The story behind "Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me" by Ron Hagen [Interview]

Ron Hagen is a DJ and producer from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. He is mostly known for the project Signum for which he worked together with Pascal Minnaard until the year 2007. Since that year Ron is the main man behind Signum.

Signum has been a familiar name in the trance scene since the late 90s. They had a lot of succes with tracks such as “Solar Level”, “First Strike”, “Second Wave”, “Push Through”, “The Timelord” and of course “What Ya Got 4 Me” and “Coming On Strong”.

For this week’s vlog I sat down with Ron in his studio, to ask him about the story behind “What Ya Got 4 Me”, his Xposed radio show, the upcoming Signum vinyl project and more!

Enjoy and thanks for watching!



TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
F'in love this track, must have seen Signum play it live 10+ times. In fact the last Trance rave I went to finished with Signum from 5am to 6.30am and we were right at the front going ballistic till the final track. One of my favourite DJs ever, great interview and good to hear has more music coming out.
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