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  1. Nerio

    Chicane - Ibiza Strings (2015)

    Solarstone Ambient Mix
  2. Nerio

    Terrafusion pres. Nova Prospekt - Nuclear Dawn (2010)

    Unreleased. Artist description: "I came up with this track name as far back as 2003, along with the rough concept. A kind of epic, dark 'trance anthem to end them all' complete with grandiose intro, breakdown and lengthy runtime. It was a bit pretentious on hindsight, but I finally committed to...
  3. Nerio

    Dash Berlin Ft. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (2010)

    One of the few vocal songs I like, specifically her voice from 0:57 onwards, beautiful voice. Original: (With a nice video, I like these kinds of videos) Club Mix: (my favorite version)
  4. Nerio

    Simon Patterson – Us (2008)

    (Paul Miller Remix)
  5. Nerio

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

  6. Nerio

    Blank & Jones feat. Anne Clark - The Hardest Heart (2002)

    Blank & Jones ft. Anne Clark - The Hardest Heart (Kai Tracid Remix) [2002]
  7. Nerio

    Es Vedra - Cala D´Hort (2000)

    (Dj Janis vs Plus One Remix)
  8. Nerio

    Musix - Do Ya See The Light (1998)

  9. Nerio

    Public Intellectuals

    Even if he did, you have to admit that he made some interesting points. I don't understand why two such camps of opinion can't meet face to face and discuss this directly in a 5 Hour debate. Because whether you want to or not I see good opinions from either side, but mostly people don't want...
  10. Nerio

    Public Intellectuals

    Total dismantling of Jordan Peterson
  11. Nerio

    UFOs and Aliens

    I don't understand how people can still trust a guy like Steven Greer, when you watch his films and lectures, they are all almost exactly the same as his first major lecture (2001 disclosure project). He's still dissecting stuff from 40-50-70-80-90 years ago, but he hasn't said anything new in...
  12. Nerio

    Armin - Communication [1999]

    This needs to be here That improvisation from Jan Wayne 3:22, tá časť ktorá vyzerá ako keby čakal na to kedy môže začať hrať na piane 2:00.
  13. Nerio

    (Mostly) complete database of every classic trance track (100.000+) [status: 50%]

    YouTube channel Trance-M with its 5000+ trance collection has some damn good competition. Are you also using ChatGpt for help in this project? Some of the songs are really obnoxious. The idea of rating songs by personal preference is a good one, my idea would be if everyone could rate all the...
  14. Nerio

    New major change on Beatport: The Trance Genre is divided in two

    My opinion on this is that it's a good step for people who want to find really good songs, because right now it's a mess (even though most of the hidden gems are on youtube rather than beatport or spotify). The question remains who will classify which song belongs to which genre? What if...
  15. Nerio

    (Why) are there no new ideas in trance?

    The new idea was this project. The early 2000 was really wild today i find E Nomine project "E Nomine is a German musical project formed in 1999 by producers Christian Weller and Friedrich "Fritz" Graner. Their music, which they call monumental vocal style, is a combination of trance, techno...
  16. Nerio

    Your favorite album/release artwork? (any genre)

    My favorite album arts are from Trancemaster 17 to 5002
  17. Nerio

    Your favorite trance music video clips?

    Does anyone know if there is a HD version of this video somewhere?