The story behind "Ralphie B - Massive" by Ralph Barendse [Interview]

Ralphie B is an alias of Dutch DJ and producer Ralph Barendse. He was born on April 6, 1977 in Zwijndrecht, a town based near the city of Rotterdam. In the year 1999 Ralph released his first record on Dutch label Deal Records. During the years Ralph released tracks under project names such as "Alpha Breed", "Midway", "First State" and of course “Ralphie B”. Under that name he made a track called “Massive”, which became a big trance classic.

For Muzikxpress interview number 100, I got to sit down with Ralph in his studio, to ask him about the story behind “Massive”, his future plans and more! And... this is the very first time ever you will be able to see an interview with Ralph!

Enjoy and thanks for watching!



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