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  • 08:18 AM - Aoi mentioned S3baman in post Filteria - Filtertraces (Astral Projection Remix)
    I didn't noticed that masterpiece till mate S3baman mentioned that in his FB... An absolute beauty!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWqKL4kbu1U
  • 03:40 AM - S3baman mentioned Tievb21 in post Gabriel & Dresden - The Only Road (Artist Album) [Anjunabeats]
    ... vs. album mix. For the album experience, I highly recommend the mixed version. There are plenty of atmospheric elements added in the transitions which get lost in the extended mixes. I also approve Tievb21 comment. Incredible well produced electronic music album. There's plenty of variety, yet you can always tell it's a G&D track underneath the cover. Well worth the 11 years wait and the investment in t...



  • 20:03 PM - S3baman mentioned Aoi in post John Askew - Recalibrate [VII]
    Aoi Longer preview available from 2:07:55 onwards https://soundcloud.com/djjohnaskew/john-askew-5hr-set-live-from-magic-niceto-230917


  • 21:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned S3baman in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    VOTE! @Voci @Nangle @Halon @Magdelayna @uplifter-te @SupaNoodles @sleeping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @frankster @freezer02 @Sleepy Robot @Shatadru Sensharma @Altair @Klaas @proxi @Aoi @stormshado...
  • 21:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned S3baman in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    ... Art Of Trance - Moonsoon - 9 L.S.G. - Netherworld - 11 Oudja - Never Tell What You Think - 10 Insigma - Insigma - 6 (-1) VOTE! @Voci @Nangle @Halon @Magdelayna @uplifter-te @SupaNoodles @sleeping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @franktster @freezer02 @Sleepy Robot @Shatadru Sensharma @Altair @Klaas @proxi @Aoi @stormshad...



  • 03:11 AM - Aoi mentioned S3baman in post Simon Patterson - Opulence [VII]
    ... the final ver. sounds fantastic!!! personally i think Simon Patterson has become one of the most stable artists in trance keeping the high quality on his every release during the last few years!! S3baman curious to hear your thoughts of the final results of this?



  • 11:51 AM - Aoi mentioned S3baman in post Gaia - Saint Vitus [Armada]
    Such a great tune!!! So many nostalgic feelings on this melody.... Really love this vibe! I probably agree with @S3baman best track on this year's ASOT compilation.



  • 02:28 AM - MasterTuxx mentioned S3baman in post M.I.K.E. Push - Night Shades [FSOE]
    ...s' is real Trance at its finest. Turn the lights down and the volume up because this is your late night party anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqCHwFj1oXw 5th July: Video below recorded by @S3baman on M.I.K.E.'s FSOE Island set in Governors Island, NYC. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOifjt7MQFM



  • 15:40 PM - Nangle mentioned S3baman in post TranceFixers of 2015!
    ...s so gave this a once over. Who would you like to meet in real life: Met most of my favourable users but @stormshadow @MrVrhgyiB @Brunoo Who do you think has the closest musical taste to u: @Thijs @S3baman @MrVrhgyiB @PegaSus @Sszecret Weirdest thread by: Any number of @FlashLight9's Most Helpful: @cheer_up User with the hottest mom: Easy, @PegaSus Most passionate users: @tep (Top of the Months) @Gagi W...




  • 14:35 PM - Sszecret mentioned S3baman in post Mac & Monday - Xiphos [Spellbinding Records]
    ...all about the track. The original re-edit of Here Comes The Snd. was my personal track of the year in 2013, and Raysa was in my top 5 of 2014. The shuttering of Borderline really was sad, but like @S3baman, I'm glad this track found a home somewhere else. I'm interested in the way the remix sounds, but the original is pretty damn good. Btw, a xiphos was a double edged short sword used by the ancient...

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  • 06:29 AM - Aoi quoted S3baman in post Alex Di Stefano - Elevator [VII]
    The melody/synth work reminds of Angry Man. I would KILL for a new AM release! For most of the tune we have exactly the same taste, and for 1 more time i thought exactly the same.:XD:
  • 06:21 AM - Aoi quoted S3baman in post Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Skylex Rework) [PERFECTO FLUORO]
    Out on March 9th alongside the incredible Liquid Soul & Zyce remix! https://soundcloud.com/perfecto-records-fluoro/paul-oakenfold-full-moon-party-liquid-soul-zyce-remix-teaser?in=perfecto-records-fluoro/sets...
  • 04:34 AM - S3baman quoted A.Brindiss in post Thomas Datt - Fluid Karma [FSOE Parallels]
    A good track overall, just don't think this is for Parallels I'm surprised as well at the label choice, however you have to keep in mind that Thomas and Monoverse are extremely close friends. While an awkward f...
  • 04:29 AM - S3baman quoted Magdelayna in post M.I.K.E. Push - Graceful [FSOE]
    Its all in the name. If a bedroom producer sent this to FSOE,they would skip through a few seconds and send it to the trashbin. M.I.K.E. earned the right to get signed to any label through more than a decade of...
  • 04:26 AM - S3baman quoted Aoi in post Jirah - The Cosmic EP [Perfecto Fluoro]
    Fluoro is one of the best labels out there , and Angry Man contract wasn't over, he quit producing under this name based on his last announcement. (For me one of the biggest lost after Tiesto in trance fo...
  • 04:21 AM - S3baman quoted Seachy_001 in post Jirah - The Cosmic EP [Perfecto Fluoro]
    Angry Man wasn't Sean Truby at all. It was Craig Purvis! Not sure who took over Fluoro when Askew left Perfecto but Fluoro has always been an experimental label in that it never stuck to one sub-genre of Tranc...






  • 20:47 PM - S3baman quoted eddie t in post Activa - Meridian
    I think you are mixing up to of the greatest tunes of all time with the same name. Nalin and Kane I think the poster is referring to. Yeah you're most likely right there, although Meridian sounds like neith...


  • 11:08 AM - allywheels quoted S3baman in post Will Atkinson - Rush
    All the Atkinson ID threads in this forum show that he prefers to release the aforementioned type of songs over the melodic stuff. He's being a cock about it if I'm honest Haha why?! There might be more to...
  • 07:45 AM - S3baman quoted INCEPTION in post Will Atkinson - Rush
    does he do that often? I didn't know, that would fucking sucks if he doesn't release it, WTF? All the Atkinson ID threads in this forum show that he prefers to release the aforementioned type of songs over the...
  • 03:17 AM - Aoi quoted S3baman in post Alex Di Stefano - Elevator [VII]
    John also played another Stefano track later on in this set! It took me some time to go through all the 850 ASOT sets... ( witch were absolutely massive !!!) This one it does not sound like typical Alex D...


  • 22:37 PM - munki34 quoted S3baman in post Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal (John O'Callaghan remix)
    Premiered last night by JOC at ASOT, lets see if the man can do it again and release this one! Starts at 6:15 https://soundcloud.com/johnocallaghan/asot850 class!
  • 15:04 PM - tranceclassics quoted S3baman in post Activa - Meridian
    Surprised to not see a post about this "Open Your Eyes" clone yet. Sounds far more like Jose Amnesia - The Eternal to me. Open Your Eyes has recently been ripped off though :( https://www.youtube.com/watc...
  • 12:34 PM - Hyper Drive quoted S3baman in post Activa - Meridian
    Surprised to not see a post about this "Open Your Eyes" clone yet. Track featured on last year's Pure Trance and will also appear on JOC's Subculture compilation. I expect a release on Degenerate in the near ...

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