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    Been trying to ID this track, the track at 29 mins it's unreleased.

    and this one at 32 mins the intro track is really nice

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    You're a legend, thanks a lot, man.
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    Hey, Rok, loving those suggestions you left in the Carpathian - Burkut thread. Do you have any more or even better, know of mixes that contain a similar style?

    l really enjoy the darker, more atmospheric side of trance and breaks, but its one of the few areas of music i lack any knowledge in. Its the ideal soundtrack for studying.
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    A breaks remix of a trance track by sleeping aka you are my salvation https://soundcloud.com/sleepingmusic...tual-light-you
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    Hey man! Joined up the other week. A lot more active over here than the ASOT forum has been recently.
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    Track at 45 mins https://soundcloud.com/schwung-music...chwung-podcast it should be labelled as trance.
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    Next Global Trance Grooves guestmixer wil be Simon Templar \o/
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    More deeper not really hypnotic but quite trippy too.

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    Hey mate, try listening to the original mix, what an atmospheric track!
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    I'll see if i can find any it's not easy there are way too many tech house tracks out there. By the guy who remixes this has been influenced by trance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBczBLz0YZE I've heard that adam beyer plays some cool techno as well.
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  • 18:41 PM - Hensmon mentioned Rok in post Best Trance Tracks of 2019
    Nice one Rok, some good choices in there. How about Katadunkass, Daysleeper, enlusion ... Need more tunes in this thread.
  • 08:59 AM - Rok mentioned Hensmon in post Best Trance Tracks of 2019
    Here are a couple of my favourites in no particular order: Hensmon CJ Bolland & The Advent — Camargue 2019 (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix) - not trance, but anyway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z0SOZE-lPg Allende - Simpler Times https://www.youtub...


  • 17:16 PM - Hensmon mentioned Rok in post Best Trance Tracks of 2019
    Here's some more. Serge Lander - Blackwood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgKp-xx_kPY Allende - Mosaic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4jOJqz4mJ8 @Rok, have any standout favourites this year?
  • 15:10 PM - Rok mentioned Gagi in post The Exercise Thread
    @Gagi Glad you managed to overcome your injury problems. I know what an annoyance they can be. At the end of last year I injured my low back while deadlifting weight that I was completely comfortable with...



  • 10:34 AM - Rok mentioned freezer02 in post Push - Together We Rule The World (Artist Album) [Mostiko]
    Listened yesterday. Definitely a great album which shows that MIKE still has it in him. My favourites are pretty much the same as freezer02's list above with the addition of Devise, but without My Own Paradise. The latter was a bit too euphoric for me on first listen, but I'll give another judgement after a few more listens.


  • 23:23 PM - Hyper Drive mentioned Rok in post Feral - Climbing Himalaya[Hypnus Records]
    ...stma-Album-Preview-Spiral-Trax-Records&highlight=Hedustma I'll tag all the others that replied in the thread. HugoHak Seachy_001 Katadunkass MrVrhgyiB Rok jeet Altair and also others too. Arnoud HugoHak light the fuse




  • 10:45 AM - Rok mentioned Hensmon in post Your music purchasing habits
    Yup, I regularly buy digital tracks on Beatport and Juno. I rarely buy CDs though. Maybe a few per year. Same as @Hensmon, I also get great pleasure from having a huge, tidied collection on my PC. I have backups on 3 different locations, just to be sure. :P









  • 18:37 PM - Sleepy Robot mentioned Rok in post The Digital Blonde - Argo EP [JOOF Recordings]
    ...as mentioned above and ricky lost the master and midi file for the track so he was unable recreate it. He said that if he tried to recreate it in the studio that it would sound different. jeoblogb Rok, Katadunkass , Look what i just read on Facebook! :D Let's hope he manages. http://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=16572&stc=1


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  • 16:19 PM - Rok quoted Katadunkass in post The Gaming Thread - Part 3
    Ori and the Blind Forest is one of my favorite games from recent years. Same here. I'm generally a sucker for metroidvania style platformers. Looking forward to playing the new one soon.


