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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPvoxu2TG1U That synth is so trance despite the kick being a bit hard

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Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past (Remixes) [THREAD | BEATPORT]

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  • 11:05 AM - gera mentioned Gagi in post Will Atkinson - Edge Of Forever [VII?]
    Gagi I just assumed based on what he said starting 34:10, doesn't seem that he figured out how to finish the track still:D
  • 10:13 AM - Gagi mentioned gera in post Will Atkinson - Edge Of Forever [VII?]
    ...now...baby steps. In 3 years we might even get an official promo! That said, I'm so happy that this actually has a chance of getting a release, and that at least it's getting played. What did he say gera?


  • 02:32 AM - MKY661 mentioned Gagi in post Estiva - Sequence / Trip [Armind]
    ....com/estivamusic/estiva-sequence Trip: https://soundcloud.com/estivamusic/estiva-trip Release Date (Beatport & Radio Edit): 6th September 2019 Release Date (Extended Mix): 4th October 2019 One for Gagi :D



  • 10:50 AM - Gagi mentioned PeenutsDx in post Aerium - Moon Waves [Old SQL Recordings]
    ...o simple a guitar melody for a proper balearic trance track, it needs to evolve, be better spaced out in the arrangement. Still fantastic though. The ambient mix is also very good. A proper release! PeenutsDx
  • 08:37 AM - Contact mentioned Gagi in post Aerium - Moon Waves [Old SQL Recordings]
    ... Moon Waves (Ejaz Ahamed Remix) 03. Aeirum - Moon Waves (D-mention Balearic Mix) 04. Aeirum - Moon Waves (Ambient Mix) Release date: 12.09.2019 Catalog number: OLDSQL567 jetflag enlusion Sleepy Robot Gagi


  • 11:40 AM - Gagi mentioned BladeRunner_ in post Is watching porn a waste of time?
    ...orn Lol, I just watch...and jerk off until I spread my seed all over a carefully folded TP. What's there to talk about? The title is: "Is watching porn a waste of time?" So we're discussing that. BladeRunner_ as we said already, it's not just one thing, but it is important to educate ourselves about the shortfalls of the things we're doing. Sometimes you're aware that doing something is detrimental to your...



  • 21:54 PM - Voci mentioned Gagi in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    ... good thing for me online is music. And therefor Trancefix as a social website is OK. As it's simply likeminded people. But like I said. Sometimes, very regularly for me actually, it is very lonely. Gagi, you say one should take action for himself. And while that's the obvious truth, it is just as hard as deleting your Facebook account, and staying off it ;-) We are all so manipulated and made depen...



  • 20:45 PM - Magdelayna mentioned Gagi in post 'Deeper Euphoria' Tribute Mix
    ...Mix) 13 M3 - Bailamos 14 Pulp Victim - The World '99 (Moonman Remix) 15 Travel - Bulgarian (Signum Remix) 16 Lost Tribe - Under The Red Sea (Outro) https://soundcloud.com/magdelayna/deeper-euphoria Gagi Daysleeper and others, might be up your street..



  • 19:49 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Laniakea
    cheers! will keep the feedback under consideration if I ever find a moment to do another avalon 62. Gonna have to disagree with @Gagi. One of the main things I miss about modern Trance is the sense of mysticism. Can be stuff like minute use of psychedelics, the touch of analogue flavour, vocal chants, nature noise, certain instrume...


  • 18:21 PM - Gagi mentioned Seachy_001 in post The Noble Six - Ocean Planet [FSOE Recordings]
    ...rse, you can always improve it (like a breakbeat section in the breakdown, for instance) - but I like it the way it is and can't find anything wrong with it. A future classic for me (and I agree with Seachy_001, it would've been a classic by now had it been released like 15 years ago). A progressive version (in the '05-'06 style à la Sunlounger et al) would have been amazing as well.


  • 20:53 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post Stefano Libelle - Hour For Hour/Magic Carpet [2001]
    Released in 2001 on Planetary Consciousness. Hour For Hour is fine, gentle progressive trance, and its atmosphere is brilliant. Just wait for the breakdown. :lub: Daysleeper Hensmon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYug8jq4K7c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFa2loPOgRs


  • 13:50 PM - Gagi mentioned Marco1979 in post Gaia - Moons Of Jupiter (Artist Album) [Armada]
    I wonder what Contact and Marco1979 think about this (no hidden sarcasm or bad thoughts, I'm genuinely interested). You two have been awfully quiet here, for such Armin critics. I wonder whether you like this and what do you think of it...

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  • 23:24 PM - Gagi quoted RandomUserName in post Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect - Documentary
    I've started listening to trance in 2007 (without going back and discovering what was the early years trance music until 2010), it was like the time when things started to shift drastically from the last bits of old...
  • 22:49 PM - RandomUserName quoted Gagi in post Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect - Documentary
    The end of 2011, actually. But still, I've listened to trance from its start of existence till now, and Armin's, MIKE's and Airwave's discographies regardless of the year. Could be that it was just the i...
  • 20:10 PM - Gagi quoted arif69 in post HOUSE MUSIC <3
    [video=youtube;LdLgPq9vJjo]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdLgPq9vJjo]movie[/URL] God damn what a track! Love the vibe in this.
  • 10:28 AM - Gagi quoted Magdelayna in post Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect - Documentary
    I think its more to do with the time you were introduced to Trance - mid 2000's i take it? Armin had a much bigger influence then with his artist albums,whereas guys like Ferry & MIKE went quite quiet in the pro...
  • 10:01 AM - Magdelayna quoted Gagi in post Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect - Documentary
    I agree he isn't as good a musician as some. Airwave, MIKE are all excellent artists - I have listened to a big chunk of their discography, same as with Armin. But, I think I remember more of Armin's trac...



  • 23:04 PM - Gagi quoted Magdelayna in post Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect - Documentary
    He has unbelievable drive to be the best - only a few people have it in their field - Christiano Ronaldo is another in football. Exactly. People often neglect that fact when they bash him. It's just his persona...
  • 20:23 PM - Magdelayna quoted Gagi in post Armin van Buuren is Mr. Perfect - Documentary
    All episodes are up and now in the OP. It was definitely interesting to see what's going on behind the scenes. The man is just ambitious AF, he's always trying to better himself. He has unbelievable driv...
  • 20:07 PM - Magdelayna quoted Gagi in post Magdelayna - Deeper Journeys 3
    I know you know that I like when you go progressive, either in your mixes or in your productions. So I'm a bit biased. But I gotta tell you, this is an outstanding mix! Love the track selection, the flow ...



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