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    Your friend made it to Twilight? That's the file people say is childish and all lol
    Oh, your exam is the end of this week? I wish you all the luck for it.

    The Masters degree is a hard but well erned one, i know you been at it since 2007 anyway, that will be one you can take a break from and do the lap of honour after with Burk and a champagne bottle. lol
    I'm sure you will be glad to have it out of the way though.

    Burk stealing from you? He better not after Friday, you will have your Master's degree and you can officially steal from him and get away from it clean, i mean whoever would steal from a Master is pretty low lol
    It's a good thing you survived everytime you do push your self to the edge hehe

    I'll take your word and continue through MSN etc.
    Nice texting with you
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    Already, I'm deciding against my short return to TF.
    The superfluous posts arriving in the General discussion inbox is rediculous now, despite my attempt to reorganise some things. It seems i started to deal with pure psychological fear amoungst athiests about an apparent Islamic reprisal upon Europe lol.
    Had my stint with 2030, hes too well convinced by wingnut lies and conspiracies to consider dealing in any further debates, he has a unchangable mind program anyway. I don't mind saying this to you publically since i am planning to extend my absence from here, you know, sort of leave again. So i though i will tip you off in advance that you don't have to come here looking for me or any of the others as mentioned as i know they are limiting themselves here aswell as far as i know. You probably keep up with Burken so i won't suggest anything.
    I know you email and MSN so theres no need to fear or anything

    I will be here a few extra times to check back your replies. Thanks mate
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    Hey but from what i remember, you always were filled on whisky and all that fancy stuff, i wouldn't be suprised if you convinced him into the rockstar party style lol.
    Burkz on Champagne? hes a ladies man (feminine man lol)
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    They only stayed very short, probably enough to say something or two and that was it. Elaine has gone but we were in PM talking about her new job back in LA. Not sure if she would welcome this to be mention in the open like this but she's working on becoming and actress (haha).
    Seriously though, wished her good luck and all that, shes a nice/sweet innocent (not in that way lol) girl.

    Yeah, your right about the weather, it also has been doing strange things as i sort of mentioned before. However you have summer holidays in a monthg, so there should be plenty for you do get up to with little excuse not to. Make up for all those indoor winter days and all

    Oh so Seb is not a Burk, well a Burk part time
    Sebastian is a heavy traveller from what i see, been to all the places around and trying the sporty stuff there. Maybe your right, since he would have been tired lots more.
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    [continued] but since we're coming to winter now in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are shorter and all that and no long holidays here for a long time yet, unlike your Summer holidays approching.

    Oh so that's his real name behind the nick, Burken.
    lol, i think we all had a rockstar weekend last one
    Yeah, i think Burken instigates alot of the crazy stuff you do lol, he seems like a mad-hammer at it, and when hes not partying like a animal, he's doing crazy things somewhere like snowboarding, snorkeling or turning boats over lol.
    I don't think he runs on blood, maybe Bollinger lol?
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    lol, well some of them have been here briefly. Exactly the ones you mentioned (except Blitz) but they didn't stay all that long.

    Yeah their cookie is over baked to the point it is hard. (as in there a tough cookie).
    The topics here seem to be either the latest in the news (meaning a silly debate) usually about political or religious ideals or just some boring new thing that has just came out where everyone says "i like it!" or "yaay" which has no sense in reading or replying to.

    Yeah the weather has been playing differently recently, its fall here and not only the leaves haven't fallen off the trees yet, but there are plenty of sunny days still. The temperature is at about 20℃ though.
    It's always freezing where you are, but to have all three in one day must have been total indoors weather.

    School holidays (of course im not in school lol) was first semester holidays + Easter break. Next holidays is the mid year (2nd semester) break but that isn't for awhile yet,
    [continues next]
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    How is seb and all, have you seen them? Mini was telling me about your code 'Rockstar weekend' lol
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    Hey mate, get your vodka bottle out and sip sip sip away, that will make you post funny topics and posts.
    Well, im not encouraging you, but that will work won't it?
    hehe, joking there, Of course i know what you mean, most of the forum i can't stand for some reason.
    I tried challenging some members on the forum recently about what you just said, but from what i am getting hinted is they like things the way they are, so theres no good in trying to do anything else.
    You probably haven't seen me around at all lol, well i been taking some time off again, i was reluctant to come here but since i somehow managed to, i might aswell give you and a few other heads up.

    Had a massive break for easter weekend, 5 days and had our neighbours moving house too.
    Starting to die down now as school holidays are almost over.

    I noticed i only have 1000 characters to type here, i always go over that..
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    You are quiet in the forums now arn't you ;P

    Yeah, sorry if i haven't been on msn like i said i was.
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    Glad to hear you're doing alright. I'm fine, I moved to Oregon but i'm currently in Canada and will be living here for a year, going to school ect. It feels like i've been reborn lol.
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