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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPvoxu2TG1U That synth is so trance despite the kick being a bit hard

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Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past (Remixes) [THREAD | BEATPORT]

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  • 19:49 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Laniakea
    cheers! will keep the feedback under consideration if I ever find a moment to do another avalon 62. Gonna have to disagree with @Gagi. One of the main things I miss about modern Trance is the sense of mysticism. Can be stuff like minute use of psychedelics, the touch of analogue flavour, vocal chants, nature noise, certain instrume...


  • 18:21 PM - Gagi mentioned Seachy_001 in post The Noble Six - Ocean Planet [FSOE Recordings]
    ...rse, you can always improve it (like a breakbeat section in the breakdown, for instance) - but I like it the way it is and can't find anything wrong with it. A future classic for me (and I agree with Seachy_001, it would've been a classic by now had it been released like 15 years ago). A progressive version (in the '05-'06 style à la Sunlounger et al) would have been amazing as well.


  • 20:53 PM - Gagi mentioned Hensmon in post Stefano Libelle - Hour For Hour/Magic Carpet [2001]
    Released in 2001 on Planetary Consciousness. Hour For Hour is fine, gentle progressive trance, and its atmosphere is brilliant. Just wait for the breakdown. :lub: Daysleeper Hensmon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYug8jq4K7c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFa2loPOgRs


  • 13:50 PM - Gagi mentioned Daysleeper in post Gaia - Moons Of Jupiter (Artist Album) [Armada]
    ...sm or bad thoughts, I'm genuinely interested). You two have been awfully quiet here, for such Armin critics. I wonder whether you like this and what do you think of it overall (again, no bad intent). Daysleeper as well.





  • 15:43 PM - Hensmon mentioned Gagi in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    Gagi, My trip is good, did 3 months in Chile and will do about 1.5 months in Bolivia before heading to Peru in a few weeks. Chile is a hiking paradise and almost all activities involve this, especially Pat...


  • 03:57 AM - Contact mentioned Gagi in post Electronic music from Asia/Far East?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acJ6qw0k6FA Hensmon Gagi - this second one is absolutely gorgeous. Broke down in tears when I heard it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyJSV9nnt10


  • 13:54 PM - mrx.friend mentioned Gagi in post Lostly - B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 4 (2019-05-23)
    ...ch trance episode :bye: @[U]Abel Ramos @Addict-In-Trance Altair @Aoi @Arnoud @atragun91091 @BlackScout @BladeRunner_ @Bluemoon @Contact @Daysleeper @delphionmusic @Energy @enlusion @erickUO @Fredjan @Gagi @gera @Halon @Hensmon @J4mie @K1aptcha @Katadunkass @Klaas @Lanto.Trance @laughster @Magdelayna @Marco1979 @MasterTuxx @Matt F. @MKY661 @munki34 PeenutsDx @PegaSus @Progrez @proxi @Red_Door S3baman @s...



  • 23:25 PM - Gagi mentioned Katadunkass in post Katadunkass - Singularity
    Yooooo brilliant mix Katadunkass! Lots of great tracks. Will definitely play this a few more times. So...how was it? Did you attend that event?



  • 18:48 PM - Katadunkass mentioned Gagi in post Katadunkass - Singularity
    ...ordings] 24. Miro - The One I Run To [Skyline Recordings] 25. Oliver Lieb - Black Phosphorous [Bedrock Records] 26. XYZ - Solution [WAA Industry] https://soundcloud.com/katadunkass/singularity-16 Gagi, Tievb21


  • 22:28 PM - Gagi mentioned Red_Door in post Gemini 6 - Skysoaring [1992]
    ...to this style of dreamy progressive (trance). The intermittent kicks make it a bit weird but the rest is pretty great. I like the first 2,5 minutes the most. So gentle. Are there any remixes of this Red_Door? You seem to be quite the early trance aficionado.


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  • 17:17 PM - Gagi quoted PeenutsDx in post Mental Health of DJs and Producers
    Little did i know Colgate would be such a magical cure for mental illnesses. The next time a patient comes in requesting a referral to a psychiatrist for some counselling sessions, i should simply send him home...
  • 16:24 PM - Gagi quoted Voci in post Mental Health of DJs and Producers
    Imagine this conspiracy being true... It's so creepy it gives me Shivers. (too easy, lol)
  • 16:06 PM - Gagi quoted drathnor in post Mental Health of DJs and Producers
    4 elements is Armin's personal tribute to the 4 elements of good oral health - an appropriately sized toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash and tongue scrapper. Back then, Armin practised the 4 elements religiou...






  • 18:27 PM - Fredjan quoted Gagi in post Finding other people in real life that share your music taste
    Met a guy who's very into trance! By chance, him and I are interns at the same company. But...his definition of trance is Bjorn Akesson, and when I said I listen to older trance, he says: "But this track ...
  • 18:16 PM - Gagi quoted allende in post Allende - Mosaic [Pure Progressive]
    Thanks guys! It's a bit out there and has gotten some criticism that it just sounds like random parts glued together. And I'm sure that's true to some extent, but I don't know if that's a bad thing. I'm a s...


  • 21:00 PM - Aoi quoted Gagi in post Sami S - Oasis [2005]
    Found a digital version on Deezer, however 2 tracks of the same name (Oasis) have different lengths and are completely different. On one EP, it's named Centauri, on the other it's named Oasis. Look for the...
  • 18:05 PM - Gagi quoted Spider-Vice in post Mental Health of DJs and Producers
    Double, triple posting with utter drivel instead of a coherent discussion, wow. This could be an interesting subject to discuss, were you not spamming conspiracies and... completely unrelated things. Surely that...
  • 17:51 PM - Gagi quoted Magdelayna in post Finding other people in real life that share your music taste
    Is there a Tinder for Trance? Trinder? :derp: I've heard it might be this one. All the guys are really friendly too!
  • 08:01 AM - Contact quoted Gagi in post The Source Experience - Point Zero [1994]
    That's the only other track I know from him, and it's unlike anything I've ever heard before. Amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opPovflstNM
  • 07:30 AM - Gagi quoted Contact in post The Source Experience - Point Zero [1994]
    Great track from Robert .Leiner Early Trance of 90s. This is the early goa ambient track of the 90s [video=youtube;HGFj9SAgwjg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGFj9SAgwjg]movie[/URL] That's the only other t...


  • 15:54 PM - Magdelayna quoted Gagi in post Magdelayna - Trust In A Dream [TBA]
    Unfortunately, those standard-issue Magdelayna gated pads don't do anything for me at all. And probably which gives the track more of an 'old skool' feel to labels - im going to try and experiment more wi...
  • 13:33 PM - Gagi quoted Voci in post Mental Health of DJs and Producers
    Your story’s are too vague. If you want to be heard, dont be so mysterious. If you hide information, how can we ever have emphaty for you? What sickness do you have? Who are you anyway? What is you g...


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