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    Hey man, glad you liked them. This is basically my fave style, so I know quite a lot of tracks like that. I also tend to play similar tracks in my mixes (mixcloud link in my sig if youre interested). I'm currently at work, but will send you some more suggestions in the evening when I get home and look at my playlist a bit.
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    Haha, ive been without a computer for weeks. Think the harddrive is fried. Have been playing a lot of games to kill time. Back for good now
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    That picture has itīs origin in the TF WhatsApp group where i had a good day and did some funny pics for the members there.
    After that pic i thought, i canīt use the original here because the powder is white and everybody thinks itīs coke - so i colored it blue and now it somehow says iīm "trancefix addicted" ;-)
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    It surely has, what have you been up to?
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    Welcome back mate
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    Hey mate, where are you at the moment ? Miss you here, lol
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    yes mate! I love it I'm totally satisfied!! cheers
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    Hey, thanks for the info - totally forgot about that because thereīs much going on in my life atm!
    As i listened to the first set someone posted here a few weeks ago i thought while playing vidya and listening to it - the record got stuck - but after you told me thatīs "bosh" it made sense

    Sounds awesome, i need more!!
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    Haha, wow! Awesome!!
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  • 19:25 PM - J4mie mentioned Nangle in post Closing of TranceFix.nl
    ...less after reading this, but it's understandable. Times change. I was 15 when I joined this place and now I'm 26... Met some cool people from here irl @ Lumi in 2013 and 2014: Gerard @MrRabbit Paul @Nangle Tim @NomadZXZ Kumara @PegaSus Camilla @Sunshine @Thijs Violeta @Vilence @Wesley + others I forgot to mention Thanks for the ride! 19213


  • 23:25 PM - Halon mentioned Nangle in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    ...t another year. Ugh... Join one! Take some good pics, and show your personality as much as you can on them, and on your profile. Good luck! Heh yeah i think my beard will scare them away :p Anyway Nangle engineKUBWA Dell-Ta Plane badass Sunshine cheer_up Murvin AmberJ Phael Darren where are you?


  • 20:34 PM - Gagi mentioned Nangle in post Piooner DJ XDJ-RX2 - Opinions?
    ...w more before making my own final decision. Another alternative instead would be: DJM450 + 2x CDJs 700. Thank you! :wave: Just 3 weeks ago I was looking at this specific controller. I think it is Nangle who uses it, but he's unfortunately not been active here for years now. He seemed pretty satisfied with it. If you want, you can put together some questions and I'll send them to him in our WhatsApp g...


  • 10:39 AM - Gagi mentioned Nangle in post Drawings
    Oy Katadunkass, post more of these bitches up! I like your drawings. The Mercedes-Benz one is freakin' awesome. And Nangle, we're still waiting for those cock pics. No, not pics of yours. I meant drawings. As for me, I don't draw much, but sometimes when I was bored in class, I used to draw some random shit. I also like ...


  • 16:30 PM - Gagi mentioned Nangle in post Smartphones
    ...k, but I like the design and I'd get the iPhone 8 if I had the chance. iPhone X's notch on the top of the screen just looks ugly AF. How is that appealing to people other than fanboys (looking at you Nangle haha) is beyond me. I like how more often than not, we see some innovations within the flagships. The competition is fierce and that is really making an impact on the smartphones, both in terms of qu...



  • 20:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Nangle in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    VOTE! @Voci @Nangle @Halon @Magdelayna @uplifter-te @SupaNoodles @sleeping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @frankster @freezer02 @Sleepy ...
  • 20:57 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Nangle in post Trance Classics - A Knockout Survival Game (1990-2000 Edition)
    ...nary Finary - 1998 - 7 Push - Strange World (2000 remake) -11 Art Of Trance - Moonsoon - 9 L.S.G. - Netherworld - 11 Oudja - Never Tell What You Think - 10 Insigma - Insigma - 6 (-1) VOTE! @Voci @Nangle @Halon @Magdelayna @uplifter-te @SupaNoodles @sleeping @S3baman @point @allywheels @HugoHak @MasterTuxx @Pierre92 @Marco1979 @mrx.friend @Teardrop NL @chillseeker @tep @franktster @freezer02 @Sleepy...


