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  • 20:47 PM - Altair mentioned in post Best trance track 2016
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8MZsxRLbSU @nominate Stephen Kirkwood - Ice Breaker (Original Mix)​ :listen:


  • 21:13 PM - Halon mentioned Altair in post Space thread
    ...ry, where you’ll have the darkest possible sky. If you do that, you might see dozens of meteors per hour! Follow the links below to learn more about the 2015 Geminid meteor shower. Katadunkass Altair Hensmon



  • 04:57 AM - Altair mentioned BlueSoho in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    Last night I fired an email at Kubilay from BlueSoho, asking if anything could be done to resolve mastering issues on three tracks from Soholand ("Mictlan", "The World I Know" and "Sunseeker" to be specific). I don't know if it was due to a glitch when ...


  • 20:58 PM - Altair mentioned badass in post Best of Youtube
    This is my definition of art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzmWzXLPa6I badass



  • 11:15 AM - Nangle mentioned Altair in post Neelix - Reflect EP [Spin Twist]
    ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJGe-QqXCgM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjONzlaapkM Out now: http://www.junodownload.com/products/neelix-reflect/2900004-02/ Couple of wicked tracks actually, @Altair.


  • 17:50 PM - badass mentioned Altair in post Article: TranceFix Interview: Monoverse
    @badass!! You're still here! I was worrying you had left us :/ Haha Altair I've been just super busy with getting my CPA license and work and everything else...Haven't had the time to really get on forums so they took a back seat for a long while... OH Halon I asked one of ...



  • 05:06 AM - Altair mentioned Ataraxia in post Best of Youtube
    The Dutchies on this forum need to explain why this is as ridiculous as it is :icon_mrgreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE_IUPInEuc Thijs PegaSus Voci Ataraxia *Maickel*


  • 22:02 PM - Altair mentioned J2P in post We just met the nicest label owner. .
    I'd be interested to know if the vocalist was really of the same mind as Mr. Label Owner said they were...how were your interactions with them @*Maickel* & @J2P? Can you tell?


  • 17:15 PM - Altair mentioned Nangle in post Eco - Wolves (Artist Album) [Black Hole]
    ...albums ever written and an infinite classic for me, the fact that he said that Wolves will blow the previous one out of the water (in addition to these samples) gets me REALLY EXCITE :D I'm with you Nangle. This'll be a new classic, and I'll be very surprised if anything else manages to come out by December that could also count as "album of the year".



  • 03:04 AM - Gagi mentioned Altair in post what happened to Trance.nu
    Altair I agree with you on that, that's a bigger success than having some kids jump to your tracks and forget about you the second the tracks stop being played. :) And what? Why are you so upset about this?...

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  • 19:13 PM - Fredjan quoted Altair in post Will Atkinson - Sun Slip
    I had no idea he had dabbled in Drum and Bass! :D It's an old track. Will uploaded it to his Soundcloud 4 years ago, and even then he mentioned that he had "made it ages ago."
  • 17:52 PM - Altair quoted Fredjan in post Will Atkinson - Sun Slip
    Wow, I had forgotten about this thread. I think Will Atkinson wanted this to be one of his most ambitious projects, which is why he never managed to finish it. Sun Slip does sound dated and out of place rela...


  • 22:47 PM - S3baman quoted Altair in post Will Atkinson - Sun Slip
    What's the deal with this track? Is there a specific reason as to why it hasn't been released? Does it not match Will Atkinson's current artistic sound, even though if it were released it'd be his production...
  • 04:41 AM - Altair quoted FJV in post Custom album artwork
    Im diging this thread so much, really liked your covers. Thanks so much man! :)


  • 14:57 PM - SupaNoodles quoted Altair in post Custom album artwork
    That's actually what I do for the glow effect in most of them. But I see what you mean, I just like Gaussian blur too much I guess :D Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more. Its something that t...
  • 04:47 AM - Altair quoted SupaNoodles in post Custom album artwork
    Some cool stuff, but dont like the blurly text in some parts. In that case id recommend two sets of text, one sharp and the other behind it slightly blurred. That's actually what I do for the glow effect in most...


  • 03:58 AM - quoted Altair in post BT - Flaming June [1997]
    Seriously how tf is this 20 years old. This still holds up perfectly. Because it's Trance :)



  • 21:54 PM - Magdelayna quoted Altair in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    It seems that only the really big classic tracks get attention in these competitions. Remember how many people turned in remixes of "As the Rush Comes"? That isnt always the case,as i started the 'Oceanlab...




  • 10:59 AM - Hensmon quoted Altair in post Best Trance tracks of 2017
    This is one of the better modern remixes of a classic I've ever heard. Really does justice to the original Didn't do much for me unfortunately, although not terrible


  • 16:24 PM - Altair quoted Weekly Tune in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    image image WTF is going on here ????? That's just the Mercator projection for you. Laying the lines of latitude and longitude as a flat grid massively distorts the sizes of the northern and southern regions -...





  • 12:44 PM - Gagi quoted Altair in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    Damn. I don't really know if I feel like finishing the whole thing in 4 days. I got three days of my job coming up. I suck at deadlines! In any case I promise y'all I will return to it eventually, same as a...

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