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    Hey mate, i saw your message on the I am sorry thread. I don't post anymore because I feel I want to focus on my goals. I have helped Airwave with his success by helping him get back on his feet and now he is getting gigs regularly and I am happy for him but it's not for me and I feel it's time for me to move on and focus on myself more. I may drop by here and there if I find good music.
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    Haha fucking Lee Evans mate!!


    God hes funny as fuck!
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    my soundcloud and facebook account is where I post a lot of stuff.

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    Just noticed that cuenation doesn't work directly just google it mate you should be able find the old eps of progrez
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    how sound design works and how it relates to trance...check out these vids!

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  • 11:12 AM - mrx.friend mentioned Hensmon in post Nuera - Never Forget [Magic Island Records]
    ...ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBRLMsQRWn0 Nuera is back on Magic Island after almost one decade! :love: @MKY661 @Gagi @Arnoud @aSeb @Daysleeper @DannyZero @Tievb21 @A.Brindiss @TheVision @MasterTuxx @Hensmon @Sleepy Robot @PeenutsDx @tep @stormshadow @Bensonw3x


  • 09:43 AM - Hensmon mentioned Bluemoon in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    Yep great idea on currently listening @Bluemoon and I also think a chatbox would be pretty sweet as well. I will look into the plug-ins available for this and how they perform. I have had similar feelings about more Trance sub-genre sections in th...


  • 13:14 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    Hensmon the problem with genres is multi-genre releases/albums. Just think of any release with remixes on it. Where do you put that? BPM too. Tagging works, if it's utilized properly and easy to access.



  • 15:58 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post Love Nation – Stratosphere [Trance]
    ...y! Weird for you to have a SoundCloud with 3 (great!) tracks, but no followers yet. Here's the link for your profile, if embed doesn't work: https://soundcloud.com/user-520838220 Progrez Daysleeper Hensmon Katadunkass



  • 16:56 PM - Hensmon mentioned Alessandro in post Brexit Referendum
    @Alessandro - Gonna reply to you here about Brexit as its not relevant in the Covid-19 thread My own conclusion was that the UK should leave the EU. @Voci mentioned that the EU needs improving, which I agree wit...




  • 22:51 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post What was the last movie you watched? - Part 4
    ...scussion. I just can't explain it properly, but it's so good! There's some strange talk here and there, but this is undoubtedly an amazing movie nevertheless. Gotta recommend it to @Katadunkass and @Hensmon, maybe @BladeRunner_, @Halon and @Daysleeper as well. Just note: Willy gets less annoying as the movie goes on. Hold on. :D






  • 19:55 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post The Exercise Thread
    @Gagi, here is my current routine... My goal is basically just to look ripped haha, so my regimen is purely for aesthetics so I do no strength training... Before each session I do a 10-12 minute ab sessio...
  • 18:04 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post Morning Routine
    ...ffee, my bowels will definitely move. Try squatting 100+ kg after coffee and an accident is bound to happen at some point if I don't make mud beforehand. Can't just leave the house without it. :D @Hensmon yours is boss - you have a few minutes more than I do in mine (15), but you achieve so much more, and that's especially impressive when you include the gym. Although training on an empty stomach is no...



  • 16:37 PM - Hensmon mentioned DylanGuedes in post Your Top 10 (25,50) Tracks of 2019
    arif69 - Hoping to see a list from yourself, you helped me discover lot of good tunes this year. Also hoping that DylanGuedes logs back on and does his underground style list, the 2018 one was sweet.

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  • 13:57 PM - point quoted Hensmon in post THE kick!
    This stuff I dont understand technically... how does a Trance track at -14db on Spotify/youtube differ for my listening experience than one at -7db? Is this difference something very noticeable to the human e...
  • 13:45 PM - Hensmon quoted point in post THE kick!
    Well said, all of it. You can listen to smooth jazz in a club too, just because you listen something in a club doesn't mean we need to have a loud 4/4 bass frequency execution. No professional track is -2 ...


  • 10:09 AM - Thijs quoted Hensmon in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    The present/future is worth more of our energy and thoughts overall I believe. Exactly that. Ofcourse I am sad with the loss of the current Trancefix, but we should keep looking forward. Honestly I don't ...


  • 09:59 AM - Hensmon quoted arif69 in post How can trance be improved?
    More Relaxing There is truth here. For years the main track in a release would be 'Original Mix', and then a Club Mix added into it to increase the energy and power for that environment, but it was never th...


  • 10:29 AM - Hensmon quoted Magdelayna in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    It looks like you can only browse certain pages on of a site on that archive thing - so it looks like we will lose most of the posts and threads here,which is tragic. What is wrong with the owner wanting to do t...


  • 20:44 PM - Hensmon quoted Bluemoon in post Nail - Cassiopeia [1993]
    He is from UK actually so maybe thats why. Yeah I just check around to see if it is credited on anything familiar and it isnt. As you say just must be a familiar sound of other artists I like from this time p...
  • 15:18 PM - Bluemoon quoted Hensmon in post Nail - Cassiopeia [1993]
    Very nice man. Is this on a famous compilation, like a Northern Exposure or something? It seems familiar He is from UK actually so maybe thats why. Most of what he made is house tho.


  • 09:36 AM - Hensmon quoted Tievb21 in post Fundraiser: New Trancefix home?
    What you say it's not true, you can react to post with many ways, like, wow, sad etc. It has many reactions compared to this forum. I have been staff on Xeno forum and it was very very comfortable for staffer...


  • 13:44 PM - Tievb21 quoted Hensmon in post Fundraiser: New Trancefix home?
    We are not 100% committed to Xeno though, so we're open to suggestions. I've seen that hostinger list a few weeks back and review some of these, but not all. I will have another look. A lot of the design seem...
  • 05:41 AM - Fredjan quoted Hensmon in post Which is your favorite TV show? With new poll! - Part 2
    Full Metal Alchemist is so good man. You will love it. Very similar to Attack on Titan in terms of what it does regarding world-building, characters and politics but it does it way better (and in a less viole...



  • 10:22 AM - Hensmon quoted Gagi in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    How do we do multiple tags then? It depends on the UI, but tags can potentially sit underneath the thread title (or somewhere else), to stop massive thread titles like the one above.


  • 16:25 PM - Hensmon quoted point in post Fundraiser: New Trancefix home?
    I'm a bit late to this, but can anyone explain why would you guys invest all the money on the forum software, when there are perfectly fine free forum software's (like phpbb and mybb) with all the customiza...
  • 15:58 PM - pmvibes quoted Hensmon in post NEW FORUM + Other ideas moving forward
    I think its worth discussing, I am undecided if its a good idea or not. If it was going to work I would suggest loose groupings. Upcoming releases - Trance / Psy-Trance / Progressive - House / Techno - Down...



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