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  1. TJY001

    Coredata - Øna EP [Borderline]

    Geometric for me. Ona ooozes Moogwai - Moogwai though - very different!
  2. TJY001

    OUT Andre Maier - Es Vedra EP [Trancefix Recordings]

    PS - label is incredible guys - doing an amazing job!! :)
  3. TJY001

    OUT Andre Maier - Es Vedra EP [Trancefix Recordings]

    Bella Domina is superb, best of the three for me. I like the other two - Es Vedra is close to being incredible. Main riff is a bit too harsh for me. Citra... again - that riff that comes in is too harsh & wasn't needed imo. Same with a lot of soulful house these days - ruined by OTT riffs which...
  4. TJY001

    Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten & Rank 1 & Ruben De Ronde - Destination (ASOT 2024 Anthem) [ASOT]

    It's fantastic. Really - brilliant track. The only slight critique is the key change which I am gonna try and edit out but the rest of the track is magic. Best ASOT anthem by far.
  5. TJY001

    Enigma State - Sacred Art / State of Mind [Self Release]

    No need to apologise at all - just glad it is still happening :)
  6. TJY001

    Who are the best producers in the scene right now (and why)?

    Ovnimoon Enigma State GoaD Coredata Digital Blonde John Askew
  7. TJY001

    Jam & Spoon - Stella (Original) (1992)

    The Tall Paul mix is probably my favourite. I love the original but TP's is so beautiful. No idea why they released it as Stella Got Her Groove Back
  8. TJY001

    Enigma State - Sacred Art / State of Mind [Self Release]

    any news this yet @DazTC @EnigmaState? Saw the vinyl had gone to press but not heard anything more for a few months :)
  9. TJY001

    The Noble Six - The Color Out Of Space [FSOE]

    really? Interesting... I remember someone saying Dan got the rights to one of the tracks, maybe it was this one. Will be a massive shame if it never comes out.
  10. TJY001

    Jam & Spoon - Stella (Original) (1992)

    Aside from the original & Barracuda mixes... this. Just this.
  11. TJY001

    John Newall - Backbiter [2014]

    Loved this tune. Immense!
  12. TJY001

    Bryan Kearney - Into The Vision [FSOE]

    I mean... it's a carbon copy of Kaia but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Think this is slightly stronger on first listen :)
  13. TJY001

    The Noble Six - The Color Out Of Space [FSOE]

    anyone know if Noble Six is still planning to release this at some point? Would be criminal if it doesn't come out!
  14. TJY001

    Tom Yelland - The Journey (Episode 180)

    Three hours of progressive / tribal classics :) 1. Tetraflux - Forever 2. Mooncat - Badass (Time Design Mix) 3. X-Press 2 - Muzikizm 4. Mooncat - You Got Me 5. Science Dept featuring Erire - Breathe (Lexicon Avenue Remix) 6. Trisco - Muzak (Steve Lawler Remix) 7. Innate VS KC Flight & The...
  15. TJY001

    L.S.G. - The White Album (Mixed)

    Hope you enjoyed it :)
  16. TJY001

    OUT Chicane - Saltwater (Young Marco Remix) [Armada]

    I was scared, especially with how dodgy Armada can be... but it's actually not half bad you know! 140bpm, no steroids at all... I'll need to listen properly on a better machine but not awful...