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    Yes, ik woon al mijn hele leven in Nijverdal. Lang leve de lol qua uitgaan, not.
    Meestal ga ik naar feestjes in Nijmegen of Amsterdam, soms is er in Zwolle ook wel wat leuks te doen. Ik ben eigenlijk niet zo van de trance feestjes. Alleen met Luminosity ben ik ff trance fan, meer voor de gezelligheid eigenlijk In Zwolle is trouwens wel een paar keer per jaar Fusion of Dance, die hebben vaak wel een trance stage. 18 mei zijn ze weer
    Wat voor werk doe je dat je meteen aan de slag kon? Dat gebeurt tegenwoordig ook bijna niet meer
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    Ah nice, nou je bent hier vastg niet naartoe gekomen voor de geweldige dance scene.... Overijssel is best magertjes. Ga je nog naar de trance gathering btw?
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    Hey, wat zie ik... kom je uit Ommen? Das vlakbij hier (Nijverdal)
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About *Maickel*

my super secret SC account: https://soundcloud.com/user620822103 (short clips and unfinished stuff) Don't tell anyone ;)
Gaming, Producing


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Out Of The Past - Mystery (MaickelJ Remix)

"u massacre music with your amateurism"

only finished shovel knight 8x


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  • 22:53 PM - Gagi mentioned *Maickel* in post Slack for TranceFix (Producers)
    ...e could chat about stuff in general as well. If you're interested, let me know. You could send me your e-mail via PM or here. Thijs Magdelayna Brunoo calgarc Michael Oak HorizonsLandscapes Maratone *Maickel* sinodA Gelardi Altair delphionmusic vermont-cade Ataraxia Halon Astral Point ...and others I forgot to tag - sorry.


  • 15:15 PM - Gagi mentioned *Maickel* in post Vermont Cade - Tears Of Solace (3 Mixes)
    *Maickel* Check this out!! Original Mix really reminds me of some of Airwave's progressive/breaks works around the 2006 era onwards. Really sublime stuff. The Alternative Mix is a lot groovier, and I enjoy it ...


  • 22:12 PM - Gagi mentioned *Maickel* in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    ...hese projects are due I'll have a bit more time for everything. Hope this increases the number and/or the quality of our entries. I'm sure they'll all be awesome. :) @Halon @Altair @HugoHak @Thijs @*Maickel* @calgarc @Daniel van Sand @ApexSound @Brunoo @Magdelayna et al.


  • 13:26 PM - Gagi mentioned *Maickel* in post Gagi & MaickelJ - ID
    BTW, @*Maickel*, is that the latest version? I have at least 2-3 different ones on my laptop, don't know which one is the latest one unfortunately. But I don't have the one with this arrangement. Mind sending it to ...



  • 00:04 AM - Thijs mentioned *Maickel* in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    ...y and paste doesnt make them work for some silly reason. This one works.... Guuuuys, we have a remixcompetition. Check the few posts before and join in if you like :) @Thijs @Brunoo @Magdelayna @*Maickel* @Halon @sleeping @Altair @sinodA @vermont-cade @Astral Point @HugoHak @Michael Oak @Burnie @Gelardi @Xynth @Maratone @Ath Leete @alteredfuture @asteski @Daniel van Sand @Voci @delphionmusic @Ataraxia ...


  • 13:51 PM - *Maickel* mentioned Altair in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    ...d the roaring samples. :D Everything is really good, only the drums and bass aren't really dominant as one would expect...or it's just my headphones. That :tongue: it sounds good here. Nice track Altair


  • 16:29 PM - *Maickel* mentioned Daniel van Sand in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    I do have some acapellas/stems left of the old Ferry Corsten remix contests a few years back. Don't we have anyone here who makes original tracks with vocals? Like Daniel van Sand *hint* :smile1:
  • 13:07 PM - Gagi mentioned *Maickel* in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    ...l suggestions such as how much time we should have, prize ideas, specific rules, blablabla. I'll make a poll when we get enough track suggestions so we could vote and decide. Thijs Brunoo Magdelayna *Maickel* Halon sleeping Altair sinodA vermont-cade Astral Point HugoHak Michael Oak Burnie Gelardi Xynth Maratone Ath Leete alteredfuture asteski Daniel van Sand Voci delphionmusic ... Tag the others.






  • 15:50 PM - Real Wilkinson mentioned *Maickel* in post FL Studio *Did you know?*
    ...Who knew Gagi would be responsible for all this exploration with my productions. Sleeping Im not dismissing what tour saying, just giving you my experience so far. Thanks to all of you Gagi, Halon, *Maickel*, MfmfmF. Truly grateful!!!




