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  • 12:46 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Voci in post Tillmann Uhrmacher Feat. Peter Ries - Bassfly (1999/2000)
    ...x is...beautiful! Its something with how that main-synth cuts through the other elements. Its not louder but it has a really cool effect on it. You would never hear that today. Maybe @point @Gagi @Voci or @Magdelayna can get into the technical part of the synths/pads/effects used in this. Of the mogwai remix that is.


  • 19:04 PM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post Morning Routine
    Damn @Voci, I always envied those guys who just get out of bed and are on the move soon after. I need at least two hours - if I've had my coffee, my bowels will definitely move. Try squatting 100+ kg after coffe...


  • 18:13 PM - Hensmon mentioned Voci in post Your Top 10 (25,50) Tracks of 2019
    ...e. Fruit - 2 is so sweeeet! Thats gonna be added to my top list for sure. Also loving the Chaos in the CBD and Urulu tracks. That Data track is a pretty interesting DnB kinda track too. Nice one. @Voci... How about a top 10 from yourself?


  • 18:11 PM - Voci mentioned Daysleeper in post Cygnus X - Positron (Magnevi Remix)
    ...lf changed a bit, it has a calmer part at the beginning (the low Positron-chords before the Positron-melody comes in). Gives it some more atmosphere I think. The bass and beats are new as well. @Daysleeper Curious what you think mate.



  • 19:23 PM - Voci mentioned jetflag in post Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Magnevi Remix)
    ...go. But this one is very different. It's 140 BPM, tech-trancy. The main melody isn't even in it... Curious to see what you guys think :) https://soundcloud.com/magnevi/twisted-magnevi-remix Gagi jetflag



  • 22:54 PM - Voci mentioned Gagi in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    ... good thing for me online is music. And therefor Trancefix as a social website is OK. As it's simply likeminded people. But like I said. Sometimes, very regularly for me actually, it is very lonely. Gagi, you say one should take action for himself. And while that's the obvious truth, it is just as hard as deleting your Facebook account, and staying off it ;-) We are all so manipulated and made depen...




  • 00:25 AM - mrx.friend mentioned Voci in post Indecent Noise - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 2 (2019-02-28)
    ...@Gagi @Fredjan @skyriderz @MasterTuxx @J4mie @Red_Door @BladeRunner_ @erickUO @Abel Ramos @BlackScout @Aoi @Spider-Vice @Marco1979 @Addict-In-Trance @tranceclassics @Magdelayna @atragun91091 @MKY661 @Voci @Hensmon @Bluemoon @proxi @Katadunkass @gera enlusion
  • 00:21 AM - mrx.friend mentioned Voci in post Lostly - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 1 (2019-01-30)
    ...agi @Fredjan @skyriderz @MasterTuxx @J4mie @Red_Door @BladeRunner_ @erickUO @Abel Ramos @BlackScout @Aoi @Spider-Vice @Marco1979 @Addict-In-Trance @tranceclassics @Magdelayna @atragun91091 @MKY661 @Voci @Hensmon @Bluemoon @proxi @Katadunkass @gera @enlusion


  • 12:09 PM - Magdelayna mentioned Voci in post Magdelayna - Deeper Journeys 2 (1994-2004 Progressive Trance)
    ...t weeks and weeks researching the tracks,and hours trying to get the transitions and flow perfect....its one of my best mixes ever imo. I hope you enjoy this journey! @Gagi @Daysleeper @Marco1979 @Voci @Hensmon might be up your street. https://soundcloud.com/magdelayna/deeper-journeys-2 01 Luzon - The Baguio Track (Bedrock Remix) 02 Saints & Sinners - Pushin' Too Hard (Futureshock Confession) 03 ...



  • 12:24 PM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Thanks Voci! Well, when we were "the new generation", I'm sure our outlook on the world was of some concern to the previous generation. But we grew up. I am not that skeptical when it comes to them and their fut...



  • 17:10 PM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post Soundlift statemen t about the Trane Industry these days.
    https://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=18636&stc=1 Wise words. Should be automatically posted and pinned in most threads here. I completely agree with Magdelayna and Voci. If he wants to reach a big audience, he has to change his sound. If he wants to retain his sound, he then should not complain about how his fanbase is small and he's not able to get a release. Especi...


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  • 09:55 AM - Gagi quoted Voci in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Ha, instagram. you wont miss anything. Go for it! Already did. Less than 24h ago. Also blocked YouTube on my phone again. It's a bit weird already, my instinct was to open IG as soon as I got bored, or ...


  • 21:38 PM - Daysleeper quoted Voci in post What will the future of Uplifting be?
    Yeah it's weird. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a loud/hard kick. But more a la Mark Norman - Phantom Manor. That's a banging kick! Johan Gielen - Dreamchild also has a nice deep banging kick. Yeah,...
  • 09:52 AM - Voci quoted Daysleeper in post What will the future of Uplifting be?
    Or just use another kick. Thats a start. Yeah it's weird. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a loud/hard kick. But more a la Mark Norman - Phantom Manor. That's a banging kick! Johan Gielen - Dreamchild als...


  • 10:27 AM - Gagi quoted Voci in post Activa - Midnight [Pure Trance]
    Never understand the praise around Activa. For me there's really nothing happening with this track. If a track doesn't bring energy, I think it should bring emotion. According to the promo text it's deep ...


  • 22:41 PM - Halon quoted Voci in post How can trance be improved?
    Good post. Pretty much agree on all points. - spend time on beats again. Not just kicks and snares. I want multiple layers of hihats and percussion elements. - use original/new fx sounds, not just typi...


  • 20:23 PM - atragun91091 quoted Voci in post Push - Strange World (2000 Remake)
    I think I don't have many followers on this opinion, but I always liked this 2006 MIKE Remix version a lot too. [video=youtube;F6XqmuhkloA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6XqmuhkloA]movie[/URL] This was...



  • 22:25 PM - Fredjan quoted Voci in post In and Out of Love, 11 years later
    Later, The Blizzard Remix appeared. A more smooth version, with some nice edits on the vocal. It's a great remix. It was mastered too loud, resulting in a big wall of sound. That was a shame. I remember La...


  • 05:20 AM - Fredjan quoted Voci in post Best Trance Tracks of 2019
    Right. Guess i have some infraction work to do tomorrow. Too much hassle on the phone for now. �� Lol as much of a troll as that guy is, that's pretty accurate.


  • 18:04 PM - Magdelayna quoted Voci in post Your Top 10 (25,50) Tracks of 2019
    I cant even name 50 tracks of 2019. I also know zero artists of Devito’s list. Guess I hardly follow todays scene... I dont think any of that is Trance haha - ive never heard of any of it either.


  • 19:01 PM - Voci quoted point in post Trance tracks that deserve a rework
    Every track is fair game in my book, as long as it's treated as art. It should give a different perspective to the original or develop the original idea a bit further. Just taking the original melody and sl...


  • 21:50 PM - Red_Door quoted Voci in post Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 [1999]
    For me this is ‘trance’ like DJ Sammy, Sash, Dj Jurgen, Darude, and Storm - Time to Burn. Thats not negative though. Its music I really like, but I see it more as ‘dance’. The popular dance scene took a lo...






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