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  • 21:54 PM - Voci mentioned Gagi in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    ... good thing for me online is music. And therefor Trancefix as a social website is OK. As it's simply likeminded people. But like I said. Sometimes, very regularly for me actually, it is very lonely. Gagi, you say one should take action for himself. And while that's the obvious truth, it is just as hard as deleting your Facebook account, and staying off it ;-) We are all so manipulated and made depen...




  • 23:25 PM - mrx.friend mentioned Voci in post Indecent Noise - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 2 (2019-02-28)
    ...@Gagi @Fredjan @skyriderz @MasterTuxx @J4mie @Red_Door @BladeRunner_ @erickUO @Abel Ramos @BlackScout @Aoi @Spider-Vice @Marco1979 @Addict-In-Trance @tranceclassics @Magdelayna @atragun91091 @MKY661 @Voci @Hensmon @Bluemoon @proxi @Katadunkass @gera enlusion
  • 23:21 PM - mrx.friend mentioned Voci in post Lostly - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1 (2019-01-30)
    ...agi @Fredjan @skyriderz @MasterTuxx @J4mie @Red_Door @BladeRunner_ @erickUO @Abel Ramos @BlackScout @Aoi @Spider-Vice @Marco1979 @Addict-In-Trance @tranceclassics @Magdelayna @atragun91091 @MKY661 @Voci @Hensmon @Bluemoon @proxi @Katadunkass @gera @enlusion


  • 11:09 AM - Magdelayna mentioned Voci in post Magdelayna - Deeper Journeys 2 (1994-2004 Progressive Trance)
    ...t weeks and weeks researching the tracks,and hours trying to get the transitions and flow perfect....its one of my best mixes ever imo. I hope you enjoy this journey! @Gagi @Daysleeper @Marco1979 @Voci @Hensmon might be up your street. https://soundcloud.com/magdelayna/deeper-journeys-2 01 Luzon - The Baguio Track (Bedrock Remix) 02 Saints & Sinners - Pushin' Too Hard (Futureshock Confession) 03 ...



  • 11:24 AM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Thanks Voci! Well, when we were "the new generation", I'm sure our outlook on the world was of some concern to the previous generation. But we grew up. I am not that skeptical when it comes to them and their fut...



  • 16:10 PM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post Soundlift statemen t about the Trane Industry these days.
    https://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=18636&stc=1 Wise words. Should be automatically posted and pinned in most threads here. I completely agree with Magdelayna and Voci. If he wants to reach a big audience, he has to change his sound. If he wants to retain his sound, he then should not complain about how his fanbase is small and he's not able to get a release. Especi...



  • 07:36 AM - Fredjan mentioned Voci in post Tomorrowland 2018 Mixed by Armin Van Buuren
    ... is that going for ya? ;) Get rekt. Can't help it, this guy is one of the big problems last years with fully promoting shitty music as trance. However sorry I bash your all time hero. and when did Voci mention that Armin is his "all time hero"? Jeez. Take a chill pill.



  • 10:13 AM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    ...thing I haven't noticed any improvement on are my mornings. It hasn't really made that much of a difference, maybe the process of waking up is a bit more 'gentle', but that's about it. How about you Voci?



  • 18:11 PM - Tievb21 mentioned Voci in post Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) - Do you use them?
    ... Bosch, VW, Fujitsu partnership etc that has been announced. IOTA is the only Crypto that has the huge potential and gonna be applied in the real world in less than a decade probably. #speculation @Voci Things are very simple. Market Cap/Supply=Price. https://coinmarketcap.com/ How do you think the price of Gold is calculating? One really important thing that someone needs to understand. This is the ...


  • 21:02 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Voci in post Ben Gold - Kingdoms [Armind]
    Sounds like every other bigroom trancer with that synth since 2010. Focusing on big moments and tension rather than the whole track. Its not overly loud Voci just not very good.


  • 22:14 PM - Voci mentioned Daysleeper in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    ...is used in Beachbreeze. I strongly believe this 'Dub Mix' was an early demo-track, and later both Beachbreeze and Unknown Pleasure were born out of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ1sLVFfSJM Daysleeper

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  • 14:04 PM - Gagi quoted Voci in post Certification error!
    i’ll see if I can sent Wesley a message tomorrow. We still need him for another topic as well ;-) Thanks! Some guy (actually a PR and an employee of a few labels) actually reached out to me asking i...


  • 23:06 PM - Voci quoted Addict-In-Trance in post Certification error!
    I had it with both IE and Chrome.... I said to my browser that I wanted to visit the site, while it is unsafe though. Hence the reason why I could post this I dont have it on my phone, Safari. But the other ones Yeah....
  • 22:02 PM - Addict-In-Trance quoted Voci in post Certification error!
    Depends on your browser I think. I had it with both IE and Chrome.... I said to my browser that I wanted to visit the site, while it is unsafe though. Hence the reason why I could post this
  • 20:59 PM - Voci quoted Homer S in post Certification error!
    Should all the users get the same error if SSL certificate expired ? Depends on your browser I think.



  • 15:45 PM - Voci quoted allywheels in post Daniel Kandi - Reminisce To '06 [Always Alive]
    Some of the "feedback" on this forum, or in this section anyway, is shocking tbh. There is no need to flame people and their productions the way some do. 99% sure that people would not say the same things to the...



  • 22:51 PM - Addict-In-Trance quoted Voci in post RAM & Stine Grove - Saving Angel [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
    Well, does this track have one element in it that is not template 138? Awful and uninspired production. Can't believe this genre is still so popular with the tranceheads. I prefer 138BPM over <132BPM! De...
  • 21:38 PM - Magdelayna quoted Voci in post Kirsty in the shark infested waters
    Well views says nothing though. You can so easily 'buy' them. It's a useless stat. Id say the view numbers from 3rd party uploads on YT are pretty genuine. Its amazing how many millions of plays you can g...
  • 20:45 PM - Voci quoted Fredjan in post Kirsty in the shark infested waters
    Looking at his most viewed tracks on Youtube, I would say he got famous by ripping off Kirsty/Stinegrove. Tears and the Aurosonic Progressive Mix go all the way back to 8-9 years ago, and a lot of uploads of ...



  • 16:47 PM - Fredjan quoted Voci in post Trance track of the Decade?
    Skytech - Comet (2010) While it's still within the range the question is asking, I would just like to point out that damn, 2010 feels ancient. It's closer to the era of a big portion of trance classics (20...




  • 23:41 PM - Lanto.Trance quoted Voci in post Cosmic Gate - 20 Years Album [Black Hole Recordings]
    One of the biggest duo’s in trance ever release an album and nobody cares. Not really, a lot of people is discussion about this album, but in #ASOT928 (Hosted by Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz). Some p...
  • 01:58 AM - Contact quoted Voci in post Gracia by Alderaan[Danza Nativa]
    This topic only consists of a link. Don't you think this looks rather.... sober? Maybe you can tell us why we need to check out this tune by "former trance artist" Alderaan. Who is Alderaan anyway. Maybe ...


  • 06:06 AM - Fredjan quoted Voci in post Trance track of the Decade?
    I know 0 tracks of the ones posted here... Yeah alright, I know Free Tibet. But how is that the best production of 2010-2019... It's so empty. Anahera and Numb the Pain were pretty big here on Trancefix ...

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