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  • 12:43 PM - Sszecret mentioned chreddy in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 6
    Went back to Distorted Anger for another listen. The thread for this track was probably my first 'real' contribution to TF and, naturally, I screwed up the embed for the video. Thanks a bunch to chreddy for cleaning up the mess. :) ivb0cw9IdWc


  • 22:20 PM - mrx.friend mentioned chreddy in post Lostly - Not Giving In / Losing It All / No Turning Back [Discover]
    ....jpg?oh=2590d8a0d10a3615556b88a38a839b05&oe=55BF9488 Release Date: 11/05/2015 Can I ask mods to merge these topics then? I will edit first post after that. Thanks :) @NomadZXZ @Nemezijus @cheer_up @chreddy @PegaSus Anyone pls? http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?311137-Lostly-Losing-It-All http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?310990-Lostly-No-Turning-Back http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?3101...


  • 02:45 AM - chreddy mentioned Darren in post Andain - Beautiful Things [2003]
    The G&D Unplugged Mix is just timeless!My favorite remixes of this track has to be the Photon Project remix (starts at 15.00 in the video Darren posted) and the unreleased Elevation remix :standard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzVr13DAPxw


  • 11:04 AM - chreddy mentioned Voci in post Tiesto acused for rip off
    I agree with Voci. In The Dark is not a ripoff of Your Love. If it was a ripoff, original music would've been a thing of the past, as everything would be ripped off something else in one or another way (e.g. by using o...



  • 01:28 AM - Sunshine mentioned chreddy in post Classics sub section
    I've been following this topic, and I'm unsure. I see pros and cons to both solutions. Voci has some valid points imo. I'd like to discuss this with the other mods as well chreddy Katadunkass PegaSus cheer_up missmimi Nemezijus NomadZXZ feel free to chip in :)



  • 07:29 AM - chreddy mentioned Thijs in post The Official Hardstyle Topic
    After two years it's finally time to merge this thread with an already existing Hardstyle thread. Thijsje http://i.imgur.com/AsPajy1.jpg :D


  • 13:42 PM - PegaSus mentioned chreddy in post Got Lego?
    ...nstar Christy Mack Is Offering A Blow Job In Exchange For An Awesome Lego Creation. http://i44.tinypic.com/287q1qw.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/24n43mq.jpg Get in you Danish lego boyz! :D chreddy Katadunkass



  • 00:49 AM - Katadunkass mentioned chreddy in post Katadunkass - Cosmological Constant
    ...megahertz - Compact Star (Original Mix) [Dimensional Records] 10. Astral Projection - The Prophecy (Original Mix) [B]Link: https://soundcloud.com/katadunkass/eoyc-2013-mp3 Here you go N1ce, Rok, chreddy and badass :)


  • 14:13 PM - Puppetmaster mentioned chreddy in post Showing favorite tracks per month/genre using tag(s)
    Your thoughts please! Blue Velvet cheer_up Sunshine Arcana PegaSus 2030 Talon Darren FRAER_X Nemezijus thijsje Carlos Magalhães Alex E Luconia mikhael mathur Rohit chreddy skyriderz Murvin AlejandroL Katadunkass DavidNeezy asteski dudailo Sunglow badass Tranzi Sjagga Rudolf Schnaps Matt_13 Ms.Sivad Christine Seb Astían Seb juan224 Voci Wesley Jenny KrisA stormshadow jua...


  • 19:43 PM - badass mentioned chreddy in post TranceFixers of 2013
    ...e comes to mind... Who would you like to meet in real life: too many of you intrigue me but here goes nothing, if i forget u i'll add u later when u come to my mind ;) ... Payo deeii Brunoo Sunshine chreddy daviet FJV J4mie Gelardi juampiCL PegaSus Katadunkass Halon Alex E missmimi Nemezijus thijsje stormshadow picnik Phael Nangle Gagi tep SebastianNJ vastvision asteski System8 Rehi @Addict-In-Trance Pup...


