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    No, it's gone forever: http://www.armadamusic.com/labels/
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    i hear you, it takes A LOT of time and money...good to hear you're getting an axiom pro 49! i have the axiom pro 61 and i love it! best of luck with everything man
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    oh nice glad to hear youre working again! same here, been busy with work, have like 3 jobs now haha...also studying music and working on a new track...how is your music coming along?
  4. Damn, I hate what that kind of stuff happens. I was helping my friend build his pc and we were also missing some cables. I'm glad you're listening to that kind of music. Diversity is the key of music appreciation. I'm exploring classical music even more now, and to be honest it's kind of overwhelming since the whole Classical era (including Baroque, Classicism, Romantic era) is around 500 years long and there is so many great music out there. When you're done with your studio, don't forget to show me some of your tracks!
  5. Hey, how's building up your studio going? Any tracks soon? Also do you happen to know some cool progressive/deep house compilations? I listen to a lot of cool producers, but not even one released a compilation since they are quite "underground" and don't have enough support.
  6. Yeah, it's great, I hope they are going to make Alive 2017!

    And thx for the link, Markus Schulz used to produce bomb tracks.
  7. Oh man, I love Daft Punk, as well as French House. I've just checked on iTunes, I've listened to some of the tracks from Alive 2007 around 160 times haha. This is proper stuff. There are some rumors about their new albums being released next year, but it's not true, people are trolling all over the internet. Have you listened to this?http://www.discogs.com/Daft-Punk-Ali.../release/13681
  8. ambient, techno/deep/minimal, chillstep/dubstep, rap/hh <--- That looks awesome, I don't like underground techno/schranz parties anymore, they become generic pretty fast, but this looks great, great mixture of styles, I'd go there for sure if I were you. And I agree, trance is a joke. I like the underground stuff, but I don't want to listen to dark/atmospheric tracks all the time, I miss quality euphoric stuff as well. But I'm also tired of searching for classics lol, so basically, I don't really listen to trance that much anymore. I'm exploring classical music atm, and I adore it.
  9. Awesome! I'm basically, studying, hanging out with my friends, going out a bit, Nothing spectacular, what kind of event are you waiting for? Trance, Techno, House,maybe even Dubstep?!!
  10. Hey man, how are you? Anything new in your life?
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  • 14:51 PM - badass mentioned asteski in post my second attempt at producing...
    DEFINITELY make a new project and start making that tune from scratch. thanks for ur input asteski appreciate it dude! I will rework everything from scratch and now that I know a ton more about mixing and music theory I will try to see if I can also rework the melody to make it sound and all gel to...


  • 20:47 PM - Phael mentioned asteski in post The 30 Richest DJs in the world
    y'all niggas @badass @deeii @FJV @Katadunkass @djdopamine82 @asteski not knowing that A&B was actually part of the nordic space program and they brought pieces of the moon back to earth. it could be the radiation of the moonstone that has cleared your memory about that...


  • 14:47 PM - badass mentioned asteski in post whatsapp?
    ...e third time I'm hearing about this app, no one I know uses it and probably never heard of it and it has popularity growth bigger than FB... how is that even possible? :D welcome to the 21st century asteski we hope you will like your stay in this new era of technology :D


  • 11:45 AM - asteski mentioned Raimundo in post FIRST ORIGINAL WORK - Feedback would be awesome!
    ... enough. Again, i think its your synth pads... they just succumb to the mix, unfortunately :( Actually true, I listened to it more and felt like it sounds too basic. Did you layered your lead synth @Raimundo? Plus what kind of FX did you used?


  • 16:15 PM - asteski mentioned Epsilonphase in post Why Trance isn't memorable these days?
    I'll be the first to say it: I disagree, especially if we're talking about the late 90s. Later eras had better, more hypnotic trance. I don't think @Epsilonphase meant dutch supersaw heroes movement in late 90's, as I would also definitely disagree with that as well.


  • 18:21 PM - badass mentioned asteski in post How to pick up? Any secret pick up lines???
    ...ucking plant that we eat n shit (pun totally intended if you get it) but some niggas wanna tell me i can't do it cause it's against the law... lol i just LOVE to irritate the fuck out of some people asteski haha :gaygiggle:


  • 14:14 PM - badass mentioned asteski in post How to pick up? Any secret pick up lines???
    haha awesome scene :D [video=youtube;JloGJhhF2ss]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JloGJhhF2ss]movie[/URL] HAHAHA yes asteski yes nice one! I said ill call u tonight! aight? :D fucking classic movie and even funnier on weed haha


  • 16:13 PM - asteski mentioned badass in post Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase
    I think I'll focus more on that book you recommended badass, as it looks like an interesting read with just 100 pages. :icon_mrgreen: Did anyone practice tantra? Everyone should try it, you can have huge difference after almost a month.


