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  • 15:32 PM - Gagi mentioned point in post Magdelayna - The Last Flight Of Icarus [Bandcamp Release]
    ...aid only less beefy, and I meant the drums only. But it's clean as well without being over the top. i have actually used very modern Sunny Lax/Activa & Thrillseekers drum loops & fx here hehe Aha! point :D Just to note that i only sent this to well known labels - not really any small indie ones,otherwise it wouldve got signed no doubt - but i didnt want it going to any random label...where the trac...
  • 15:14 PM - Magdelayna mentioned point in post Magdelayna - The Last Flight Of Icarus [Bandcamp Release]
    ...lks,its out now on Bandcamp! A big thanks to guys like @Marco1979 and anyone else who have also given me a donation when downloading the track - very much appreciated and thankful of the support!! @point - i agree with most of your words,i 'know' why the decent labels wouldnt sign this - it is too long,but ive purposefully 'strung' out all the building/progressive elements of the track,as my main insp...





  • 12:23 PM - Daysleeper mentioned point in post Aria - One (Voyager Remix) (2001)
    Probably the best representation of progressive ever. Take note web-prog producers. What is that swelling synth/pad at 8.29 point? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=524&v=ZAqOvj37K5Q



  • 20:45 PM - Daysleeper mentioned point in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    Don't worry. I agree. The Ferry Corsten remix of Awakening is a wonderful track, totally underrated. Cool. point what are those synths from 1,23. Im interested in how he got that sound.


  • 13:39 PM - point mentioned tranceclassics in post Positive feedback challenge!
    ... but I'm personally trying to choose tracks with none or very few replies. Doing it right now, on my 4th release.. Would be interesting to see how long it will take for someone like @Daysleeper or @tranceclassics :D


  • 20:58 PM - Daysleeper mentioned point in post Nordlander - Nemesis (1999)
    Love when those synths come in at 3.30. and 4.27 What the hell happened to trance? This sound so multidemensional and nice. Heard this @point ? Are modern producers taking themselves to seriosly? Charming tracks like these arent made.


  • 19:16 PM - Daysleeper mentioned point in post Uplifting Trance Of Today - A Knockout Survival Game (2011-2017 edition)
    ... pops up, something like "Trancefix.nl best of the modern trance - feb/2018", "trancefix elimination (modern edition - part 1)", "trancefix battle (modern edition - part 1)".. or something like that point These threads wasnt made with ratings in mind you talked about and it doesnt include new/recent releases. Just something fun and see what tf people consider the best.
  • 00:47 AM - mrx.friend mentioned point in post ASOT 2018 Speculation Thread
    ...ion if you ask me. I am probably too strict nowadays to admit that. I am bored by the stuff which usually fulfils CD2 (generic WAO138?!) and I don't care about that kind of tracks on CD1 anymore. As point said recently in another topic, let's focus on something which deserves our attention and appreciation.


  • 20:11 PM - Hensmon mentioned point in post Are the days of the classic behind us?
    @point Markets have always dictated it yes, but in very different ways with very different consequences. One example is 90's when Piracy/Streaming was non-existent... enthusiasts/passionate listeners were ...


  • 13:29 PM - Daysleeper mentioned point in post Signature sounds.
    Which sound/a defined some acts to you? I'll start of with the famous A&B bass fx. What is that point Magdelayna 0.57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARkUx77-S_8 0.21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHglomFwBd4


  • 01:52 AM - Reconceal mentioned point in post THE kick!
    ... of how they are made. And, even when you are being told and, clearly, know what and for when music is made, you assume your opinion is worth so much it warrants an angry email to the producer. C.) point Give me a break about assuming. Whole forum here assumes everybody is a sellout and whatnot and everyone knows best and that their opinion is worth it's weight in gold. Said that, I don't give much t...



  • 23:17 PM - Magdelayna mentioned point in post Magdelayna - Suspended In Trance [Concept Track, 30 BPM, 21+ minutes long]
    ...xt part next year - but if you have a spare 20 minutes,listen to the whole thing with headphones,as that what i intended with it - if not,the peak of the track is at the 13 minute mark. Gagi Hensmon point Daysleeper Klaas Brunoo Marco1979 Rok calgarc Halon tranceclassics SupaNoodles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-9Lfc-F5Mg&t=810s

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  • 12:18 PM - Daysleeper quoted point in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    I think what makes it sound so special is the shuffle/swing, so the notes aren't quite in the grid, every second 1/16 note is a bit late. Really love this type of scale rising arpeggios myself too, a bit o...
  • 01:48 AM - Halon quoted point in post Best Trance tracks of 2018
    This might be the most ignorant thing I've read in these forums (it probably isn't but let's overreact a bit). So you don't listen to any new trance at all, yet you claim that none of all the tracks you hav...


  • 17:33 PM - point quoted Halon in post Best Trance tracks of 2018
    Best trance track of 2018: None. Never heard those. I dont listen to new Trance anymore. Old skole ftw This might be the most ignorant thing I've read in these forums (it probably isn't but let's overreac...


  • 01:05 AM - point quoted Daysleeper in post Goldenscan - Sunrise (DJ Tiesto Remix) [2000]
    IThe question is : Why are they so iconic,unique and memorable while most new trance isnt. Just in case someone isn't aware, the track is a "ripoff" (or tribute, however you wanna see it :P) of ELO's "Another H...









  • 20:53 PM - Daysleeper quoted point in post Supernal - Supernal [AVA White]
    Bump! Just this: The track sounds really good, but unfortunately a bit ruined by that hillbilly steroid beat. Too hard & loud kick, too much pumping sidechain for a otherwise beautiful track like this. M...

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