TranceFix Radio #004 - "Embryonic" by Horizons


The fourth episode is mixed by the founder of Landscapes Music label, Horizons. His music has solidified him as a progressive powerhouse with various support from some of the greatest DJ's around and he is committed to deliver pure, progressive, underground music. This episode is a mixture of new and old, where he takes us through a huge variety of genres through the ages and I honestly don't think I can say it any better than the man himself:​

"The main concept behind this mix was to try and highlight the different shades of Trance in almost all its sub-genres. Take this mix as an hypothetical DJ set I would have performed at Festival's Classic-Trance stage.

Going more in details, this set starts with some progressive tunes to warm up the dancefloor before giving more beef with more euphoric and uplifting tracks that goes between the golden era of Trance and the modern post-2000 era of Trance. The last half an hour of the mix will bring you instead towards darker and more hypnotic vibes that perfectly matches what I've been growing up with as a Trance passionate.

This is the kind of Benjamin Button journey where after having lived through the euphoria of your best days you would find yourself suddenly brought back to the where it all started, where everything was born, into the darkest hypnotic side of Trance."

- Horizons


EP 004
Embryonic - By Horizons


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Dec 11, 2020
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Can I get download for my offline listening?
Jul 20, 2020
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Thanks guys, appreciate it, really! 🙏

It's a 100% vinyl mix btw, apologise for a few little issues with a couple of transitions but I'm quite happy with the final result indeed. :)


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Jun 27, 2020
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Loved (re)discovering the tracks in this mix. Took me back to the times when I was discovering classic trance of this specific era and style.


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Jun 27, 2020
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I had this on the other day, there were a few I couldn't ID. Will you post the tracklist? Thanks for the mix.
If you play it on YouTube, it will show the ID in the video itself. One of our proudest moments, the whole design and effects. :D

In any case, the tracklist will follow eventually (and probably very soon).