Coldwired Podcast August 2020 Selection pt III


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Jul 22, 2020

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August 2020 Selection pt III


01. Hypnotised, Dirty R3hab - Inside Your Head (Filip Fisher Remix) [Bow and Arrow Music]
02. Allan McLoud - This Is Now [Bonzai Progressive]
03. Sebastian Schetter - Unconditional [Pro B Tech Music]
04. Moku - My World [Melodic Beats Recordings]
05. Guy J - Catfish [Lost and Found]
06. DJ Zombi - Octopus (Cid Inc. and Orsen Remix) [Replug]
07. Fuenka - Nevarro [JOOF Recordings]
08. The Stupid Experts - Ctrl-S [E=MC2]
09. Sunscreem, Orkidea - Perfect Motion (Extended Mix) [Deep In Thought]
10. Grum - Runaway (Paul Thomas Extended Mix)n [Deep State]
11. Harry Diamond - MECHA 2 (Extended Mix) [New State Music]
12. Orkidea - Rebel Time (Extended Mix) [Pure Progressive]
13. Lee Coulson - Luminosity (Mind Of One Extended Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
14. Xenia (UA) - Beguin [IAMT Red] *Gold Star Track*
15. Grove - Sparks [Base Industry Records]
16. Hoopoe - Hutan [Pure Trance]
17. La Rissa - I Do Both Jay And Jane (Kaycee Remix) [Kontor] *Defrosted from 2000*

*I don't know if you're familiar with this podcast, but I've been listening to it for 3 years I believe, and have to compliment the tracks selection, the style and the flow in general. Very calming and relaxing. Definitely deserves support!