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    yeah i added the effects folder just recently...and yeah, it has to do with the size of the folder...
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    you were able to download all those files right without any problems? also, u might want to check again...i added a few new files in there i think!
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    it does take long to upload but it's super easy...i just simply drag all the folders i want into my dropbox folder i created, go smoke a joint and come back and it's all uploaded! it's super easy
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    check ur email dude, sent you an invite on dropbox to share those samples...let me know if you need directions on how to retrieve the files and dl them to your computer
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    yeah getting the rhythm and chord progression down is the most if not one of the most difficult parts...i'm currently working with nery on coming up with a good trancy synth for this melody...my go to synth is sylenth1...it is by far one of the best synths out there and easy to understand and use...i use sylenth in about 90% of my tracks, for all leads, basses and pads...
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    sent u an email of the new melody i made...let me know what u think...the synth i still need to work on but just wanted to compose something with feeling...
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    i cannot recommend DMP enough...they are so good that i made a thread about them the other day...i'll send you a PM real quick... http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.p...tion-tutorials!
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    haha i got something that will help you out as far as melodies are concerned...first off, you can go to http://www.nonstop2k.com/midi-files/archive.php?cid=1 and search for your favorite songs and see how the melodies are constructed...that has helped me a lot in learning how melodies are structured...

    also, you can watch this DVD on melodies...i own this DVD and can vouch for it...it has helped me create melodies...i will email u a new melody i made and i think it came out pretty good...

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    yeah thanks man, i hope by the end of this year i can fully focus on growing my business as well as improve my production techniques...lots of work to be done in 2013!

    sucks about your computer crashing...always back up your stuff man, i learned that the hard way...

    i'm currently not making any tunes but rather just coming up with catchy melodies and trying to come up with trancey synths to suit the melody...
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    haha well i hope to have a few million dollars laying around once my business takes off...which will be soon hopefully!

    i will try to upload the stuff for you tonight, i owe another member some samples as well...i'm really trying to get into this producing thing...my new goal in life is to see a release one of these days!
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    ...t most of my favourable users but @stormshadow @MrVrhgyiB @Brunoo Who do you think has the closest musical taste to u: @Thijs @S3baman @MrVrhgyiB @PegaSus @Sszecret Weirdest thread by: Any number of @FlashLight9's Most Helpful: @cheer_up User with the hottest mom: Easy, @PegaSus Most passionate users: @tep (Top of the Months) @Gagi Who would you like to flirt with: Any female able to withstand my Scottish cha...


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    ...ace behind the name: Most annoying member: Best sense of humor: Most shocking post/thread by: Best quote by: Most Rational/Irrational member: Most open-minded/close-minded: Thread/Member of the year: Nangle - love what you write Most Entertaining/Interesting member: Most mysterious member: Fav Newcomer: Member who starts most threads: Member who you think might be gay :gay:: badass :x_emo: Member who's...


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    ...rs if :moonman:s post em up :eyebrows: Who do u want to see the face behind the name: @Daysleeper Most annoying member: the trolls, not my kind of trolls, actual trolls Best sense of humor: @PegaSus @Nangle @Sunshine @stormshadow @deeii @Nemezijus @martini @Thijs @Phael @Brunoo @Halon Most shocking post/thread by: me of course... Best quote by: @Nangle this guy really has a way with words...I could cit...
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    ...mber who improved himself over the years: @Daysleeper Member with the most interesting topics lately: @FlashLight9 Best member: @tep (for doing a great job on top of the months) Best sense of humor: @Nangle (skateboard joke :p) Favorite comeback: @RandomUserName Most beautiful member: @cheer_up Most helpful members: @skyriderz, @MKY661, @Rudolf Schnaps Most rational member: @Hensmon Shout-out to @Wesley ...




  • 21:04 PM - FlashLight9 mentioned Nangle in post [REQ] - Ferry Corsten - Possession Alb/Ext Versio Acapella
    ...vely easy to use) or something like Edison and use a multiband compressor to eliminate the assertive highs. Sure, it'll never be comparable to a studio acapella but it'll more than suffice. Yes I do Nangle wasnt sure if FL Studio would actually be able to cope with that sort of thing.



  • 13:41 PM - badass mentioned Nangle in post Are you using Drugs?
    ...hemselves up in their veins, it upsets my stomach! And some people that I have seen on the show Intervention, they shoot up so many times that their veins collapse and their bodies look like shit... Nangle have you ever seen the movie Requiem for a Dream? I highly recommend it mate, I think you would thoroughly enjoy the movie as it shows what smack can do to :moonman:s
  • 13:33 PM - badass mentioned Nangle in post Internet Savages
    ...always makes me laugh :P [video=youtube;v2FKx2EpBB8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2FKx2EpBB8]movie[/URL] [video=youtube;EALreMh6P98]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EALreMh6P98]movie[/URL] LMFAO Nangle please post that video of that other dumbest girl in the world that you posted on my Book page...I can't remember the name of it but the girl was really stupid talking about some dumb ass shit that I ...


