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    No, it's gone forever: http://www.armadamusic.com/labels/
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    i hear you, it takes A LOT of time and money...good to hear you're getting an axiom pro 49! i have the axiom pro 61 and i love it! best of luck with everything man
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    oh nice glad to hear youre working again! same here, been busy with work, have like 3 jobs now haha...also studying music and working on a new track...how is your music coming along?
  4. Damn, I hate what that kind of stuff happens. I was helping my friend build his pc and we were also missing some cables. I'm glad you're listening to that kind of music. Diversity is the key of music appreciation. I'm exploring classical music even more now, and to be honest it's kind of overwhelming since the whole Classical era (including Baroque, Classicism, Romantic era) is around 500 years long and there is so many great music out there. When you're done with your studio, don't forget to show me some of your tracks!
  5. Hey, how's building up your studio going? Any tracks soon? Also do you happen to know some cool progressive/deep house compilations? I listen to a lot of cool producers, but not even one released a compilation since they are quite "underground" and don't have enough support.
  6. Yeah, it's great, I hope they are going to make Alive 2017!

    And thx for the link, Markus Schulz used to produce bomb tracks.
  7. Oh man, I love Daft Punk, as well as French House. I've just checked on iTunes, I've listened to some of the tracks from Alive 2007 around 160 times haha. This is proper stuff. There are some rumors about their new albums being released next year, but it's not true, people are trolling all over the internet. Have you listened to this?http://www.discogs.com/Daft-Punk-Ali.../release/13681
  8. ambient, techno/deep/minimal, chillstep/dubstep, rap/hh <--- That looks awesome, I don't like underground techno/schranz parties anymore, they become generic pretty fast, but this looks great, great mixture of styles, I'd go there for sure if I were you. And I agree, trance is a joke. I like the underground stuff, but I don't want to listen to dark/atmospheric tracks all the time, I miss quality euphoric stuff as well. But I'm also tired of searching for classics lol, so basically, I don't really listen to trance that much anymore. I'm exploring classical music atm, and I adore it.
  9. Awesome! I'm basically, studying, hanging out with my friends, going out a bit, Nothing spectacular, what kind of event are you waiting for? Trance, Techno, House,maybe even Dubstep?!!
  10. Hey man, how are you? Anything new in your life?
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  • 00:04 AM - Thijs mentioned asteski in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    ... if you like :) @Thijs @Brunoo @Magdelayna @*Maickel* @Halon @sleeping @Altair @sinodA @vermont-cade @Astral Point @HugoHak @Michael Oak @Burnie @Gelardi @Xynth @Maratone @Ath Leete @alteredfuture @asteski @Daniel van Sand @Voci @delphionmusic @Ataraxia @Maratone


  • 13:07 PM - Gagi mentioned asteski in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    ...stions so we could vote and decide. Thijs Brunoo Magdelayna *Maickel* Halon sleeping Altair sinodA vermont-cade Astral Point HugoHak Michael Oak Burnie Gelardi Xynth Maratone Ath Leete alteredfuture asteski Daniel van Sand Voci delphionmusic ... Tag the others.


  • 23:27 PM - Gagi mentioned asteski in post Productions for Trancefix Music Channel
    Anyone cares for revitalizing the channel? All we need is productions. Producers of TF, reveal yourselves! Halon *Maickel* J2P Nangle PegaSus Thijs Katadunkass Astral Point badass asteski Ataraxia Brunoo Gelardi Altair Magdelayna DNZY J4mie HugoHak sinodA Noadja vermont-cade Maratone LOON Tyler Wildman Kjuna jCoke and all the others... If we get a few more tracks, we could talk ideas ...




