The story behind "Storm - Storm" by Jam El Mar [Interview]

"Storm" was a project from German based duo Jam El Mar and Mark Spoon a.k.a. Jam & Spoon. Storm’s debut track was called “Storm” as well. It came out back in 1998 and the track became a big success in the clubs. And ... it even made it into the UK charts, which was not very common for an instrumental dance track around that time!

For this week’s vlog I sat down with Rolf Ellmer a.k.a. Jam El Mar to ask him about the story behind “Storm” and more.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!



Aug 4, 2020
Still can’t believe the lead riff was a NL1. I use mine quite frequently but it doesn’t sound overdriven like that. Going to explore it to see how this was done. External effects for sure as Nord’s have no onboard effects, but you can hear the core of the sound hasn’t been messed with too much. Amazing.
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