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    Happy Birthday mate
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    This one has the classic sounds with the crash cymbals which are so rare and soft intros https://soundcloud.com/mksmusic/mk-s-activator
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    Hey man, check out this track from Mk-s it sounds so old school. It was released in 2012 but it sounds like from 2004-2006 era https://soundcloud.com/mksmusic/02-m...g-sky-infinity
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    If you want to embed soundcloud links you'll have to put "[soundcloud]Link[/soundcloud" and paste the link as a plain text by clicking on the 3rd icon from the left above before the bold symbol.
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  • 21:45 PM - Magdelayna mentioned Gagi in post 'Deeper Euphoria' Tribute Mix
    ...Mix) 13 M3 - Bailamos 14 Pulp Victim - The World '99 (Moonman Remix) 15 Travel - Bulgarian (Signum Remix) 16 Lost Tribe - Under The Red Sea (Outro) https://soundcloud.com/magdelayna/deeper-euphoria Gagi Daysleeper and others, might be up your street..


  • 14:54 PM - mrx.friend mentioned Magdelayna in post Lostly - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 4 (2019-05-23)
    ... @BlackScout @BladeRunner_ @Bluemoon @Contact @Daysleeper @delphionmusic @Energy @enlusion @erickUO @Fredjan @Gagi @gera @Halon @Hensmon @J4mie @K1aptcha @Katadunkass @Klaas @Lanto.Trance @laughster @Magdelayna @Marco1979 @MasterTuxx @Matt F. @MKY661 @munki34 PeenutsDx @PegaSus @Progrez @proxi @Red_Door S3baman @sashamlenik Seachy_001 @skyriderz @Sleepy Robot @Spider-Vice @tranceclassics @vastvision @Voci




  • 00:25 AM - mrx.friend mentioned Magdelayna in post Indecent Noise - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 2 (2019-02-28)
    ...atipus] @[U]Daysleeper @Contact @Gagi @Fredjan @skyriderz @MasterTuxx @J4mie @Red_Door @BladeRunner_ @erickUO @Abel Ramos @BlackScout @Aoi @Spider-Vice @Marco1979 @Addict-In-Trance @tranceclassics @Magdelayna @atragun91091 @MKY661 @Voci @Hensmon @Bluemoon @proxi @Katadunkass @gera enlusion
  • 00:21 AM - mrx.friend mentioned Magdelayna in post Lostly - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1 (2019-01-30)
    ..., guys! @[U]Daysleeper @Contact @Gagi @Fredjan @skyriderz @MasterTuxx @J4mie @Red_Door @BladeRunner_ @erickUO @Abel Ramos @BlackScout @Aoi @Spider-Vice @Marco1979 @Addict-In-Trance @tranceclassics @Magdelayna @atragun91091 @MKY661 @Voci @Hensmon @Bluemoon @proxi @Katadunkass @gera @enlusion


  • 12:09 PM - Magdelayna mentioned Daysleeper in post Magdelayna - Deeper Journeys 2 (1994-2004 Progressive Trance)
    ...ies - one that ive spent weeks and weeks researching the tracks,and hours trying to get the transitions and flow perfect....its one of my best mixes ever imo. I hope you enjoy this journey! @Gagi @Daysleeper @Marco1979 @Voci @Hensmon might be up your street. https://soundcloud.com/magdelayna/deeper-journeys-2 01 Luzon - The Baguio Track (Bedrock Remix) 02 Saints & Sinners - Pushin' Too Hard (Futureshoc...


  • 02:05 AM - Arnoud mentioned Magdelayna in post Guardians of the Earth - Perigee (2000)
    Anyone know anything similar thats fastpaced like this one from that era? :) @Arnoud @Magdelayna What @Magdelayna said about the pitching up, I do that with a lot of tracks :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8zEDqAJk-o Maybe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6aviqsbXhE This would be my f...



  • 23:31 PM - Altair mentioned Magdelayna in post Altair - Wild and Free [Free Download]
    ...(there was a rendering glitch so it just repeats itself after the drop). Please tell me what you think! Edit: FULL TRACK IS NOW ONLINE! :listen: https://altairsjh.bandcamp.com/track/wild-and-free @Magdelayna @Daysleeper @sleeping

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  • 23:14 PM - Magdelayna quoted Bensonw3x in post Airwave - 20 Years (Ambient Reworks)
    @Magdelayna Escape From Nowhere (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix) turned to Alone In The Dark (Magdelayna's Recollection Mix) ? Yep - Laurent wanted my remix for the release but he said it was more like a versio...


  • 17:46 PM - S3baman quoted Magdelayna in post Solarstone & Activa - Spirit [Black Hole]
    Really good production but its that same two note melody weve heard so many times. Immediately made me think of Liam Wilson - Remember Me. Not too fond of these ABBA melodies in general, with a couple of except...



  • 00:27 AM - Magdelayna quoted Voci in post Magdelayna - Trust In A Dream [Bandcamp]
    Its so weird that labels dont even download your track, or not click play on soundcloud. If they dont reply, thats rude but I understand. They might get way many demo’s. But... if they dont even chec...






  • 23:32 PM - Magdelayna quoted Daysleeper in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    The thing is that uplifting doesnt even exists in the trance scene now...people just are lazy labelling everything as uplifting just because its heavy on the synth which is ridiculous Solarstone has never done ...
  • 23:29 PM - Gagi quoted Magdelayna in post Three Drives - Greece 2000 (WHITENO1SE Remix) [WAO138?!]
    They also buy the tickets to see the 'big' names DJ - espeically at an event like ASOT. So who has heard of this guy hehe? That's the only reason this doesn't make any sense to me. Money explains it, but it cou...
  • 22:57 PM - Hensmon quoted Magdelayna in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    I dont agree - since 2010, producers such as Solarstone,Stoneface & Terminal,Giuseppe,Will Atkinson etc have shown new styles of uplifting. Stoneface & Terminal yes have shown new styles, but I always considere...
  • 22:38 PM - Magdelayna quoted Hensmon in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    You have it here. 1999 style was 1999 style until it changed into something like we had in 2003/2004, it was different. Then by 2008/2010 it had changed again...nothing has seemed to happen since this point a...
  • 22:24 PM - Hensmon quoted Magdelayna in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    Theres many forms of 'uplifting'....you could say the 1999 style was generic and followed a formula...but thats 'classic' period according to many You have it here. 1999 style was 1999 style until it changed in...
  • 22:05 PM - Magdelayna quoted Gagi in post Three Drives - Greece 2000 (WHITENO1SE Remix) [WAO138?!]
    I don't think it's that surprising. The average ticket buyer doesn't seem to mind all that. They come to be entertained, and that's it. They also buy the tickets to see the 'big' names DJ - espeically at ...
  • 21:50 PM - Magdelayna quoted Fredjan in post Can "uplifting" trance be reinvented?
    I don't know why I never responded to this, but I would say that's because the only money in trance comes from this steroid style. That being said, if you want to chase money you're better off producing trap ...

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