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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPvoxu2TG1U That synth is so trance despite the kick being a bit hard

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Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past [THREAD | BEATPORT]
Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past (Remixes) [THREAD | BEATPORT]

Gagi - Classic Tech Trance Mix [MIXCLOUD]
Gagi - Short House & Trance Mix [MIXCLOUD]


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  • 23:31 PM - Altair mentioned Gagi in post Altair - Wild and Free [Free Download]
    ...ky, the fiery sunsets over my home in the plains of Alberta (pictured in the artwork), and the struggle towards and payoff of running free. Thanks so much for your support all this time (especially @Gagi :lub:), and I can absolutely guarantee you that this won't stay my best track for long :yes_new: https://soundcloud.com/transmissionsfromaltair/wild-and-free-preview Full track will be available tom...


  • 14:30 PM - Gagi mentioned point in post Temple One - Odyssey [Digital Society Recordings]
    I like this. Pretty enjoyable track. Then again, I haven't listened to many Anjuna-style releases so maybe I'm just not that oversaturated with it. @point in some sense, this might still be a blatant copy of a certain style or a group of tracks, but it can still be enjoyable. Tastes differ, and not only individually, but sometimes daily or at least peri...



  • 12:24 PM - Gagi mentioned Voci in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Thanks Voci! Well, when we were "the new generation", I'm sure our outlook on the world was of some concern to the previous generation. But we grew up. I am not that skeptical when it comes to them and their fut...


  • 22:03 PM - Gagi mentioned Contact in post Why hasn't Trance 2.0. died yet?
    Holy shit Contact I know I usually say I like this style that you're sharing but never 'remember' those tracks (as I do remember some classic trance tracks), but Addition I will remember and come back to for sure! Real...



  • 23:01 PM - Gagi mentioned Katadunkass in post What was the last movie you watched? - Part 4
    ...ath of Stalin (2017) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4686844/ Don't know if you guys have seen it. It's a dark comedy. Brilliant movie as well, enjoyed the characters very much. Hilarious. Seen this? Katadunkass


  • 19:53 PM - Gagi mentioned badass in post Funny pix - Part 4
    The spam we often get lol https://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=18649&stc=1 badass is that you?



  • 22:56 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post Best Trance tracks of 2017
    ...track from this year!?!? Starts like a Techno track but builds and builds to a melodic peak that is exactly what i'm looking for in a Trance track. Synths sound like they were made 15 years ago. Gem! Gagi its got that Xpander type sound to it again, similar to Joker Jam. Spektre & Luca Gaeta - Ascension https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAu_aLoZshs



  • 10:49 AM - Gagi mentioned Katadunkass in post Slam Duck - Outside [Pure Progressive]
    ...I'm really glad to see you guys like it, and that the track is getting some attention it so deserves. Wonder what does Marco1979 think about this track as it might be up his alley, I'm also positive Katadunkass and Sleepy Robot would like it.


  • 17:10 PM - Gagi mentioned Magdelayna in post Soundlift statemen t about the Trane Industry these days.
    https://www.trancefix.nl/attachment.php?attachmentid=18636&stc=1 Wise words. Should be automatically posted and pinned in most threads here. I completely agree with Magdelayna and Voci. If he wants to reach a big audience, he has to change his sound. If he wants to retain his sound, he then should not complain about how his fanbase is small and he's not able to get a releas...

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  • 16:45 PM - Gagi quoted erickUO in post Modern trance with a beach feel
    [video=youtube;VM37WBfOwm8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM37WBfOwm8]movie[/URL] [video=youtube;TxngAb8Wru8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxngAb8Wru8]movie[/URL] [video=youtube;y08_ebS2Mj8]https://www.y...
  • 13:12 PM - Gagi quoted Magdelayna in post Modern trance with a beach feel
    Is this another thread for balearic trance? :) https://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?351167-Sunset-Sunrise-Trance https://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?221601-guitar-trance-songs Nope. The difference is I ...



  • 03:17 AM - Gagi quoted AustralianGQ in post Vegetariansim/Veganism
    veganism is the future and that includes plant based meats/lab grown meat. Then I'm glad Serbia is years behind the rest of the world. :D I NEED MY MEAT!
  • 03:16 AM - Gagi quoted AustralianGQ in post meditation
    anyone have any tips on how to quite the mind and think of nothing when meditating. From how I understood, the trick isn't to strictly forbid your mind to think. It's that when you realize your mind has wandered ...
  • 01:57 AM - Gagi quoted Contact in post How much money do you spend on music per month?
    I did say pretty much everyone? I can only raise awareness that they all look sick and ill but no one wants to rock the boat and therefore no change will happen. This music was a gift and we are throwing it a...
  • 00:39 AM - Gagi quoted PeenutsDx in post How much money do you spend on music per month?
    You haven't answered my questions. Who's butchering the trance scene? The 'lost' artists? If so how would you help them? I'm just gonna quote this, so that you don't have to say the same thing again. You're w...


  • 18:48 PM - Marco1979 quoted Gagi in post SoundLift - Infinite Sky
    Not if you have to pay for the entire studio, that's way more expensive in the short term. Yeah, you're right about that. I only think (robert nickson also btw, with his ghostproducers jerseys.They're fu...
  • 18:37 PM - Gagi quoted Marco1979 in post SoundLift - Infinite Sky
    Well, if dj's making music themselves instead of buying tracks (f.e. DJ RAM) it would be a lot better isn't it? Not if you have to pay for the entire studio, that's way more expensive in the short term.
  • 18:11 PM - Marco1979 quoted Gagi in post SoundLift - Infinite Sky
    Well, it's expensive paying for the whole track! Why not share expenses? Would be hilarious if like 20 producers paid him to make a track, and all demanded credits. Well, if dj's making music themselves ...
  • 13:51 PM - Gagi quoted vastvision in post SoundLift - Infinite Sky
    Mr. Schimonek aka Ram, jorn van deynhoven aka alex morph. Hilarious to see they even collabed or 'remixed' eachother. Well, it's expensive paying for the whole track! Why not share expenses? Would be hilarious...
  • 07:33 AM - Fredjan quoted Gagi in post Euro Friends! What's the deal with Varshilo, Bulgaria?
    You probably got a bit more than you asked for, but I tried to answer the question to the best of my knowledge. :D I live some 900 km from it but I think I understand the Balkans well enough to provide an ...
  • 05:05 AM - mrx.friend quoted Gagi in post Interstellar - Ocean Planet [FSOE Recordings]
    I haven't heard that one, but now that I have, I can't hear the similarities. That piano notes? For better comparison and judgment, I've made this compilation of tracks triad in chronology: Above & Beyond...
  • 00:39 AM - Contact quoted Gagi in post Who on TranceFix would you like to meet and hang out with in real life?
    That's the same guy. :toj: We are not ;).


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