing that a laboratory which specializes in bat corona viruses, riddled with a history of leaks and mere miles from the origin of a bat corona...
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    Paul Van Dyk - Forbidden Fruit (1997)

    Class no cares Trance. Fruit of Love mix is aite too.
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    Looks like I will need to reiterate and simplify here for the short memories. @Hot Tuna and @dmgtz96 you both towed the same line we heard since 2020... 'vaccines pose no risk whatsoever and to believe otherwise is a baseless conspiracy'. I am showing without question thats not true and you are...
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    @Hot Tuna, you’re being shown as wrong across all acounts, in real time. Pfizer/Moderna clinical trial data now available to the public. Their own data clearly states that 1 in 800 vaccinated saw ‘serious adverse events’. Yes, vaccines do have the capacity to cause harm and it’s not a...