  • 21:57 PM - Thijs mentioned asteski in post Airwave - A Touch of Grace - [Bonzai Progressive]
    Brilliant EP :D Check my frontpage review over here: http://www.trancefix.nl/content.php?1544-Review-Airwave-A-Touch-of-Grace-Reus-Calling-Bonzai-Progressive @Progrez @Gagi @Nangle @Hensmon @Rok @asteski @RandomUserName @Ath Leete @Klaas @Marco1979 @Daysleeper @Katadunkass @INCEPTION @Fredjan @vastvision @Quethas @german103 @Hindsight




  • 19:31 PM - Daysleeper mentioned asteski in post Top 25 of all time!
    Bumping this thread again. Would like to see more lists/updated lists from you guys :) @Rok @Hensmon @PegaSus @mrx.friend @asteski @point @Nangle @Nemezijus @DarkRyder MrVrhgyiB


  • 22:09 PM - Hensmon mentioned asteski in post House vs Trance
    asteski you should post some decent house tracks from 2014 or 2015 in those threads we havs. I know only a couple dozen seriously good house tracks from last year, but shit ton of Trance ones which is why I h...


  • 12:59 PM - asteski mentioned rubez in post House vs Trance
    @rubez @Hensmon Let me put it this way, modern/uplifting trance is set for specific emotion, hardly danceable (lack of decent groove or any groove in many tracks) as for house - it's a trippy journey, like ...


  • 03:20 AM - mrx.friend mentioned asteski in post TranceFixers of 2014
    ...z (due to posting new previews) The greatest TranceFixer: @Thijs (I like your care for this forum - writing reviews, tagging members etc.) Most interesting and meaningful opinions: @Addict-In-Trance @asteski @RandomUserName Most annoying member: @matrixmorpheus Fav Newcomer: Welcome @Daysleeper ! And finally, I'm glad we have some producers themselves here, cheers! @adamellisuk @Amir_9 @Allen Watts @Danie...


  • 13:59 PM - asteski mentioned Hensmon in post Is Spotify a good "move" for a Trance listener?
    Hensmon I'm aware of vinyl industry scale, it's still mainly popular in underground scene, but it's not an issue here. Every human development in every field goes towards direction of easier access. It's just...
  • 12:51 PM - Hensmon mentioned asteski in post Is Spotify a good "move" for a Trance listener?
    ...e industry sees you don´t care - real collectors suffer from that you tell the industry that you give a flying fuck about quality and they lossy encode the living shit out of the audio Thank you! @asteski, Vinyl sales may be on the up, but actually it is still a fairly dire industry. A tiny tiny percentage of music listeners (almost the whole world) will purchase vinyl or other physical material today....


  • 10:34 AM - MKY661 mentioned asteski in post Enhanced Remix Competition
    ... chance for some of you maybe to get signed by a major Record label. :) https://wavo.me/enhancedmusic/renegades-remix-competition @Gagi @Thijs @Voci @Magdelayna @Daniel van Sand @*Maickel* Brunoo @asteski And I apologize for tagging if you didn't want to be tagged. I know you're all producers and I thought you might be interested :)



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  • 15:31 PM - asteski quoted Gagi in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 6
    After Eco posted that this is one of the best trance sets ever, I had to take a listen... I'm at the beginning but I don't like the 1st track. Menno de Jong - Live @ ASOT 300 (Den Bosch) [17.05.2007] L...


  • 07:46 AM - asteski quoted Katadunkass in post The best mobile phone
    It looks like Microsoft is giving up on Nokia http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/8/8913365/microsoft-lumia-windows-phones-strategy-2015 Thank God it does, this maneuver 'll give them ton of profit.


  • 22:21 PM - Katadunkass quoted asteski in post The best mobile phone
    Love how it looks and visual design, but the software is below quality in so many aspects of the phone. It is the same with my new Imac. The new OS (yosemite) is far far worse than what I had before in terms ...









  • 10:43 AM - asteski quoted Daysleeper in post Gouryella - Anahera [Flashover Recordings]
    Why is it necassary to have so much noise included? And I would've preferred if the bassline were more clean and took more of the focus. The melody isn't like whatever modern uplifting track though. Generic isn'...


  • 09:51 AM - asteski quoted Progrez in post Airbase - Mondegreen [A State Of Trance]
    I highly doubt the bpm change would do anything to 'improve' the track. I agree with Daysleep, the main lead is still annoying increasing the bpms would probably make it even more annoying. Exactly, BPM is ...



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