Pure 'n' Jamie - Northern Spirit [2002]


Jul 8, 2020
Trance has almost never been big in my country and except for 1 friend i have none i know that really like it.

Except for the years in the early 2000's, trance was never a thing here. In 1999 i think, Tiesto came to Norway and released the track theme from Norefjell and it got quite popular even on the radio. Aslo trance was more mainstream back then so we even had a big trance parade in the capitol Oslo just a few years later. Just watching the video is quite surreal for me that this actually happend in my country lol. 10 years later i went to many small gigs with boom jinx, the blizzard, daniel kandi, guiseppe ottaviani etc and rarely there was more than 20 people who attended.

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