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Sep 1, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

I used to be a member on here years ago under a different username. I was very active around the late 2000s. I thought it was time to make a return. I miss making friends with those who share the same love for Trance music. I'm still in contact with a few I made over the years but it's always nice to meet new people.

Well where to start. I've been listening to Electronic music since the late 1990s. Trance is my main passion though, I remember when I first discovered music from Paul van Dyk, the very song that started it all off for me was "For An Angel", ever since then Trance has become a huge part of me. It's a lifestyle for sure, because I listen to it alot to this day and I take it very seriously as it's a magic music genre that really helps boost your mental wellbeing. It's there to meditate the mind, but also to power to uplift and recharge yourself . It is essentially energy that helps me along in life.

Its so great to this see community is still going after all these years. I really like the new design. I am so excited to interact with you all.

Peace ✌
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