DJ Orkidea - Pure Progressive Vol. 1 [Review]

DJ Orkidea - Pure Progressive Vol. 1

Two disc combination of new artist album and DJ mix compilation.
Four years in the making, Orkidea's new record has been released on Friday (17.07.2020).

Lucky to have gotten my copy ahead of the official release, I present you the theme of my memorable evening 🎶

It started off with an ambient cinematic intro, hypnotizing spoken vocal, soon transitioned to electrifying melodies and grooves of sleek design.
I caught my body deciding to move my feet in the rhythm of the infectious beats.
There's a retro quality splashed over most of the disc. It's married with cutting edge sound design, that complies with lyrics from one of the tracks
"Forwards forever, backwards never".
Themes of the past, modern interpretation, flashlighting the future.
Graceful and mature, finest dance music, a product of inspiration and evolution of a brilliant DJ and producer.

CD2 presents the DJ part of the album.
It kicked off with spoken words once again, however this time we've lifted from the Earth and continued the journey,
feeling dreamy and light. It made me think of the DJ, flying high above on a plane, contemplating moments,
eyes following the ever changing panorama behind the window.
For a lot of us, it could also reflect the 'World Outside' during lockdown times, caused by the global Pandemic.
The thoughts of a DJ, travelling inside his thoughts, remembering great parties, times before his world has partially been shut down.
This wonderful journey of 2 discs is most appropriately explained with feelings and not words.
So to really know what I'm talking about...
Just get it, book the journey 🎶 🙂

In this difficult for most DJs time,
I'd like to thank DJ Orkidea, Pure Trance Recordings and Black Hole Recordings for their work on this wonderful album.

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Jul 14, 2020
Thanks guys, glad you've enjoyed it!
I always and only, write about releases I truly enjoy.
So glad this album is getting the recognition it deserved!


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Jul 17, 2020
Psyched to see Mackers debut on there, totally deserved, amazing intro track (Y) (Y) (Y)