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    OUT Brent Rix - Catalyst [Alter Ego Records]

    Label: Alter Ego Records Release Date: 2023-05-22 A producer who needs no introduction and here with a welcome return, Brent Rix! Catalyst is emotive and rich with energy. Brent always delivers and this is another very tasty uplifting track indeed! On remix duties we have the awesome Varsente...
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    OUT Brent Rix - Interstellar [Trancespired Recordings]

    Thank you. I will make use of thread prefixes next time :)
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    OUT Brent Rix - Interstellar [Trancespired Recordings]

    We keep delivering top uplifting trance for you as we give you this beauty from South African producer, Brent Rix. 'Interstellar' will certainly have you and your audience to the stratosphere and beyond! Fantastic driving energy pulses throughout the intro and the interest is kept locked when...