Tempo Giusto - Choose Your Fate [Review]

I’ve grown a bit weary of listening to ASOT live since episode 85X or so. Because of that, I only check the tracklist on Spotify after the episode airs, searching for tunes that look interesting. I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years, ASOT 970 was no exception to this. I looked at the tracklist, and there I saw it. A new Tempo Giusto.

Tuomas Lähteenoja is a bit of an on-off artist to me. Most of his tracks aren’t that special in my opinion, but there are some that really stand out like Solace in Your Eyes, Burn and Past X Future. Sometimes I have a strange feeling, knowing that a song will be very good even before listening to it. This one, called ‘Choose Your Fate’, gave me that exact feeling. I listened. And I was correct yet again.

(note: this part of the review is made using the radio edit, not the version played on ASOT)
It’s right at the start already when the listener meets the gimmick of the track: the plucky synth, which is literally present during the entirety of the song. To me, it adds to the theme of the tune really well, the fact that it doesn’t go away during the break is also pretty refreshing. The main part and builddown sound like any other Tempo Giusto track, with his well known techy synths and some very nice vocal FX added. The melody presented in the break is also very good and the song flows pretty smoothly into the drop, which makes it sound not too strong but also not too weak. About halfway through comes the usual bridge in the melody and the song builds down, ending with another vocal FX.

I’d say that Tuomas did a very good job on this one and I’m currently not expecting another track to take my vote for the best tune of 2020.

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