Allow Me to Introduce My Self


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Jul 22, 2020
First name is Hugo . I live in the States , I started following Trance in the Late 90's . My first Trance Cd i bought was Robert Miles Dream Land and after that i was always searching for anything Trance music.At that time i did not have Internet so i would only buy what was under the "Techno" section at the Local mall (Tower records):LOL:.Yes in 2002/3 I discovered the Internet . And after that forget about it .... :cool::cool: The First thing i typed into the "AOL" Search box was , Trance music . I came Across TranceAirwaves(anybody remember this site?) and also AboveTheSkyRecords. Also DI.FM "Trance Channel". I Got so addicted into Trance i would spend my whole paycheck on Vinyl Records from 4DJSONLY/Chemical Records/Dancerecords.usa.....