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    Tom Colontonio - 7 Years [Subculture]

    ah yes, the 3:24 Extended Prolonged Mix :LOL: I liked the beginning of this preview, it actually reminded me of classic Discover sound. Smth Sean Tyas / Inertia did back around 2005-2008. But after the breakdown started and during the drop - it felt too modern I guess... Or maybe I just heard...
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    OUT Activa - Velika [VII]

    It was incredible. I was super glad to meet a lot of Borderline artists and other artists - Activa, Enigma State , Slipstream (aka Atlantis/George Winkworth), Factoria, Lostly, Allan Morrow, John Dopping (Definitions), Grant Trowbridge, Chris Johnson, Aeon Shift guys, Glynn Alan, Jon O'Bir...
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    Electronic Beats TV: Blind Test // 90s Trance

    There's been a similar thread already - Electronic Beats TV: Blind Test // 90s Trance
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    OUT Activa - Velika [VII]

    I'm so glad the title is out already and it's being released soon! Heard this track live from him 2 months ago in Manchester at Movement Vol.1 launch event and decided to record a video of that moment - as far as I remember he closed his set with Velika, just before Lostly started his set...
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    OUT KETTAMA - Fallen Angel [Steel City Dance Discs]

    I think you meant "Urban Train" instead of "Just Be".
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    OUT Ferry Tayle & Airwave pres. Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter [Fables]

    Airwave played this one at Luminosity 2017, glad it's finally being released! \o/ Airwave playing "Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter"
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    Trance artists who support russian war crimes in Ukraine

    There's too much text to explain and a whole chronology of actions regarding "why has Ukrainian Army bombed Donetsk" or "Why were you silent for eight years while children were killed in Donbas?", which are the most popular russian propaganda myths. I've already explained that on Facebook and...
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    Faraway Project - Without Fear (Goldenscan Remix) [2004]

    Before visiting Goldenscan set at Luminosity 2019 I had a chance to meet them like 30 minutes before their set and tell that "Without Fear" remix is my favourite production from them. Then one of the guys told me that playing it would be a good idea and he instantly went to the backstage to...
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    ID Requests - Post them here

    01. Cygnus X - Positron 02. Speedy J - Fusion 03. Speedy J - The FUN Equations (Remastered 2021) 04. Speedy J - G Spot 05. Humate - 3.2 06. Sven Väth - An Accident In Paradise (William Orbit & Spooky Mix) 07. The Light - Pan Fried 08. Third Man - Solar Cycle 09. LSG - Netherworld (Jules Verne...
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    Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer [Audioresearch Music]

    Simon O'Shine decided to please us with his 2010-2015 style melody, which is my favourite. He's been experimenting with some psychedelic sound after these years, but I'm glad he's back. Hope to hear another collab with Sergey Nevone one day!
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    Musix - Do Ya See The Light (1998)

    Instrumental version is one of my favourite tracks made by Mike.
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    OUT Calvin Harris feat. Sam Smith - Desire [Columbia]

    I'm pretty sure Binary Finary will make a remix of this - and it won't differ from any of others made by them. Also some tech trance upcoming artist will also try to impress the trance audience by remixing this crap. Everything sounded fine until 0:41.
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    Trance artists who support russian war crimes in Ukraine

    Jean Michel-Jarre is not a trance artist, but quite a big inspiration for many out there, especially thanks to his "Oxygene" tune. Now he's collaborating with the putinist Nina Kraviz 🤢 Jean-Michel Jarre x Nina Kraviz - Sex In The Machine Take 2 Funny that in April 2022 he posted a video of...
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    Genix Presents Outbound - Halo (Aava remix) [2005]

    Nice one. Much more better then modern Genix stuff.
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    Funny thread

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    Art of Trance - Madagasga (1998)

    As a person who loves Platipus stuff, this is my rating: Original Mix > Push remix > Transa Remix > Cygnus X Remix > Durand Remix > Ferry Corsten Remix
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    Jenn Johnson - You're Gonna Be Ok (Key4050 Remix) [TBA]

    Initially Key4050 has been a strictly instrumental, hard, raw and techy trance project. Their "Tales From The Temple" album was good. But then "i LoVe yOu" emerged, which doesn't contain that raw energy and is a typical cheesy and commercial vocal Bryan Kearney tune with the vocals which don't...
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    Eco - M(You)Sic (Artist Album) [2011]

    Got it on CD, as far as I remember it's a nice journey album.
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    Bizarre time signatures in trance

    This one is a full-on/darkpsy tune with a bizarre time signature which goes from 4/4 to 6/8 and again to 4/4. This album was an interesting journey. Jikkenteki - Quietly Screaming
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    Bizarre time signatures in trance

    Check this one out. This tune goes 4/4 and then from 2:16 to 5:10 it goes 3/4 :) Hallucinogen - Snakey Shaker