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    Hey mate, i saw your message on the I am sorry thread. I don't post anymore because I feel I want to focus on my goals. I have helped Airwave with his success by helping him get back on his feet and now he is getting gigs regularly and I am happy for him but it's not for me and I feel it's time for me to move on and focus on myself more. I may drop by here and there if I find good music.
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    Haha fucking Lee Evans mate!!


    God hes funny as fuck!
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    my soundcloud and facebook account is where I post a lot of stuff.

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    Just noticed that cuenation doesn't work directly just google it mate you should be able find the old eps of progrez
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    how sound design works and how it relates to trance...check out these vids!

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  • 22:57 PM - Hensmon mentioned arif69 in post Analogue Relaxation (literally)
    Quality shares again from you arif69. Really liking Scuba Drift, has those deep/dub techno sounds but much more playful beat, which I love. And yeah...that Guardner - Distinct Link track.. so good. This is why I love this forum, how else...


  • 23:20 PM - Hensmon mentioned Daysleeper in post Shacada - Sunset [Pure Progressive]
    Daysleeper. It's a nice track. I enjoy this type of trance a lot and wish there was more of it. Still, I think it misses just a little something to really make it great. I think a good comparison is the part tha...
  • 22:56 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post Best Trance tracks of 2017
    ...track from this year!?!? Starts like a Techno track but builds and builds to a melodic peak that is exactly what i'm looking for in a Trance track. Synths sound like they were made 15 years ago. Gem! Gagi its got that Xpander type sound to it again, similar to Joker Jam. Spektre & Luca Gaeta - Ascension https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAu_aLoZshs
  • 20:09 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Hensmon in post Shacada - Sunset [Pure Progressive]
    Hensmon What do you think about the balaeric mix?


  • 21:15 PM - Hensmon mentioned Sleepy Robot in post Best Trance tracks of 2018
    ...date was. I really like your work man and what you do with Forescape Digital. Always happy to see yours and Slam Ducks name appear in the upcoming releases section. Keep up the good work. Nice share Sleepy Robot, I really like that Dark Matter track
  • 18:15 PM - Hensmon mentioned enlusion in post Best Trance tracks of 2018
    enlusion. Love this one man. Was a thread made about this one? I couldn't find it? Enlusion & Slam Duck - Lost Emotions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sJrkglwM6U


  • 17:52 PM - Hensmon mentioned Daysleeper in post Orkidea - Forward Forever
    ...ts of it, but don't find it anything special about it. His other recent releases have been much better... and better still are tracks like Free Dreams, Stretching Time, Metaverse etc... I agree with @Daysleeper it feels underdeveloped, but not sure where you are hearing the breakbeat????? Oh and also....loving the artwork.





  • 13:09 PM - Hensmon mentioned Fredjan in post Is good pop music dead?
    ...to be more aware of it than the Europeans. Although it doesn't sound like 'pop', it does have the 'popularity'... I don't define pop music like this personally, but interesting none the less. What @Fredjan seems to post to me is 'commercial' music. Has the views but also has no identity, no soul, painfully cheese and/or just the most dumbed down version of an already existing genre i.e rock or rap music...



  • 13:09 PM - Hensmon mentioned Aoi in post Electronic music from Asia/Far East?
    ...t there are more than a handful of these deep techno artists coming from Japan so I am assuming there may be a music culture for this style here...growing or already established, I do not know. Maybe Aoi can shed some light. Techno seems to be a big one in Japan. Most music already posted here is from Japan, they are good cultivators of electronic It seems. I think your point on the western influence...


  • 18:00 PM - Hensmon mentioned Contact in post Electronic music from Asia/Far East?
    Thanks @Contact for sharing the wonderful music of Nujabes. His stuff has blessed me for many years now and Aruriaun Dance is a truly special to my heart and head, it gives me goosebumps almost every time I listen to...


  • 19:48 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Hensmon in post Electronic music from Asia/Far East?
    Yes, this a good topic Hensmon Nice tracks in the OP but they dont really represent anything particular asian. They sound very westernised in terms of sounds and production, dont you think? But Japan is pretty influenced by the w...


  • 15:49 PM - Hensmon mentioned Sleepy Robot in post Flowjob - Science Before the Storm (Artist Album) [Iboga]
    Nice I didn't see you posted this. I've been listening to it this past month and although I shared your sentiments initially @Sleepy Robot, I now have many favourites and enjoy listening to it as cycle around the city. It grew on me for sure. Flowjob & Audiodact - Melaphora https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2563&v=rgRJasg...



  • 00:13 AM - Z Dobrej Woli mentioned Hensmon in post Eon - Knocker [Flashover Recordings]
    @Hensmon @INCEPTION @proxi All of you, you should listen Markus Schulz's podcast; there he explained it ;) 1:21 https://soundcloud.com/trancepodcasts/markus-schulz-global-dj-broadcast-16-08-2018

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  • 09:42 AM - INCEPTION quoted Hensmon in post EverLight - Microgravity [FSOE Clandestine]
    Bump. This tune has been dominating my Ipod and playlists. Dont really know this guy, what else can you recommend from him? "Innocence" (used it in my last mix), he's done an unreleased remix for David Ru...


  • 19:53 PM - Hensmon quoted INCEPTION in post EverLight - Microgravity [FSOE Clandestine]
    Bump. This tune has been dominating my Ipod and playlists. I'm a big fan of this guy. His Tech Trance reelases are so bad ass and I love his live performance posts on FB. Dont really know this guy, what else...



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