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  1. well thank you, i must say i really enjoy it as well
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    Tep, I just want to say 'you're the man!' You're doing a really awesome job with the monthly charts and it's highly appreciated!
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    Not really minimal techno it's quite similar in feel to LSG stuff.
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    Do you like this sort of techno? This is more up my alley the dark underground and hypnotic rather than tech house stuff https://soundcloud.com/utchrecords/d...art-original-1 and this one as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaT9QtMgWQ4
  5. yea its a nice release, im glad some oldtimers are trying to make a comeback
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    can't stop listening to that three drives remix of endless forever...rocking tune mate!
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    haha word! most of the times i'm joking around, just having fun...if my comments seem outrageous or ridiculous, chances are i'm just messing around
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    i was just joking about the spanking your women thing...just being silly and posting the first thing that comes to mind

    you can post things in that thread that are totally untrue about that person!
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    Hows that hangover today? You were doing some serious Trancefixing last night
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2016 TOP 5 (updated in July)
1. Aymon - Sopor
2. Avenue One feat. Fenja - Call of Summer (Suncatcher Remix)
3. M.I.K.E. Push - Estivate
4. The Noble Six - Oddworld
5. Aurosonic - They Wait For Us (Progressive Remix)


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  • 22:43 PM - Gagi mentioned tep in post The Football / Soccer Banter Thread - Part 5
    We will see today if I can predict the future. tep still reigns supreme in the prediction department. Totally deserved from Croatia. England showed nothing since the start of the 2nd half.



  • 04:46 AM - Fredjan mentioned tep in post Kostya Veter feat. Madelin Zero - Envy [2010]
    ...cent discussion in another thread about the lack of classics later than 2009 in this section, I thought I'd add this one Good to see people finally posting tracks from this era! Shoutouts to the man tep himself for contributing several tracks as well



  • 20:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned tep in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    VOTE! @Voci @Nangle @Halon @Magdelayna @uplifter-te @SupaNoodles @sleeping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @frankster @freezer02 @Sleepy Robot @Shatadru Sensharma @Altair @Klaas @proxi @Aoi @stormshadow @Addict-In-Trance @matrixmorpheus @Daybreakers @badass @deeii @skyriderz @PegaSus @Katadunkass @KrissO @...
  • 20:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned tep in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    ...gma - 6 (-1) VOTE! @Voci @Nangle @Halon @Magdelayna @uplifter-te @SupaNoodles @sleeping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @franktster @freezer02 @Sleepy Robot @Shatadru Sensharma @Altair @Klaas @proxi @Aoi @stormshadow @Addict-In-Trance @matrixmorpheus @Daybreakers @badass @deeii @skyriderz @PegaSus @Katadunkass @KrissO ...



  • 15:14 PM - tep mentioned point in post Trance is really coming back?
    You have a point, but you know what happens if we just start posting our opinion on every release on the release section. btw, I liked the 'recommendations by user' feature. btw i really appreciate point for comment...



  • 08:48 AM - tep mentioned Pulsar Recordings in post Magdelayna - Remember [Bandcamp Release]
    ...rity, the only ones viable for producers are the bigroom/uplifting ones as they have large enough audiences. Also i am convinced that there are labels who would sign it and put i also on spotify :) Pulsar Recordings for example is very fast and quick in uploading their stuff there.


  • 16:02 PM - Hensmon mentioned tep in post Trance is really coming back?
    ...e incredible from lets say 2002, or maybe 1999... even 2004. And as you said the standard of the old is much better too. So for me, for Trance to come 'back', it would have to hit these levels again. tep, im not asking for the exact same style, im asking for the same abundance and standard of quality, however it is packaged.


  • 11:19 AM - tep mentioned Daysleeper in post Are the tracks that got you into Trance still your all time favourites?
    ... trancy tracks that came out. Like Faithless first album is amazing to this day, Robert Miles same thing. I have very good memories of party tracks whenever i hear them. It is funny coincidence that Daysleeper posted that Rank 1 track. I have very clear memories of a dance festival here in Tallinn on a beach. That track was the last one played by the DJ and as it was summer event, it was more or less at the...


  • 21:56 PM - Hensmon mentioned tep in post The Drum and Bass thread
    ...s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=501v-IWJ_-I Organic Synthetic - Space Walk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbnfTI8hZAA Nookie - Moments In Space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVTnAJ1r9Cc @tep what you think about these types of dnb?
  • 17:16 PM - Mujtabaahmed.01 mentioned tep in post Top Releases December 2016 poll
    Oh cmon! always loved top of the month polls, somebody needs to take over if you're gonna stop doing this. tep


  • 11:05 AM - Thijs mentioned tep in post Eurodance/Trance ID - Something 2001'ish
    ... someone who's good at French to translate the French lyrics so we could google them... Here's the rip: http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/Xq1rAFmP/file.html Maybe this is something to ID for djenergyro tep or badass to ID?



  • 15:33 PM - tep mentioned MasterTuxx in post Top Releases November 2016 poll
    ...tracks are missing again. This was the one I nominated for november/december (beatport 27 november/12 december all stores). @nominate Evgeny Lebedev - Soul Button (Original Mix) all complaints to MasterTuxx



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  • 23:16 PM - tep quoted Daysleeper in post Groove Solution - Magic Melody [1995]
    Damn, what an addictive off-beat rhythm. You dont hear this in todays trance do you :) Dont think ive heard this particular melody tbh. Refresh my mind if you like. well it first spawned loads of remixes and ...
  • 21:21 PM - tep quoted PegaSus in post Caucasuss - My Dream (My Wish) [1996]
    Oh yeah! Amazing Parsberg classic. Need WAV? no im good :) thanx though, in recent weeks I have been listening to older mixes and those gems pop up. I think i should have them somewhere anyways.




  • 21:23 PM - tep quoted Fredjan in post Kostya Veter feat. Madelin Zero - Envy [2010]
    Good to see people finally posting tracks from this era! Shoutouts to the man @tep himself for contributing several tracks as well Well yea, you know what, ive been in this forum since 2011, just feels weird...


  • 09:18 AM - Gagi quoted tep in post Team SR - Leaving London [2006]
    This one has a great remix aswell by T4L [video=youtube;nz6PF72fTkI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz6PF72fTkI]movie[/URL] Bump! With a proper link to the remix (seeing as Trance Classics channel has be...



  • 22:10 PM - tep quoted Daysleeper in post Rate the track above you.
    8.7/10 [video=youtube;MJlSIXNwltA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJlSIXNwltA]movie[/URL] Im a big fan of the Doors and that track reminds me some of their work, really awesome 9/10. https://www.youtube.com/...


  • 11:29 AM - PeenutsDx quoted tep in post Rate the track above you.
    4/10, dont like it at all, not my style and that folk part annoys me. [video=youtube;VlHgjQMd5cE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlHgjQMd5cE]movie[/URL] 7/10. Solid stuff as usual from Ulrich. I've heard...


  • 22:48 PM - tep quoted Daysleeper in post Rate the track above you.
    Gonna have to give this a strong 8/10. Thanks for mentioning him, as The Riddle, his most famous tracks are a track I really liked but havnt heard in a long time and I didnt know who the artist was. [video=you...


  • 11:17 AM - tep quoted Hensmon in post Is good pop music dead?
    Is it played on your radios/televisions a lot? I do not really watch tv at all and not really listen to radio, but I have heard it in public spaces quite a lot.




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