  • 22:15 PM - Gagi mentioned *Maickel* in post VOTE NOW: Prisoner Of Past Remix Contest
    ...8&stc=1 The voting closes 3 weeks from now, on 23rd August, 23:59 CEST. Make sure to submit your votes by then. Also, feel free to discuss! :) Thank you all for participating. Special thanks go to *Maickel*, Thijs, Trance People and TranceFix who have helped organize this great competition. Cheers!



  • 18:16 PM - TranceFix mentioned *Maickel* in post Trancefix Gagi & MaickelJ Remixcontest
    Trancefix members Gagi and *Maickel* are celebrating their debut collaboration release with a proper remixcompetition, in collaboration with Trancepeople Records. Both Gagi and Maickel have been producing for years and belong to the trus...

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  • 12:03 PM - Hensmon quoted *Maickel* in post RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
    I made my own little 'tribute' remix of 'The Messenger'. Tbh, at first I was kinda indifferent about Chesters death, sure it's sad but it didn't affect my mood. The last few days have been heavier though (not...
  • 02:43 AM - *Maickel* quoted Hensmon in post RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
    Then Reanimation came out and it changed my musical perspective and horizons completely. 100% the main driving force for my love of many diverse genres I like today, mainly the Rock, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Ind...


  • 12:00 PM - *Maickel* quoted point in post Trance is really coming back?
    ...w releases section and give a word or two for every release and help us sort out the good from the crap. Maybe the section needs some kinda of rating system (and a sort based on the rating). Good. . point :yeah: I totally agree though.


  • 14:04 PM - *Maickel* quoted Magdelayna in post Gagi & MaickelJ - ID
    I really liked it until the main guitar melody came in later,which i thought souded a bit 'messy' - maybe keep it more simple and build on the vibe and atmosphere of the first part. The only melodic input from ...



  • 16:55 PM - HugoHak quoted *Maickel* in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    ...h just 1 kick and enough ppl like it you might still win :p But I personally listen to the full track and lean more towards complete tracks with intro/buildup and outro with my vote. Last edited by *Maickel* Tomorrow at 10:30 AM. Haha that edited tomorrow
  • 14:47 PM - *Maickel* quoted ApexSound in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    I assume the remix needs to be complete? Because if so, I need to add an outro also It's not a rule that it has to be complete. It's an open vote so if you create a 1 second track with just 1 kick and enough p...


  • 16:08 PM - Thijs quoted *Maickel* in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    Haven't had much time myself, but I could do some bits now Me neither, but here;s a little live recording I made this afternoon :) Looks like the bassdrum could use some more punch, lol. https://soundcloud.co...


  • 19:45 PM - Gagi quoted *Maickel* in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Earlier when you wanted to quit the app and hit the 'back' button (android) it would just close. Now when you hit the back button it first scrolls to the top and loads new posts and you just now that there are ...


  • 16:28 PM - ApexSound quoted *Maickel* in post Hello from the Netherlands
    Welcome :) And you should. It's always nice to hear other ppl's take on a track. The more the better imo :) Nice to hear! Am currently also working on a trance oriented remix for one of the tracks of Alan ...


  • 13:36 PM - *Maickel* quoted ApexSound in post Hello from the Netherlands
    Welcome :) Thanks! Also for mentioning the remix competition. Think I'll also give it a try and participate! And you should. It's always nice to hear other ppl's take on a track. The more the better imo :)




  • 12:44 PM - *Maickel* quoted Altair in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    Can I still suggest 'Draft 2 Design - Affection Over Reason (Basic Draft)'? :derp: Anyways I don't know if it's been decided that @Gagi's choosing the song, but if not: @delphionmusic I would fucking LOVE...


  • 13:17 PM - *Maickel* quoted Gagi in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    Will definitely decide before the 1st, then we'll start (if not before). 2 months is enough, what do you think? :thumb:
  • 00:17 AM - *Maickel* quoted Gagi in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    @Ataraxia @Thijs @Halon Yeah, but I am also a competitor, that's why I'm so reluctant. I'll choose it, no problems whatsoever, I just don't want anyone to think I have been biased and/or unfair. You, sir,...


  • 09:32 AM - Gagi quoted *Maickel* in post New TranceFix Remix Competition(?!)
    Who's gonna make the final decission? Or should we have a small poll with some of the suggested tracks to see which gets the most votes and go with that one?. Well I'm sure it won't be an individual decision, ...

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