  • 21:17 PM - asteski mentioned Nemezijus in post Tracktitles...
    ...... There are tons of tracks with unique titles. It's up to artist and their level of passion towards music. What would be the most common track title in trance of all time? :beard: You could ask Nemezijus about that, he had some ridiculous combination of track titles in his sig years ago. :icon_mrgreen:



  • 14:13 PM - Puppetmaster mentioned asteski in post Showing favorite tracks per month/genre using tag(s)
    ...lue Velvet cheer_up Sunshine Arcana PegaSus 2030 Talon Darren FRAER_X Nemezijus thijsje Carlos Magalhães Alex E Luconia mikhael mathur Rohit chreddy skyriderz Murvin AlejandroL Katadunkass DavidNeezy asteski dudailo Sunglow badass Tranzi Sjagga Rudolf Schnaps Matt_13 Ms.Sivad Christine Seb Astían Seb juan224 Voci Wesley Jenny KrisA stormshadow juampiCL AustralianGQ SPUDHEAD aki TimEL MKY661 Halon akulenok...


  • 19:43 PM - badass mentioned asteski in post TranceFixers of 2013
    ...;) ... Payo deeii Brunoo Sunshine chreddy daviet FJV J4mie Gelardi juampiCL PegaSus Katadunkass Halon Alex E missmimi Nemezijus thijsje stormshadow picnik Phael Nangle Gagi tep SebastianNJ vastvision asteski System8 Rehi @Addict-In-Trance Puppetmaster Who do you think has the closest musical taste to u: deeii NomadZXZ Most missed member: Rehi blueDagger AmberJ Weirdest thread by: most threads by Puppet...


  • 11:59 AM - Phael mentioned asteski in post Problem with trancefix site
    asteski matyey found this in the ESET FAQ: Open ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus. How do I open my ESET product? Press the F5 key on your keyboard to open the Advanced setup win...


  • 09:31 AM - asteski mentioned Wesley in post Problem with trancefix site
    ...l kinda risky, it's good to be protected from unwanted malware. I think u can add specific exception to 'Web access protection' in ESET, dunno how doh. But now comes the question, what causes this @Wesley ?


  • 11:39 AM - Gelardi mentioned asteski in post 10 Thing People Say To Pretend They Know About Dance Music.
    To all who listened to my test and heard a difference... I'm afraid to tell you, asteski was right all along.. It was indeed the very same file. It was even an mp3 to begin with and I just changed the file extension to wav. As I said placebo is a strong effect and it's very easy to hear a...



  • 14:05 PM - Puppetmaster mentioned asteski in post Luminosity Beach Festival 2013 @Beachclub Fuel, Bloemendaal Aan Zee 17 & 18-08-2013
    ...s @Talon Darren @Nemezijus @FRAER_X CarLos... @Luconia Alex E @mikhael4ever @mathur @Rohit @AlejandroL chreddy @skyriderz @Murvin Blue_Dagger @Katadunkass @dudailo DavidNeezy @Sunglow @Tranzi @Sjagga asteski @Matt_13 @Ms.Sivad Christine @Seb Astían @Seb @juan224 @Jenny @KrisA @Voci boww @stormshadow @SPUDHEAD AustralianGQ @juampiCL @TimEL @akulenok666 @Heaven. @Szymusiek @nrg @eddy @jpm5150 dannyleake @Mo...

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  • 21:17 PM - asteski quoted badass in post Dave 202
    oh hai sean tyas! daaamn I was undercover fo soo long :sir:
  • 20:59 PM - badass quoted asteski in post Dave 202
    Was he ever producing by himself? :icon_mrgreen: oh hai sean tyas!





  • 16:38 PM - Alex E quoted asteski in post Friendzoned/Fuckzoned
    Never actually. :D As it's pretty simple to avoid being friendzoned. Guys are too much focused on getting emotional connection at first without showing their sexual interest. True, but try figuring that out ...
  • 15:37 PM - MKY661 quoted asteski in post Ashley Wallbridge - Crush [LE7ELS]
    Isn't that thread covered already in Other EDM section? Yeah it is. Not bad actually kinda enjoyed something different from Ashley. Video has lots of dislikes though :)




  • 14:07 PM - Nemezijus quoted asteski in post The Trancefix Podcast
    I agree, but there are more genres than just house or trance, hence my question about diversity, something like glitch-hop, uk/future garage, electro-swing, electronica and etc. There are tons of trance/house...
  • 13:59 PM - asteski quoted Sunshine in post The Trancefix Podcast
    Definitely! But a set containing 100% house.. No go ;) I agree, but there are more genres than just house or trance, hence my question about diversity, something like glitch-hop, uk/future garage, electro-swi...
  • 13:48 PM - asteski quoted DNZY in post The Trancefix Podcast
    ​Nope, diversity is key too. ;) That's awesome. Count me in then. ;) Haven't made any mixes for months.
  • 13:46 PM - DNZY quoted asteski in post The Trancefix Podcast
    Trance oriented only? :icon_mrgreen: ​Nope, diversity is key too. ;)

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