Artist name(s)
Little Jam
Release title
Flaming Star
Label name
Suck Me Plasma
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Jul 21, 2020
A beautiful track with a sad background.

Henrik Klein Rasmussen aka Little Jam died by suicide at the age of 32 in 1997, only few months after "Flaming Star" and his album "Alone In The Desert" were released...

He was suffering with depression due to his wife and child death in a tragic car accident, but not only that - a severe case of Tinnitus has also been a contributing factor. He had been in psychiatric wards several times. And it's likely that, the suicide was because of mental anguish, possibly contributed by Tinnitus - and in honesty, when you're as gifted musically as he was, Tinnitus would be absolutely devastating.

During his 1995 to 1997 music career his tracks and remixes have been featuring in many different compilations including the famous Trancemaster, Technoclub, Trance Nation etc. He was also remixed by some of more recognizable names as Vincent de Moor, Future Breeze, X-Cabs, Miro and others...

It feels like "Flaming Star" tells the story of Rasmussen's struggle with depression with its emotional orchestral melody that builds into a magnificent crescendo before coming to an abrupt end.

Little Jam - Flaming Star (Kennedy Club Mix)

Little Jam - Flaming Star (Original Mix)

Little Jam - Flaming Star (Yellow Stone Version)

P.S. "Flaming Star (Fletch Funky Tribe Mix)" isn't available on web, I can send a full version in a PM if anyone needs it.