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    Ew, I didn't ask for evidence...
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    Hi! As you may already know, you've submitted the 100th vote and Nemezors promised you we would give you F**K Master Pro 5000. So here it is:

    Congrats & thanks!
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    Yo, How's your blackberry doing?
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    Likewise m8! See you next year for sure, if not before
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    There can only be ONE Cartman in town! *Respect my authoritah!*

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    what do you want!
    that ain´t me, i swear
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    Hey mate, so what exactly do you want to know about my position? For some reason most employers don't really consider doing volunteer work for a small business and non-profit organisation as work. I'll be doing some call centre work next year but that's unpaid and it's another volunteer job. I am also going to be doing some reception work too (again that's volunteer position).
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    Exactly, everyone seems to be nice around here which is a nice change from the Anjunabeats form
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    I would man if I had a phone haha, out of all forums I use though this and the DMP forums are the best ones
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Drinking, smoking weed, and all types of ill shit.
Ratchets, THOTs, and side hoes
I'm black, I don't work
United States
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  • 19:53 PM - badass mentioned Katadunkass in post TranceFixers of 2015!
    ...kes to ask a lot of questions, i like you though, you're an ok guy in my book mate ;) Most helpful/kindest member: @PegaSus @tep for his help with the site and other admins like @Nemezijus @cheer_up @Katadunkass User with the sexiest brother :gay: : show me your brothers :moonman:s and i will tell you :eyebrows: User with the hottest dad :gay: : show me your dads :moonman:s and i will tell you :eyebrows: Mo...


  • 15:26 PM - badass mentioned Gagi in post Productions for Trancefix Music Channel
    ...annel i have a lot of ideas down like chords and leads...just don't have the time of day to put them together mate...i work at least 80 hours a week :( i wish i had time...when july comes around... Gagi if you want me to send you some of my ideas, let me know what you think? collab maybe if you like any? thoughts?
  • 14:42 PM - badass mentioned Puppetmaster in post Luminosity Beach Festival 2016 - 24-25-26 June
    Ye for sure man PM me and i'll add you whenever you decide...still the same people as when you were once there... Puppetmaster want me to add you as well? everyone from the whatsapp group will be coming to Lumi and we are coordinating and planning using that group chat...let me know!


  • 14:41 PM - badass mentioned Nangle in post Are you using Drugs?
    ...hemselves up in their veins, it upsets my stomach! And some people that I have seen on the show Intervention, they shoot up so many times that their veins collapse and their bodies look like shit... Nangle have you ever seen the movie Requiem for a Dream? I highly recommend it mate, I think you would thoroughly enjoy the movie as it shows what smack can do to :moonman:s
  • 14:33 PM - badass mentioned Nangle in post Internet Savages
    ...always makes me laugh :P [video=youtube;v2FKx2EpBB8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2FKx2EpBB8]movie[/URL] [video=youtube;EALreMh6P98]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EALreMh6P98]movie[/URL] LMFAO Nangle please post that video of that other dumbest girl in the world that you posted on my Book page...I can't remember the name of it but the girl was really stupid talking about some dumb ass shit that I ...


  • 09:43 AM - Daysleeper mentioned badass in post The 80s Pop Music Thread
    I loove the clean production from the 80s. Really hoping for a revival. Audio perfection. Nostalgia overload. Just wanna cry like a baby. And I was bort in 88. badass I hope you're familiar with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam from US. http://youtu.be/ZtuPTlTDcM4 http://youtu.be/70VrvkfjJjg http://youtu.be/m8-ItRoHJM0
  • 00:27 AM - Gagi mentioned badass in post Productions for Trancefix Music Channel
    Anyone cares for revitalizing the channel? All we need is productions. Producers of TF, reveal yourselves! Halon *Maickel* J2P Nangle PegaSus Thijs Katadunkass Astral Point badass asteski Ataraxia Brunoo Gelardi Altair Magdelayna DNZY J4mie HugoHak sinodA Noadja vermont-cade Maratone LOON Tyler Wildman Kjuna jCoke and all the others... If we get a few more tracks, we could tal...





