TranceFix Radio #018 - Merging Scenes - Mixed by Sunda

You know, it's not the size that matters, okay! It's what you do with that time and how effective you are (or so I've heard) - well, this mix is a true testament to that saying! Clocking in at just north of an hour, this mix, made by Sunda, is trance at its very finest! We have had a couple of amazing underground mixes lately, but now it's time to show you the other side of trance!

Spring is here, Summer is coming and so is ice-cream, sunscreen, flowers, birds and all that good stuff, but let's be honest: Who really cares about all of that? All we care about is delivering one slam dunk after another and as we're fast approaching episode 100, this eighteenth installment fits perfectly with our mindset of only giving you the best of what electronic music has got to offer.

From us, from Sunda, we give to you: Merging Scenes.

01. Sunda - The Dragon
02. Jeff The Fool & Wilt - Gate Vibration [Thé Chaud]
03. Clint - Exosphere Main Mix [Slowciety]
04. Dean - Laika [Proxima]
05. Skyvol - Easteria [Easteria]
06. Aeryeen - Earendel [slash.label]
07. Introversion - Echoes [Materia]
08. Mikkel Rev - Whorl [Ute.Rec]
09. DJ Dazzle - From Within (Activa Remix) [Borderline]
10. Sunda - Mono No Aware
11. Narciss - Once More With Feeling [slash.label]


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Dec 11, 2020
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Awesome mix. Track selection has a good mix of flavors from all the sounds I am currently enjoying in the scene. Just needs one psychedelic one for the completion.
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May 18, 2021
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Always good to see a new mix here. I’ll be listening on my run today.