  • 17:22 PM - Sunshine mentioned chreddy in post TranceFixers of 2013
    ...and don't forget to make this a tag-fest :D I read fag-test.. :D anyway, here's my list: Who would you like to meet in real life: @Phael, @badass, @Katadunkass, @chreddy, @cheer_up, @Voci and everyone else that I haven't already met :) Who do you think has the closest musical taste to u: @Nemezijus Most missed member: @Vascog and @Darren Weirdest thread by: most thre...


  • 15:02 PM - chreddy mentioned Phael in post Problem with trancefix site
    I've had this exact problem for a few days now (I'm using ESET too btw), and what you posted here Phael seems to have fixed the problem! (I didn't see this until the site was unblocked though) :standard:



  • 22:47 PM - MKY661 mentioned chreddy in post Gal Abutbul - Serenity [Digital Society Recordings]
    ... 'Serenity' is a fresh and modern take on the very best of uplifting trance. A flawless release from this diverse producer, Gal Abutbul! Early support from Armin van Buuren on A State Of Trance! chreddy Would love to see you restart these Enhanced Info stuff again :)


  • 21:57 PM - MKY661 mentioned chreddy in post Armin van Buuren - More Intense [Armada]
    Hey chreddy we have threads for some of the tracks so if you want we could bring them here :) http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?289732-Armin-van-Buuren-Pulsar-(Ummet-Ozcan-Remix)-Armada http://www.trancefix....


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  • 03:09 AM - Fredjan quoted chreddy in post The Official Hardstyle Topic
    Not that I wanted to bump an old thread. Just for the sake of posting one last tune in this thread before TranceFix 2.0 launches though + timing feels right: Corona, go f*ck yourself! :D Is that Jacinda Arde...


  • 12:06 PM - chreddy quoted Thijs in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 9
    Damn, this is how anthems should be done :D :lub: [video=youtube;LfhiHn0u-tk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfhiHn0u-tk]movie[/URL] @<u><a href="https://www.trancefix.nl/member.php?u=81519" target="...



  • 17:15 PM - Thijs quoted chreddy in post The Official Hardstyle Topic
    About time! And guess what, this is the new Qlimax 2017 Anthem.... suggested to be Wildstylez' job. Pretty insane if you ask me :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRNVmrtmJVs In case the vid. goes down ...


  • 08:44 AM - chreddy quoted Thijs in post The Official Hardstyle Topic
    This set is so sick. Was listening to it, when Qlimax 2016 was livestreamed and have been listening to it so many times ever since. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BW-XOY34w0 Weeeeheeeeeeeeejjjj, i...


  • 05:23 AM - Fredjan quoted chreddy in post The Drum and Bass thread
    BUMP! Lately I've been listening a lot to Netsky's album "2", and what an amazing album it is! This track is definitely one of my favorites! :standard: Love Has Gone had me hooked on the first listen: htt...



  • 13:53 PM - chreddy quoted PegaSus in post The Gaming Thread - Part 3
    Uncharted 4 yes or no? YES! Seriously though, I've been looking forward to this game ever since they announced it. Uncharted is definitely my favorite game series on the PS-consoles.



  • 17:41 PM - Nangle quoted chreddy in post Eco - Wolves (Artist Album) [Black Hole]
    image So I'm guessing that clinches Black Hole as the label and a release date of September 30th. Well, that was pretty fast to decode. 30th September 2016! Can't wait already! Oh, seems like Altair updated...


  • 09:47 AM - Bluemoon quoted chreddy in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    Smith & Pledger pres. White Water feat. Melinda Gareh - The Unknown As far as I know, neither the original mix or club mix was ever released digitally :( I still hoping to get a lossless copy sometime. I ha...



  • 11:23 AM - chreddy quoted in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    Instrumental and vocal version. https://itunes.apple.com/album/in-my-memory/ https://itunes.apple.com/album/in-my-memory/id113692770 I probably should've updated my post, since I've already g...
  • 03:35 AM - quoted chreddy in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    A little bump here.. I'd love to get a lossless copy of this! DJ Tiësto - In My Memory (Airwave Remix) [video=youtube;eZZIOgDh9hs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZZIOgDh9hs]movie[/URL] Unfortunately it's n...


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