  • 15:30 PM - Daysleeper mentioned Nangle in post Share your personal favourite well-mastered technically competent tracks.
    ...ed that you find as clean as a babys butt. Preferably non-trance because that whats most intereting in my opinion, but trance is ok too ofc. @Gagi @Katadunkass @maickel @Frankster @rubez @Hensmon @Nangle @Halon @matrixmorpheus @Altair @badass @Marco1979 @Quethas @Sleepy Robot @freezer02 @Z Dobrej Woli @PegaSus @skyriderz @Rok @tep @Klaas @KrissO @Sszecret @Aoi @jeoblogb @N7pSTR @Fredjan @SupaNoodles a...


  • 09:23 AM - Thijs mentioned Nangle in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 8
    Finally a proper mix of "Great Spirit" :beard: https://soundcloud.com/hsp2/armin-van-buuren-vs-vini-vici-ft-hilight-tribe-great-spirit-wildstylez-remix Most logically written in charge of Armin himself as ...



  • 23:41 PM - Gagi mentioned Nangle in post The Noble Six - Cocoon [Kearnage]
    ...Awesome work! Finally some decent tech-trance!!! One of the best modern tech-trance tunes I've heard in a long time! Just what I love, and just what's been missing. The Noble Six, hats off, mister. Nangle, check it out!


  • 12:41 PM - Thijs mentioned Nangle in post Levi Mudhouse - The Ambush [Free Download]
    ... little softer indeed. Also some good news, already made four new embryos of tracks this weekend. Some proper works are coming up <temporary sneak preview> :D What about you guys? @badass @Hensmon @Nangle @DNZY @PegaSus


  • 17:25 PM - Nangle mentioned Aoi in post HP Source - Maverick [Kearange]
    https://soundcloud.com/bryankearney/bryan-kearney-kearnage-099-live-dreamstate-stage-beyond-wonderland-socal-2016 Release date: 27.06.2016 Begins at 20.05 @Aoi


  • 09:51 AM - Thijs mentioned Nangle in post New trends in EDM
    Couldn't find any of them yet, but with lyrics like these, it's waiting for some good remixes from the hardstyle scene. Don't you think so Nangle ? :D It had a good run, but it's over now It's time y'all danced to a different sound That nasty shit will make your ears bleed You can never get enough of what you don't need In time, every genre ...


  • 01:21 AM - Thijs mentioned Nangle in post The Official Hardstyle Topic
    ... Looking forward to find an HQ version of that :) Sample: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRRfanpage/videos/869508099839208/ More album previews here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkwD4dvaosU @Nangle



  • 18:29 PM - Puppetmaster mentioned Nangle in post Should Trancefix get a new design ?
    Personally I dont use/read the front page a lot so for me i'd rather spent the time on improving the forum, while I agree with Nangle that it looks fine still so perhaps use the time for promotions and attract new members instead to keep this place active and interesting.


  • 21:47 PM - Thijs mentioned Nangle in post MidiMiliz - Trace Function [2005]
    ...rman acts (Extrawelt). Pretty good classic old-skoolish trance with a perfect blend of psy and tech sounds. Taken from their album "Non Standards" MidiMilliz - Trace Function YqID6jCULMM @HugoHak @Nangle @Hensmon


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  • 04:06 AM - Fredjan quoted Nangle in post Ron van den Beuken - Timeless [2003]
    Damn, that's actually the first time I've heard the original mix. Really nice but i still favour his techier take. This is the kind of situation where a DJ edit would be awesome. You could have parts of the...


  • 00:03 AM - Hyper Drive quoted Nangle in post Perasma - Swing (To/2) Harmony [2004]
    Love this song so much! I skimmed through this before, but thought id give it a second chance through the speakers this morning. Actually favouring this over the G&D mix now. Stunning take on things. One ...


