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    So just wanted to know what are your thoughts on this track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaT9QtMgWQ4
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    Hehe, it's Danish, not Dutch
    My name on Afterhours and many other places are Katadunkass, so I asked Sunshine to change it
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    About the Haylon, not Halon - Starfighter on Solaris, No i'm not the same, god i wish haha
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    Yeah, I've been too addicted to this forum since 2009.

    And you can ask anyone over here they would all say the same "my posting "tempo" is way too fast"!
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  • 22:31 PM - Altair mentioned Daysleeper in post Altair - Wild and Free [Free Download]
    ... rendering glitch so it just repeats itself after the drop). Please tell me what you think! Edit: FULL TRACK IS NOW ONLINE! :listen: https://altairsjh.bandcamp.com/track/wild-and-free @Magdelayna @Daysleeper @sleeping


  • 20:48 PM - Altair mentioned sadyk in post Andrew Bayer – In My Last Life (Artist Album) (2018) [Anjunabeats]
    ...my album of the year then it's a three way tie between this, Jon Hopkins' "Singularity" and Solar Fields' "Ourdom". Holy fuck this is good. Your Eyes is a song of pure joy and End of All Things, like sadyk says, is just a pure emotional epic than almost makes you want to cry from its beauty.


  • 00:00 AM - Fredjan mentioned Altair in post How did your musical taste develop over time?
    ...ou, when I first started listening to Trance I preferred the former and avoided the latter. Ironically, Zocalo is similar to the kind of relaxing, chilled-out tracks I've been looking for recently. Altair that Jon Hopkins album is a gold-mine.




  • 23:42 PM - Altair mentioned PegaSus in post Orange - Epic People [2009]
    ...back in the day and probably isn't active anymore. That's a shame, because I consider this to be one of the deep-cut classics of trance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd8JbfT0tZg Gagi Daysleeper PegaSus


  • 18:37 PM - Altair mentioned Magnus in post Flowjob - Science Before the Storm (Artist Album) [Iboga]
    Released a week ago, but I didn't see it getting any attention on here. A lovely blend of psy and progressive, in some places very reminiscent of Magnus and Vibrasphere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgRJasgl1AI Buy here: https://www.beatport.com/release/science-before-the-storm/2346055


  • 02:57 AM - Altair mentioned PeenutsDx in post In Celebration of Trance 2.0
    ...ch?v=iKRc0PGhiIk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhLSmiDApKg https://soundcloud.com/bt/bt-and-arty-feat-nadia-ali And I can think of a bunch of other artists and examples. Yeah I'm really with @PeenutsDx on this. Trance, or any genre of music for that matter, thrives the most when it has enough flexibility of sound to keep a consistent identity, but also not take itself too seriously. 2.0 was (and in ...




  • 22:43 PM - Gagi mentioned Altair in post Sunday Club - Healing Dream [1997]
    ...u're willing to recommend me? I want rich-in-sound, slightly hypnotic progressive trance, just as described in my previous post. Here's another example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcREzbPfMxY Altair Magdelayna Hensmon Daysleeper Hyper Drive


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  • 23:01 PM - Seachy_001 quoted Altair in post Will Atkinson - Autobahn [VII]
    You know I have actually thought of making my own progressive remix of Sun Slip in case he never does release it. 2004 style prog would work perfectly with the track.
  • 16:54 PM - skyriderz quoted Altair in post Will Atkinson - Autobahn [VII]
    You know I have actually thought of making my own progressive remix of Sun Slip in case he never does release it. that will be gr8, sun slip is one of my favs, uploaded few years back !! Long time ! Seems i...


  • 10:59 AM - Gagi quoted Altair in post Modern trance with a beach feel
    [video=youtube;XCIRxlwPA-I]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCIRxlwPA-I]movie[/URL] Nice, relaxed track. The beats are kinda generic, but the rest really shines!


  • 21:20 PM - Altair quoted Gagi in post Airwave - What It Takes (20 Years)
    Other than maybe Mike Dierickx nobody can really brag about such an extensive discography when it comes to trance I once did a thread about this sort of thing and I think the number one most prolific tran...



  • 20:05 PM - Altair quoted S3baman in post Will Atkinson - Autobahn [VII]
    Also, Sunslip is forever locked in the Fort Knox safe, never to be seen by anyone :evil: You know I have actually thought of making my own progressive remix of Sun Slip in case he never does release it.


  • 20:22 PM - Gagi quoted Altair in post Will Atkinson - Autobahn [VII]
    It's good but I'm still waiting for the legendary Colours ID: [video=youtube;3hnXUZE2MHs]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hnXUZE2MHs]movie[/URL] https://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=18779&s...




  • 21:16 PM - Lanto.Trance quoted Altair in post Sunset/Sunrise Trance
    Sunset trance: the other side of the sunrise; the ending. It can be exactly the same mood or it can be melancholic. Reflecting on all your failures and successes of the day, surrendering them to the flame of...


  • 21:11 PM - Altair quoted sleeping in post Altair - Wild and Free [Free Download]
    Really great track. The intro and break are awesome. Maybe would benefit from 2-3 bpm slower. Love the guitars. Not to keen on the square-lead on the third part. Dont really fit with the rest of the track imo....




  • 22:24 PM - Contact quoted Altair in post Lolo - Why (Lostly rework) [CDR]
    I'm with you here. He just added the standard uplifting kick and bassline to the original. Moment I realized this I stopped listening, went to the original and it was miles better. It's a horrible rework. It...
  • 20:45 PM - Altair quoted Contact in post Lolo - Why (Lostly rework) [CDR]
    Stop remixing these. All he did was up the tempo and then added the discovery generic kickdrum to it. Infact this is ruined. If you have nothing special to add to masterpieces other than destroying them or bu...



  • 17:00 PM - Gagi quoted Altair in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    It's all in your head dude. For instance, I'm a diehard fan of BT and I have heard from the man himself how he feels he has more sonic freedom than ever these days. He LIKES bass music and the trance 2.0 sou...

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