Various Artists-Submission Universal 2020(Mixed by Atragun)[Sub.mission Recordings]

Artist name(s)
Various Artists
Release title
Submission Universal 2020
Label name
Sub.Mission Recordings
Release date
Oct 23, 2020
Release type
Mix compilation


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Aug 30, 2020
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Soft progressive tones, groovy deep house rhythm, melodic uplifting beauty, and other worldly psychedelic vibes. That is what music lovers who venture into our latest breathtaking edition of Submission Universal will find. Label owner Atragun has once again traversed the music world in these uncertain times to find only the best and most fresh new material for the labels devoted fanbase. Featuring a slew of fresh new content ranging from label regulars such as Andy Elliass,Andres Selada,Cold Face,O.B.M Notion Ross Cairns, Phazer,and Tom Bro to exciting newcomers such as AMNOR,Alex Byrka,Van Yorge, Sousa, Luca Dean, Nurkesh, and Mike Sang, Submission Universal 2020 lacks no diversity of excitement and thrills in its tracklist. Music lovers who crave a slower, atmospheric and groove based experience will instantly feel at home with disk ones carefully picked material. Uplifting enthusiasts will find solace in disk two's tracklist selection with is massive amount of high BPM goodness. True to form, Submission Universal 2020 looks to once again bring an unforgettable musical journey. A journey that will shine bright and uplift listeners into forgetting their worries and embracing their inner happiness.


1.AMNOR-The Park


3.Luca Dean-Two Minds

4.Miroslav Vrlik-Tibetan Bells (Madassi Remix)

5.SHADOWS-Point One(Daín Remix)

6.Pulse Junkie-Past Tales

7.Fawzy-Resonating Force(Mo5tfa Remix)

8.Nurkesh-Mana Potion

9.Atragun-Face The Darkness


11.Deepshader-Departe(Levekar&Lucian Code Remix)


13.Phazer presents Triakis-Summer Skies

14.Sajjad Gholipour Ft Mehrdad Kian-On The Road(Vocal Mix)

15.Tom Bro-Our Travel

16.ZQRM & Kai Krause-Same Issue

17.Klassy Project Ft Lokka Vox-Dark Skies(Denis Sender Remix)

18.Elitist-Keep Pushing(W!ss Vocal Mix)

19.Dan Delaforce-Always Alive

20.Marsel Fuze-Fusion


1.KBK-Night Melody(Intro Mix)

2.Alan West-Empty Thoughts(Numedian Remix)

3.Diego Costa-Phantom(Marco Mc’Neil Remix)

4.U-Mount&Spaceline-Moon Rise

5.Liquid Dream&Zarotta-Speranza

6.Distant Identity-Dream It

7.Mike Sang-Elevate(Atragun Remix)

8.DJ Hold&Foxxy Jay-Flash From Eternity(O.B.M Notion Remix)

9.Marsel Fuze-Indifference

10.Eldream&Mark Wild-Evolution(Тycoos Remix)

11.Renal Shamsutdinov-Summer Trip(Incl Vadim Bonkrashkov Remix)

12.Klassy Project Ft Zac-So Cold(Andres Selada Remix)

13.O.B.M Notion-Made In Shadows

14.Cold Face-Twenty Nine(David Surok Remix)

15.Andy Elliass&ARCZI-End Of Story(DreamLife Remix)

16.FAWZY&Afjam-The Power Of Feeling

17.Andres Selada-Valhala(Tech Mix)

18.Ross Cairns-Fire(Evol Waves Remix)

19.Airdream-The Wonder Of Discovery(Andy Elliass Remix)

20.Atragun Vs Mark Wild&Eldream-Devotion(Amine Maxwell Remix)

21.Alex Byrka & Van Yorge - Written In The Stars
Eldream&Mark Wild-Evolution(Tycoos Remix)[Available 10-16-2020]

Renal Shamsutdinov-Summer Trip (Vadim Bonkrashkov Remix)[Available 10-16-2020]

Alex Byrka&Van Yorge-Written In The Stars(Radio Mix)[Available 10-23-2020]

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Available 10-23-2020