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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPvoxu2TG1U That synth is so trance despite the kick being a bit hard

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    trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tư vấn luật http://we-cooking.com/ w tư vấn luật nhạc sàn cực mạnh tấn công tụ tán ly hợp trên chiến trường dành cho kỵ binh. Thông qua chủ động tấn công phân tán, chia cắt đối thủ thành từng mảnh nhỏ. Sau đó thông qua tập trung binh lực thật nhanh tạo ra ưu thế cục bộ, từ đó giáng những đ̣n tấn công hung hăng vào trận địa của địch.
    Loại chiến thuật ly hợp này trước kia là h́nh thức tác chiến bên ngoài chiến trường, là thủ đoạn dùng nhiều toán quân chia ra tác chiến. Nhưng khi mang vào sử dụng trong chiến trường chính, khó khăn không nhỏ chút nào.
    Nhưng có thể tưởng tượng được, một khi sử dụng nó hoàn hảo, tất nhiên uy lực của nó tăng mạnh, hoàn toàn có
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Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past [THREAD | BEATPORT]
Gagi & MaickelJ - Prisoner Of Past (Remixes) [THREAD | BEATPORT]

Gagi - Classic Tech Trance Mix [MIXCLOUD]
Gagi - Short House & Trance Mix [MIXCLOUD]


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  • 22:04 PM - Gagi mentioned mrx.friend in post B4 - Onde/Before & After (2004)
    ...de is gorgeous and sounds more like Lolo, and Before & After is a track with a 100% Planisphere sound to it. Onde is my fav. Really simple and beautiful melodies and soundscapes. Thank you eternally mrx.friend.
  • 18:22 PM - mrx.friend mentioned Gagi in post B4 - Onde/Before & After (2004)
    I've just discovered this EP and shit, what an amazing journey these both tracks are! Really awesome :love: @Gagi I guess this is something right up into your alley, mate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2W-X37EJAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0kSf-68NeE




  • 13:42 PM - BladeRunner_ mentioned Gagi in post Covid-19 / Corona
    Thank you Gagi, we all can support each other through those times of uncertainty. The most important thing now is we and our relatives to stay safe and healthy. All other things take a back seat. At least we have m...
  • 12:48 PM - Gagi mentioned BladeRunner_ in post Covid-19 / Corona
    ...ipment. But now I've had to go out to take care of some unfinished business before I leave town and go home, and there's almost no one on the streets but the elderly!!!! Fucking people... Oh and BladeRunner_, I've read the article you posted, it's shocking! And of course, if you need somebody to talk to, there's us. I've also noticed becoming sort of angrily depressed, mostly because I was supposed to fin...
  • 10:15 AM - Voci mentioned Gagi in post Covid-19 / Corona
    ...ously, that group is NOT a group with huge savings. So they are hurt first. I hope they will be compensated somehow. Companies do get compensation. But individuals? They should be more important... Gagi: Seems more radical than our Dutch rules. But... that might be better. Here every day rules are getting stricter. Already around 200 cases (but they stopped testing. So they estimate there are 6000 pe...



  • 18:59 PM - Katadunkass mentioned Gagi in post Katadunkass - Singularity
    ... Patterson - Always [Reset Records] [01:55:42] 23. Nitroux Oxide & Mysterious Movement - The Journey [Mondo Records] [B]Link: https://soundcloud.com/katadunkass/singularity-018-almost-2008-edition Gagi, Tievb21, perhaps even Daysleeper?



  • 20:45 PM - Katadunkass mentioned Gagi in post Katadunkass - Singularity 017
    ...] 22. Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House (Thomas Schumacher Remix) [Electric Ballroom] [01:52:18] 23. Baunder - Replica [Baroque] [B]Link: https://soundcloud.com/katadunkass/singularity-017 Gagi
  • 20:27 PM - Gagi mentioned badass in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Will post one of "Down On Abby" when I get to see it :eyebrows: Might I recommend The Gaytrix, featuring our very own @badass? 19109
  • 07:59 AM - BladeRunner_ mentioned Gagi in post What's on your mind today? - Part 6
    @Gagi Jordan Peterson recovering from tranquilizer addiction in Russia A controversial psychology professor and self-help author who has spent much of his career railing against political correctness is...

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  • 20:50 PM - Gagi quoted Hensmon in post Covid-19 / Corona
    Can you imagine being in the States right now with their healthcare system and having to worry about getting sick. Surely they will catch up with the rest of the developing world and actually support a public...
  • 07:19 AM - Fredjan quoted Gagi in post Hemstock & Jennings Vs Adam White - Reverence (2003)
    Decent tracks, however I preferred Ballerina, and by much. Here's the original vocal track that they sampled. I swear I thought the melody in Reverence sounded familiar. It turns out that Orkidea - Uni...



  • 22:33 PM - Gagi quoted eddie t in post Rare tracks not found in the downloadstores
    https://www.mediafire.com/file/b88f5zkpk967src/Arksun_-_One_Day_%28Part_I%29.flac/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/hfkhf7es4a2lbus/Arksun_-_One_Day_%28Part_II%29.flac/file God bless you, kind sir.
  • 13:54 PM - Gagi quoted Daysleeper in post Coffe!
    Im more than satisfied with my black coffe from my normal coffe making machine. I had someone recommend putting cinnamon in the filter years ago and thats what I do at home. I dont see a big reason to buy an esp...
  • 13:44 PM - Gagi quoted Katadunkass in post How we used to live (serious topic) !!!
    Still possible to join that group? :) Yes! Send me your number and I'll send it to the group's admin (who is AWOL, but I'll try reaching him anyways).




  • 16:14 PM - Gagi quoted Spider-Vice in post The 'Currently Listening' Thread! - Part 10
    This new 138 track ilan Bluestone premiered on his Twitch set yesterday has everything to be track of the year for me, incredible classic vibes. [video=youtube;aA8tG_6r3o8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA8tG_6...
  • 04:51 AM - Fredjan quoted Gagi in post Ayu - Unite! (Airwave Remix) [2001]
    Sorry: https://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?354747-Ayu-Unite!-(Airwave-Remix)-2001 Great track BTW, pure euphoric uplifter. I guess we can merge threads?


  • 22:08 PM - Gagi quoted marv in post The most missed producer in the trance scene
    would like to know more about this, so please drop a link, because I can't seem to find anything helpful on google. Your best bet is to follow him on social media. He posts teasers every now and then. h...
  • 17:59 PM - marv quoted Gagi in post The most missed producer in the trance scene
    Eco is still around, working on his 4th (and maybe 5th as well) studio album. Due this year, I suppose. would like to know more about this, so please drop a link, because I can't seem to find anything help...




  • 19:25 PM - Hensmon quoted Gagi in post The Football / Soccer Banter Thread - Part 5
    Lucky you though, you fucked off to South America in time and are pretty much a) safe, and b) having the time of your life traveling. I actually return home to the UK in 3 days (first time in 14 months). ...


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