  • 16:25 PM - rubez quoted Nangle in post Are you a real trancehead?
    "Not pretentious" then continues to claim that what I listen to is shite. You're a Class A hypocrite. :screwy: You know this. I know this. But for every 200, 300, or so, maybe more in your case, tracks tha...
  • 13:34 PM - tep quoted Nangle in post Zac Waters - Silent Cartographer [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
    I wasn't under the impression that cartography was a loud practice. What a strange name for a track. :confused: rofl, your comments always make me giggle. but yea, its not really my cup of tea (i dont lik...


  • 16:36 PM - Nangle quoted Nemezijus in post Coffee Machines
    I have a moka pot. Thats my coffee machine :) I've seen these but... http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/starpolar/images/6/6b/Notime.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150225125846
  • 16:35 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    no pretentiousness here mate, i just don't like shite music, that's the only difference between us. modern trance borders on pop music. that's the audience they are trying to capture. "Not pretentious" the...
  • 13:10 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    you seem to have some stupid preconceived notions in your head. in fact, i think you're deluded. what makes you think people yearning for decent material like we got in the 2000 era haven't attended a live...
  • 11:22 AM - rubez quoted Nangle in post Are you a real trancehead?
    In comparison to the anachronistic's who tirelessly trawl YouTube and forums, constantly preaching about the Good Ol' Days despite never having experienced a live set or generally gave something back to the ...


  • 21:05 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    financial support of a scene is the biggest contributing factor in making someone hardcore? that's a load of gash right there. is a broke trance head any less of a trance head just because they don't "suppo...
  • 19:35 PM - Nangle quoted Halon in post The Gaming Thread - Part 3
    I have no idea why i wrote that. :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udNHsk57f24
  • 19:23 PM - Nangle quoted Daysleeper in post What was the last movie you watched? - Part 4
    what happened to this ? :P [video=youtube;XGnVhqhmip8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGnVhqhmip8]movie[/URL] It evolved into a rather mediocre web series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s6UiEuCYXA
  • 19:18 PM - Nangle quoted MasterTuxx in post Shugz - Eden's Calling [In Trance We Trust]
    Already covered. :) http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?325168-Shugz-Edens-Calling-In-Trance-We-Trust Up and coming young Irish tech-trance DJ/producer is immensely talented! :clap: I remember reading that t...
  • 18:44 PM - Daysleeper quoted Nangle in post Prestige - Romantic Cosmos [Asgaard Records] (2004)
    Romantic Cosmos is definitely one of the pinnacles in Ralph's discography for me. http://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=15763&stc=1
  • 12:46 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    financial support makes you a genuine fan or something? you talk some shit friend. It's clear comprehension isn't your forte. Financially supporting a cause of any sort, in the largest majority of cases, ex...
  • 11:45 AM - rubez quoted Nangle in post Are you a real trancehead?
    When I said "you", I was referring to my initial standpoint and generalising, but you took it upon yourself to interpret that as you because I hit a nerve on your part. It's not warped at all. Someone who ...


  • 18:32 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    you. or else learn how to construct a post properly. you think someone who goes to events is a bigger, or more deserving trance head than someone who combs discogs?! that's some warped thinking. When I s...
  • 14:38 PM - rubez quoted Nangle in post Are you a real trancehead?
    Who mentioned you personally? you. or else learn how to construct a post properly. you think someone who goes to events is a bigger, or more deserving trance head than someone who combs discogs? (presumab...
  • 13:56 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    me personally? what the fuck do you know? i don't go to trance nights because trance went down the toilet and left a horrible skid mark... its zombie corpse getting hijacked by sell outs using marketing pl...
  • 13:33 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    what you describe, is some sort of superfan. more obsessed with the celebrity than the music... probably the type of person who listens to the EDM bastardisation of trance and thinks it's legit. a real tra...
  • 12:46 PM - Nangle quoted rubez in post Are you a real trancehead?
    that's a massive load of bull. ... and to top it off with "in my humble opinion". :D Are you getting defensive because the latter fits? :D

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