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    OUT Andre Maier - Ascension [Yanada Recordings]

    Good idea, while the melody itself isnt very catch, almost quite chaotic and off at some points The Mystery was a spot on, this is like halfway there... 6/10
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    Airwave - Tears In Rain [Fables]

    Not really impresed by the first listen, I simply dont like the psy-like kick :/
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    OUT Estiva - Via Infinita (Marsh Remix) [Colorize]

    Solid remix, but original is much better for me
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    Dan Stone - BRKLYN [FSOE]

    Finally a really good track from him. Not really a big fan of his trouse 2.0 label Argento. I think this style belongs to 2015 and I was hoping it will stay there.... But this is different, catchy, energetic and typical DS style 7,5/10
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    Airwave - Tears In Rain [Fables]

    130 bpm must be a mistake on BP, sounds like a much more to me..
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    OUT XiJaro & Pitch - Chasing Dreams Volume 1 [Black Hole Recordings] (Compilation)

    A few good tracks here and there, but overally this was quite generic...surprisingly I prefer CD1. Half of the tracks of CD2 are generic uplifters :/ CD1 6/10 CD2 5/10
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    OUT HALIENE & Elephante - Hollow (The Thrillseekers Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

    I never liked Halienes vocals, but the sound! OMG this is pure 2000, absolutely love it, this would be potentailly very high mark from me, possibly 8 and 9 range :)
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    OUT Vasily Dvortsov - On Transgalactic Bridge [Pure Progressive]

    One of thhe best and most catchy track on the compilation for me 8/10
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    Ahmed Romel vs. Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif - The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem) [FSOE]

    Its not a bad rack BUT for an anthem? feels way to generic...6/10
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    MurZo - Kiss The Night [FSOE]

    It was by a local DJ, but I have heard it on many radioshows, the track is going wild man :)
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    MurZo - Kiss The Night [FSOE]

    I chnaged my mind, having the track heard many times on various sets and even live, I must say that this is really standout track of the modern uplifting genre 7,5/10
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    OUT Ferry Tayle & Airwave pres. Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter [Fables]

    Thats quite crazy, the track is in fact mopre than 6 years old :) Maybe there is a chance for Apollo also :)
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    Temple One - On My Mind [Vivid Motion]

    Well I just dont think its alright to comment on every thread you dislike a sarcastic sentence like "nice basline" or "nice template". It doesn't add anything to the discussion, this is just pure spam. Why do you all tolerate this??
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    Temple One - On My Mind [Vivid Motion]

    Reported again. And FYI he created template by himself and lots of producers using it. He is the creator and it's not a shame he keeps getting using it. So shut up you troll if you don't know anything about it.
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    Temple One - On My Mind [Vivid Motion]

    Another solid track from him...but his standards were slightly higher back in those days 6/10
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    OUT Solarstone - Solarcoaster (Maarten de Jong Remix) [Armada Music]

    Im usually not into this kinda club / bigroom stuff, but this is quite good I must say, I like it.
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    OUT Ferry Tayle & Airwave pres. Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter [Fables]

    As much as i love this project, I must say that the melody aint touching me so much...well lets see after more listens...
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    OUT John O'Callaghan - Riverside [Subculture]

    This is absolutely great, pue uplifting bliss, very nice melody as well 8/10
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    OUT Paul Sawyer & Evan Henzi - Downunder [FSOE Pattern]

    Yeah good, finally some proggy track with balls, good voclas and solid melodic ideas 7/10