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  • 14:07 PM - Thijs mentioned Qwertz in post Liquid Soul Interview
    ...nce-700-whos-afraid-of-138-utrecht-nl-21-feb-2015 @Brunoo @Klaas @Carlos Magalhães @Puppetmaster @Katadunkass @Nangle @PegaSus @Phael @Hensmon @MrRabbit @Progrez @DNZY @PegaSus @MrVrhgyiB @picnik @Qwertz @DXL741



  • 12:53 PM - Thijs mentioned Qwertz in post TranceFixers of 2014
    ..., @Nemezijus, @Phael @Puppetmaster @Katadunkass Best quote by: Too many to mention Thread/Member @tep with his top 10's, @Nemezijus Most Entertaining/Interesting member: @badass Most fanatic member: @Qwertz and @Daysleeper Most rational member: @Puppetmaster @NomadZXZ Most interesting thread: @J4mie with his artist profile threads Most open minded member: @Nemezijus Most closeminded member: @musicfanatic...


  • 20:52 PM - Hensmon mentioned Qwertz in post TranceFixers of 2014
    ...ful member: For helping me find new tracks, ids and posting in UR section - @tep @Progrez @Katadunkass @Rok @MrVrhgyiB @Sszecret @thegabriels19 @mrx.friend @skyriderz @MKY661 Most passionate user: @Qwertz @Nangle Who do u want to see the face behind the name: @Rok Best sense of humor: @PegaSus @badass @Phael Most shocking post by: @badass (that pubes one...just no.) Best quote by: Cant remember! Most R...


  • 18:09 PM - NomadZXZ mentioned Qwertz in post This place is becoming quiet
    Qwertz I don't think spamming is we're looking to do by any means. The TF fb page has over 5k likes, and since people have voluntarily signed themselves to receive info/posts they shouldn't see it as spam. ...


  • 19:23 PM - Hensmon mentioned Qwertz in post The Trancefix CLASSIC Top 50
    I would still like to do this :D ... purely because I am interested in all the Classic Trance you guys like. Qwertz, I can see your point, but I think you are confusing a list for quality and a list for popularity. This would be just to see what people like, not to see what track is better...just to see what is pop...


  • 01:57 AM - Qwertz mentioned Trancestor in post Israel-Gaza Conflict
    Trancestor have you ever put yourself into the istuation of people in gaza? Imagine you and lets say 10 other families are living in a building, one of them are storing rockets inside their apartment or are di...


  • 22:47 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Qwertz in post Modern trance is ONEDIMENSIONAL!!
    @Qwertz Good post and pretty nice tracks, but honestly now: Do you really think these types of tracks you posted are as strong,as distinctive, as entrancing, as powerful etc as these down below? Do you ac...



  • 14:18 PM - Qwertz mentioned Hensmon in post Organize new releases section
    Thx Hensmon for reviving this thread. Can't understand what should be so good about the current organisation that any ideas to reform it are instantly declined ...? But okay i'll check the trance section now to ...



  • 18:48 PM - N1ce mentioned Qwertz in post Vladimir Putin invades Crimea in Ukraine
    Qwertz, of course I understand your position, it's not your problem..but it will be yours, we all know how that ended last time.. Like i said before there will be no russian occupation against the will of...


  • 22:16 PM - Christine mentioned Qwertz in post HELP ME achieve my bachelor's degree!!! PLEASE
    Big T H A N K S to those who already participated!!! @Qwertz I appreciate the feedback! I imagine it must be difficult, but for statistical reasons I was forced to restrict the number of genres. @tep I would love to share it with you if I get significant resu...


  • 22:30 PM - Nangle mentioned Qwertz in post Musical direction of this forum
    Interesting point Qwertz I believe its a great place to discover with minimal effort. You have samples and information regarding the latest up and coming releases at the click of a button. It removes the needles information ...


  • 19:38 PM - Thijs mentioned Qwertz in post Classics sub section
    ...s. Let's check end of the month what happened, if it needs improvement or if the sub gets lively enough :) Classics boosting schedule Monday: @J4mie Tuesday: @Thijsje Wednesday: @NomadZXZ Thursday: @Qwertz #TBT ;) Friday: @Addict-In-Trance Saturday: @Voci Sunday: @Phael


  • 13:07 PM - Thijs mentioned Qwertz in post Classics sub section
    ...s or release info. Let's see how much audience we get after a few weeks and then evaluate if it works good enough or not :) Who else is in? @badass @Puppetmaster @PegaSus @Sunshine @NomadZXZ @tep @Qwertz @Progrez @Katadunkass @FJV Voci Phael


  • 05:19 AM - Hensmon mentioned Qwertz in post TranceFixers of 2013
    ...as a late one but the 'Holy Grail of Cum Load' in Off-topic section...just....WTF!? haha Most helpful member: @Puppetmaster @Progrez @Katadunkass @Darren Most passionate user: @Epsilonphase @badass @Qwertz Who do u want to see the face behind the name: @Progrez @PegaSus Best sense of humor: @Nangle @badass @Phael Most Rational member: @Puppetmaster @Darren Thread of the year: @malka (2 Threads - 'The Ol...

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  • 04:12 AM - Contact quoted Qwertz in post Signum - Blockbuster [Who's Afraid Of 138?]
    Overrated track if you ask me, goes like this: Effect-spam -> typical trance breakdown & main melody part -> effect-spam It tries to be a mix of oldschool hardtrance and modern psytrance, but it fails at bo...




  • 00:13 AM - Voci quoted Qwertz in post Beatport plans to (finally) update their genres?
    I think its some sort of marketing beatport does in cooperation with labels / producers responsible for that music (most likely spinnin records). Why is it even called "future"-house? The tracks arent doing ...



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