  • 15:23 PM - Rok quoted Tievb21 in post Dimension - Origami [Flashover Recordings]
    I really miss the whole mystery behind different alias and IDs. And I am sure I am not the only one. This track gained 35 page instead of 2 to 5 pages, in the best case. The reason is that it is undoubted tha...


  • 08:20 AM - Magdelayna quoted Rok in post Will Atkinson - Telescope [VII]
    Great stuff, love it. Same here. Reminds me of Razorfish by A&B under their Tranquility Base alias. Thats it! I do think sometimes he goes back to older melodies and re-creates them - like in Numb The...
  • 07:50 AM - Rok quoted Magdelayna in post Will Atkinson - Telescope [VII]
    Great stuff, love it. that extra melody reminds me of an older track... Same here. Reminds me of Razorfish by A&B under their Tranquility Base alias.


  • 14:25 PM - Rok quoted Spider-Vice in post The Digital Blonde - NEON 2 [JOOF Recordings]
    My favourite thing about his productions is how he uses strings and long sweeping pads to make a track progress. Agree with this and it's what makes the atmosphere in his tracks so outstanding, imo. I underst...



  • 23:06 PM - Gagi quoted Rok in post The Exercise Thread
    My pain might be in the same place. Right above the buttocks, where a bone sticks out on both sides of the spine. Its only on the left side for me though. Oh and I have the same experience with prolonge...
  • 22:46 PM - Rok quoted Hensmon in post Best Trance Tracks of 2019
    Here's some more. Serge Lander - Blackwood [video=youtube;YgKp-xx_kPY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgKp-xx_kPY]movie[/URL] Allende - Mosaic [video=youtube;-4jOJqz4mJ8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-...
  • 22:38 PM - Rok quoted Gagi in post The Exercise Thread
    Ah yes, the healthcare system may be free, but it's just not useful for anything other than the flu. Gotta go to the private sector if you want something done, and fast. Where is the pain located? Mine is...
  • 19:13 PM - Gagi quoted Rok in post The Exercise Thread
    Congrats on your PR! I was lucky enough that i was still able to do most other exercises pain free, so I still kept my working out regularly, just my lower body strength took a hit. There was no proper...
  • 18:14 PM - Rok quoted Gagi in post The Exercise Thread
    Thanks! Just during today's session, where I set another PR (112.5 on a squat), I felt something in my groin. Not the first time, happened when I was just starting out. Will need to start warming up with d...
  • 15:52 PM - Gagi quoted Rok in post The Exercise Thread
    ...ast year I injured my low back while deadlifting weight that I was completely comfortable with (nowhere near my max). I always focus on my form 100%, but this time I did one rep too many and my form broke down because of fatigue. Heard an actual pop in my low back and just fell on my knees due to the pain. After that I didn't deadlift and squat for like 6 months and obviously lost quite a bit of str...


  • 17:31 PM - leon92 quoted Rok in post John 00 Fleming - Space Odyssey [JOOF]
    Great track. This is the kind of sound I expect and want more of on JOOF's label, not that imo lifeless prog he's been pushing lately. Yeah, his show is one of my favourite shows but I like the songs whi...


  • 10:58 AM - Rok quoted Gagi in post Raytheon - Caldera [Pulsar Recordings]
    This and Blade Run are still one of the more memorable tracks since they came out. Love em both. Raytheon, announcing his return, shared one of the first versions of this track. Love that bassline. ht...



  • 21:21 PM - enlusion quoted Rok in post John 00 Fleming - Nine Lives (Remixed) [JOOF]
    Indeed, that Subtara remix was and still is fantastic. So disappointed he hasn't released anything in recent years. Loved his stuff. Well I signed a few Subtara tracks last week, so watch this space :)


  • 14:23 PM - Rok quoted S3baman in post Orkidea - Metta [VII]
    Orkidea is one the highest quality producers in electronic music, let alone trance. Agree. He's one of those you can always rely on to produce the goods. And he's been doing it for more than 20 years. Defin...



  • 12:17 PM - Daysleeper quoted Rok in post Ocean State - Amnesia [Pure Trance NEON]
    Definitely caught my attention, which is extremely rare in modern uplifters. I think it's pretty good. I wouldnt out this on the "uplifting" category. Back in the day this was likely progressive trance,


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