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    Been a long time since I last sent you a track. Been listening to this sort of stuff.
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    Thanks man
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    For free https://soundcloud.com/yoogie/future...ile-van-bellen Enjoy His remix of Miro By your side was also given away for free. https://soundcloud.com/yoogie/miro-b...ide-van-bellen
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    Yes I speak to Ace's Delight on Facebook real name Andreas Schmidt :P Never been a of Jochen Miller his track Upad is not my thing
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    I speak to him on Facebook actually been looking for his label to release Sonic Inc - A Taste of Summer for ages now. He went away from the scene for a while lovely track indeed. Btw the crowd really enjoyed Airwave's set on Saturday in America the one on Friday was very flat because he had just played after a brostep DJ.
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    Yup you are right and in case you didn't know its made by Agnelli & Nelson
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    Cool track man miss these kinds of tracks tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIjJ5rOrgsU
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    I wish they made this sort of trance once again
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    Yeah I know a lot of people do I know most people on trance.nu don't seem to like it at all. Btw took me 6 years but I finally got a proper remix of Solar Fields - Overload the version Armin played back in 2006 on his show
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  • 02:03 AM - Gagi mentioned Fredjan in post Incolumis - One With Sanctuary(Original Mix)
    Thanks Fredjan and Daysleeper, all lovely tracks there but I feel like it isn't close, though Daysleeper's is a bit closer. On another note: Damn Incolumis is awesome!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9AlT0QgP1o


  • 23:36 PM - Altair mentioned Fredjan in post Trump or Hillary: Who is more horrendous!?
    ...l see an honest-to-God fascist party with a sizeable following in the states. Hell, you're seeing them all over Europe right now. They don't quite have to be Nazi-clones to be worthy of the title. @Fredjan Hillary is indeed horrendous, but the force behind her doesn't represent an existential threat to the safety of every non-white, non-straight person in America. Read this to see what I mean. I do defi...
  • 19:40 PM - Fredjan mentioned AustralianGQ in post Trump or Hillary: Who is more horrendous!?
    ... all who think alike: Please read the following analysis as to how Trump won the presidency. https://www.quora.com/How-did-Donald-Trump-win-the-2016-US-Presidential-Election/answer/Rafindra-Setiawan AustralianGQ is also spot-on.


  • 18:09 PM - Fredjan mentioned Magdelayna in post M.I.K.E. Push - Maitri [High Contrast Recordings]
    I'll disagree with (most of) the negative comments here. In my opinion, the acid sounds at the beginning are unnecessary; several layers of melodies would have been more interesting. As Magdelayna already stated, the bassline should have been more complex since the beginning. Otherwise, solid track.


  • 04:40 AM - Fredjan mentioned Gagi in post Trance Producers vs Musicians
    To make my point @Gagi, what would you call a DJ who could not dj Vinyl or Cd but only used Ableton Live? Are they a DJ? My answer is no. A DJ. Of course he's a DJ. Most people wouldn't question that. However, @Gagi, Wilk...


  • 01:34 AM - Fredjan mentioned Daysleeper in post What will music be/sound like in the future?
    Yeah Im sorry I dont listen to your facts. Im probably just complaining for complaining sake. @Daysleeper thoughts on this track? It was released a couple of months ago and is still going strong in Latin America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UV0QGLmYys





  • 17:02 PM - Thijs mentioned Fredjan in post Thoughts on Beatport top 10 ~ every genre
    Fredjan out of curiosity: Why do you judge all the genres/lists only on the number 1 of the chart? It only says that it's the most sold track with that label on the specific moment. Not the best track or mos...


  • 09:43 AM - Daysleeper mentioned Fredjan in post Perspectives
    Fredjan Obviously it depends on who you are asking concerning classics and all the criteria that follows about what makes it a classic. The younger generation seem to think a track from 2-3 years is a classi...


  • 13:16 PM - Sszecret mentioned Fredjan in post Trance is dead version2016.
    ... do think there are good tracks out there, even today, if you take the time to look in the right places. Also, on the trance intros and disappointing climaxes, yep, been there. And one directed at Fredjan : Surely, not all Dutch producers? What's wrong with this for example? rZTpTd__J-0



  • 00:04 AM - Gagi mentioned Fredjan in post (Older) breakbeat/chillout/ambient music by trance producers.
    ...erfect for running. Is Kissed a trance or a breakbeat track? Or both? I don't mind what it is, really, what matters is that it's really good. The beat is just awesome. It's probably NSFW, though. :D Fredjan Wavy Gravy is pretty good. I wouldn't mind listening to it in a mix or while doing anything. It's really relaxing. Marcato is also good, the beats are pretty fast; but I don't like it that much. Liqui...