  • 14:17 PM - badass mentioned Puppetmaster in post Luminosity Beach Festival 2016 - 24-25-26 June
    we need to take a pic like this again but will all the TF members in one shot including Mr. Puppetmaster himself...Would be cool if we can gather everyone for a nice shot! http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b396/illmatic1981/libraries_zpsb5bfnxsp.jpg



  • 05:32 AM - badass mentioned Nangle in post What was the last movie you watched? - Part 4
    Goodnight Mommy... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3086442/ Turned it off after one hour...the plot didn't even develop by that point and I was bored to death... Nangle this was a bad horror/thriller movie ... 0/10, would never watch again lol

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  • 14:47 PM - badass quoted Halon in post Midnight Sun Festival
    I guess no one was interested, or had other plans. I would go, but I didnt want go alone . Next year ill go. :) ugh yeah that stupid thing called work keeps getting in the way of things... :icon_mad:
  • 14:36 PM - badass quoted Thijs in post Snapchat
    I have a Windows phone now which prevents me from this shit :D I guess you know how it feels to have a :moonman:Berry then :gaygiggle:
  • 14:35 PM - badass quoted Halon in post Snapchat
    Anyone here got Snapchat? It would be fun to add you guys/girls. Mine is pigstalini. @badass join mutha fucka :D :moonman: please! haha it was hard enough catching you on whatsapp lol :D anyhow i tried...


  • 21:13 PM - Halon quoted badass in post Midnight Sun Festival
    I guess I'm a little late to the party eh? :( but it ain't nothing new tho Sunshine ??? :gaygiggle: I guess no one was interested, or had other plans. I would go, but I didnt want go alone . Next year...
  • 15:19 PM - badass quoted Halon in post Midnight Sun Festival
    Anyone of you trancefixers going? Gonna be big with apperences like Ott and Kurbeats among 130 something other DJs. Damn i think i have to go. Probably the only proper 'festival' we have in Norway atm. Damn...



  • 06:17 AM - Lanto.Trance quoted badass in post Trance life = Time consuming ?
    Trying to work 70-80 hours a week and trying to produce = life consuming = sleep deprivation = a very image shu all the time...but i love it and will keep at it until i reach my goals! So, what is your goal...




  • 18:59 PM - Halon quoted badass in post Piano VSTs
    thanks fam...i got the ivory, have yet to use it cause of that damn thing called work :ralphy: :ralphy: :ralphy: :ralphy: :ralphy: I hear you :moonman: Work sucks. :p
  • 06:40 AM - badass quoted Halon in post Piano VSTs
    VS Upright 1 is quite good. @badass thanks fam...i got the ivory, have yet to use it cause of that damn thing called work :ralphy: :ralphy: :ralphy: :ralphy: :ralphy:


  • 14:02 PM - badass quoted Katadunkass in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 7
    [video=youtube;IhnUgAaea4M]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhnUgAaea4M]movie[/URL] @badass ringtone to get up in the morning. :rotfl:
  • 14:02 PM - badass quoted Gagi in post Android vs iOS
    I really prefer the :moonman:berry over anything but my new :moonman:berry is Android powered so... iOS = POS ...never ever buying gayPhones again http://wheelsandchips.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/androi...


  • 14:58 PM - badass quoted Katadunkass in post Can You Kill Someone?
    Sure, I kill a million each day image you may just be the most prolific serial killer, Phael ain't got nothing on Katadunkass PegaSus :rotfl:


  • 15:44 PM - Bluemoon quoted badass in post Can You Kill Someone?
    The only time I would be able to kill someone is if i felt like my life was in danger...I can't even kill an animal, even ones i really really hate...so if someone was pointing a gun at me or was threatening...