  • 09:19 AM - Nangle mentioned Gagi in post Productions for Trancefix Music Channel
    Thanks for the tag, @Gagi. I stopped producing when i switched from PC to Mac. I keep telling myself I'm going to start again but then ill find an odd sock in my drawer or something and concentrate my efforts towards finding i...


  • 23:27 PM - Gagi mentioned Nangle in post Productions for Trancefix Music Channel
    Anyone cares for revitalizing the channel? All we need is productions. Producers of TF, reveal yourselves! Halon *Maickel* J2P Nangle PegaSus Thijs Katadunkass Astral Point badass asteski Ataraxia Brunoo Gelardi Altair Magdelayna DNZY J4mie HugoHak sinodA Noadja vermont-cade Maratone LOON Tyler Wildman Kjuna jCoke and all the others...



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  • 12:45 PM - Nangle quoted S3baman in post Neelix - You Can Change The World
    https://soundcloud.com/neelix/you-can-change-the-world Track will most likely come out on SpinTwist Indeed and it's actually out. https://www.beatport.com/track/you-can-change-the-world-original-mix/7956739



  • 23:29 PM - Chaim Mankoff quoted Nangle in post Falcon - Aquila [Always Alive]
    Still giving this track regular play time 4 years later. Gorgeous little number. I'd kinda forgotten about this but yeah, it's incredible, I wish he was still into trance
  • 20:57 PM - Nangle quoted Hensmon in post Old vs. New Anjunabeats
    Because we have the ability to see past our own subjective tastes if we choose. Have you never seen the value in something that you don't personally enjoy or are drawn too? Fortunately in this case we both ...
  • 20:42 PM - Nangle quoted Daysleeper in post Is good pop music dead?
    You choosed to degrade and ridicule other suggested tracks by using a the term "tacky". Isnt music all subjective? Indeed, and I have never claimed otherwise.
  • 20:19 PM - Hensmon quoted Nangle in post Old vs. New Anjunabeats
    Precisely, then how can she objectively rate it as good or bad? It's similar to asking me, someone who can't abide spices, to rate curries. To me, they are all the devils armpit sweat, regardless of the ingr...
  • 18:08 PM - Daysleeper quoted Nangle in post Is good pop music dead?
    Just going to leave this here. 100x better than most of the tacky crap posted in this thread so far. [video=youtube;5NV6Rdv1a3I]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NV6Rdv1a3I]movie[/URL] Two things. 1. You ...
  • 17:12 PM - DPProject quoted Nangle in post Armin van Buuren Pres. Rising Star ft. Betsie Larkin - Again (Inc. Armin van Buuren Remix) [Armind]
    Corrected that for you. I was going to suggest "Noisy Turd Remix" ... but you got the point across rather well.
  • 14:21 PM - Nangle quoted Hensmon in post Old vs. New Anjunabeats
    Because it does not fit her taste (subjective), which has developed in her own era, with her own experiences. Its ironic that you both use classical as some sort of benchmark, putting on a pedalstal as a supe...
  • 14:16 PM - Hensmon quoted Nangle in post Old vs. New Anjunabeats
    Rest assured, if I play to my gran - someone who is a devout follower of classical music and has listened to it live in the likes of Bridgewater Hall and Philharmonie de Paris - tracks that feature in Trance...
  • 14:12 PM - Hensmon quoted Nangle in post Is good pop music dead?
    Just going to leave this here. 100x better than most of the tacky crap posted in this thread so far. Yeah this was a good one, but must of taken 3000 other tracks before to see it. Could you even make a top...
  • 12:25 PM - Nangle quoted Daysleeper in post Old vs. New Anjunabeats
    . Is Samuel Barbers adagio for strings not objectively good? Give me an argument why it isnt objectively good that isn't just: "well, it depends on who you ask". Its not about snobbery or elitism. Every adult ...
  • 12:10 PM - Nangle quoted sashamlenik in post Armin van Buuren Pres. Rising Star ft. Betsie Larkin - Again (Inc. Armin van Buuren Remix) [Armind]
    Soon on Armind! Incl. Armin van Buuren & Musical Cancer Remixes image Corrected that for you.
  • 12:04 PM - Nangle quoted AustralianGQ in post Will there ever be another Robert Miles?
    deadmau5 isnt all that talented. hes ok on the production side of things, but you are kinda milking his talents. Not really. What he does very few producers nowadays do - even the most succsefull of those. There i...
  • 01:36 AM - AustralianGQ quoted Nangle in post Will there ever be another Robert Miles?
    Isn't this a little contradictory? In previous threads you have stated how much you value the use of hardware and the delivery of unique and organic sounds, yet when someone presents to you the likes of Dead...