  • 22:14 PM - Nangle mentioned Fredjan in post Nangle - TranceFix Trance Classics Mix
    .... St John vs. Locust - Mind Circles 18. Smith & Pledger - White 19. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Woody van Eyden Remix) I've basically just tagged anyone who has ever contributed to the thread. @Fredjan @Daysleeper @Spider-Vice @PegaSus @DarkRyder @Sszecret @Frankster @evertsponger @Addict-In-Trance @Gagi @dnug @Hensmon @HorizonsLandscapes @Carlos Magalhães @tep @tranceclassics @malka @Phael @Halon @...



  • 22:57 PM - Thijs mentioned Fredjan in post Airwave - A Touch of Grace - [Bonzai Progressive]
    ...1544-Review-Airwave-A-Touch-of-Grace-Reus-Calling-Bonzai-Progressive @Progrez @Gagi @Nangle @Hensmon @Rok @asteski @RandomUserName @Ath Leete @Klaas @Marco1979 @Daysleeper @Katadunkass @INCEPTION @Fredjan @vastvision @Quethas @german103 @Hindsight


  • 05:39 AM - badass mentioned Fredjan in post Hybrid Appreciation Thread
    ...mix of that, too! [video=youtube;NJrmm5P5WSw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJrmm5P5WSw]movie[/URL] [video=youtube;r-742OmCWNo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-742OmCWNo]movie[/URL] WOW thanks Fredjan ,i love this remix!!!! i'm loving everything about this track haha very cool :)
  • 04:57 AM - Fredjan mentioned badass in post Hybrid Appreciation Thread
    badass You should listen to the John B Remix of that, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJrmm5P5WSw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-742OmCWNo

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  • 05:04 AM - Fredjan quoted jeoblogb in post Trance is really coming back?
    https://www.reddit.com/r/trance/comments/4sz8r0/cosmithex_to_stop_producing_music/ The first reply on that thread is sufficient to knock down your entire argument about JOOF: Pretty salty way to go out, im...


  • 19:36 PM - Magdelayna quoted Fredjan in post Trance is really coming back?
    That's odd. In my opinion, 2014 was one of the strongest years for Trance: Will Atkinson was killing it with Victims and Harvester. Photographer was producing 138-140 BPM bangers left and right with surpris...
  • 18:54 PM - tep quoted Fredjan in post Trance is really coming back?
    That's odd. In my opinion, 2014 was one of the strongest years for Trance: Will Atkinson was killing it with Victims and Harvester. Photographer was producing 138-140 BPM bangers left and right with surpris...
  • 07:13 AM - Fredjan quoted tep in post Trance is really coming back?
    I must say 2014 probably was weakest year for trance for me, listened to alot of different edm back then, mainly dnb. Has been much better since then, but i still found quite a few tracks from that year i...


  • 21:32 PM - Fredjan quoted Nectar in post Classics you can't listen to today.
    Airscape - L'esperanza - Yet another track where the synth riff tries to break through the stratosphere. It feels like my ears gets a beating from a fat bully that munches on cheese doodles. But he hits like...


  • 11:27 AM - Perpetuous Dreamer quoted Fredjan in post Trance is really coming back?
    For what it's worth, there is no indication that W&W is producing trance at all. They have a new project called NWYR. There are some ID's on youtube under that name and also, they will we be on ASOT stage at...




  • 06:23 AM - Fredjan quoted chreddy in post The Drum and Bass thread
    BUMP! Lately I've been listening a lot to Netsky's album "2", and what an amazing album it is! This track is definitely one of my favorites! :standard: Love Has Gone had me hooked on the first listen: htt...




  • 15:18 PM - Abel Ramos quoted Fredjan in post Floyd - Forever (Abel Ramos Remix) [2003]
    Bumping since he's now an active member of this forum! Im not the real Abel Ramos, it's just a kind of patriotic tribute. Actually i wanted to be named as Abel Trax or Frank Ramos (for Frank T.R.A.X., another...



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